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Sweet Nostalgia: The Return of a Retired Oreo Flavor

The retired Oreo flavor that just made a comeback

Oreo, the iconic cookie brand known for its wide variety of flavors, has once again surprised fans with the comeback of a retired flavor. In a recent announcement, Oreo revealed that its popular Brookie-O flavor is making a triumphant return to store shelves.

The history of Oreo flavors

Oreo has a long history of introducing new and exciting flavors to tantalize the taste buds. Since 2012, the company has released an astounding 65 flavors, starting with a birthday cake cookie to celebrate the brand’s 100th anniversary. These limited-edition flavors not only provide a fresh and unique experience for Oreo lovers, but also drive sales of the classic Oreo cookie (source).

The creative process behind Oreo flavors

Developing new Oreo flavors is a meticulous and creative process. Oreo’s Senior Director, Justin Parnell, revealed that ideas for new flavors are conceived 18 to 24 months before they are released. The team starts with about 50 flavor concepts, which are then narrowed down to about 12 flavors that make it to market (source).

Unforgettable Oreo flavor innovations

Over the past decade, Oreo has delighted fans with a variety of inventive flavors. Some of the most memorable creations include Carrot Cake Oreos, featuring carrot cake cookies filled with cream cheese frosting; Swedish Fish Oreos, which combined the popular fish-shaped candy with Oreo’s signature cookie; and a mystery Oreo flavor that surprised everyone with its Fruity Pebbles cream filling (source).

The Return of Brookie-O

Among the many flavors Oreo has released, one in particular has captured the hearts and taste buds of fans: Brookie-O. This delicious combination of brownie, original cream filling and cookie dough layers was first introduced in 2020 and quickly gained a loyal following. Now, after much anticipation, Oreo has decided to bring back this fan-favorite flavor (source).

Excitement among Oreo fans

The news of Brookie-O’s comeback sent a wave of excitement through Oreo lovers. When Oreo made the announcement on Instagram, fans expressed their joy and anticipation. One commenter even exclaimed, “Dear Jesus, thank you for answering my prayers that I have been shouting from the mountaintops for the past two years. The return of Brookie-O is a testament to the power of fan feedback and Oreo’s commitment to delivering flavors that resonate with its audience (source).

Rediscovering Flavor

When Brookie-O was first released, fans couldn’t get enough of its unique flavor combination. Reddit users shared their thoughts, with many praising the triple-flavor combination. However, one person mentioned that the cream was too thick, which only adds to the intrigue and makes it all the more reason to give this flavor another try (source).

Availability and limited time offer

While Oreo’s return of the Brookie-O flavor is undoubtedly exciting news, it’s important to note that it will only be available for a limited time. Oreo has a tradition of offering its specialty flavors for a limited time, adding to the exclusivity and desirability of these treats. Therefore, fans and cookie lovers are encouraged to grab a box of Brookie-O while they can to enjoy the delicious combination of brownie, original cream filling and cookie dough (source).

Bottom line

Oreo’s decision to revive the popular Brookie-O flavor is a testament to their commitment to innovation and meeting the demands of their passionate fan base. With its unique combination of brownie, original cream filling and cookie dough layers, Brookie-O promises to deliver a delicious and indulgent snacking experience. While the flavor is only available for a limited time, it’s an opportunity for Oreo lovers to indulge in nostalgia and savor the taste of this beloved treat once again (source).


What is the retired Oreo flavor that has made a comeback?

The retired Oreo flavor that has made a comeback is Brookie-O, a delicious combination of brownie, original cream filling and cookie dough layers.

When was Brookie-O first introduced?

The Brookie-O flavor was first introduced in 2020, capturing the hearts and taste buds of Oreo fans.

Why did Oreo bring back Brookie-O?

Oreo brought back Brookie-O because of its popularity and the overwhelming demand from fans who fell in love with its unique combination of flavors.

Will the Brookie-O flavor be available for a limited time?

Yes, Brookie-O is available for a limited time, as are many of Oreo’s special and limited edition flavors.

Where can I find the Brookie-O flavor?

The Brookie-O flavor is available at select stores that sell Oreo products. It is best to check with local retailers or online platforms to see if they carry this particular flavor.

Can I expect more retired Oreo flavors to make a comeback in the future?

Oreo has a history of bringing back popular flavors based on fan demand. While specific details are not available, it is possible that more retired Oreo flavors will make a comeback in the future to delight fans once again.

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