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Revealed: Fans’ Least Favorite Jarred Pasta Sauce According to Mashed Poll

Mashed Poll Reveals Fans’ Least Favorite Jarred Pasta Sauce

When it comes to pasta sauce, many people turn to the convenience of jarred options available at their local grocery store. However, not all jarred pasta sauces are created equal, and a recent Mashed poll shed light on fans’ least favorite jarred pasta sauce. With over 21,000 voters participating in the survey, the results provide valuable insight into which brands have failed to win over pasta sauce enthusiasts.

The contenders: Rao’s, Prego, Ragu, Barilla and Bertolli

The Mashed survey presented voters with a list of popular jarred pasta sauce brands. Participants were asked to select their favorite brand from the options of Rao’s, Prego, Ragu, Barilla, and Bertolli. While each brand has its loyal following, the survey aimed to identify the least favorite of these contenders.

The verdict: Barilla received the lowest percentage of votes.

Of the five major pasta sauce brands included in the survey, Barilla received the lowest percentage of votes, with only 9% of respondents choosing it as their favorite pasta sauce. This result suggests that Barilla has failed to capture the hearts and taste buds of a significant portion of pasta sauce consumers.

Factors influencing Barilla’s low rating

Several factors may have contributed to Barilla’s unimpressive performance in the survey. While overwhelming sweetness was cited as one of Barilla’s downfalls, there is another significant reason why customers may be steering clear of the brand.
A class action lawsuit filed against Barilla in 2022 by Matthew Sinatro and Jessica Prost alleged false advertising. The lawsuit claimed that Barilla’s slogan, “Italy’s #1 pasta brand,” was misleading because the brand had manufacturing plants in Iowa and New York, not just in Italy. The plaintiffs argued that the use of Italian ingredients created the perception of a higher quality product, leading to consumer dissatisfaction when they discovered the manufacturing locations.
This controversy surrounding Barilla’s advertising claims may have affected the brand’s reputation and contributed to its poor showing in the Mashed survey.

The preferred alternatives: Prego, Rao’s, Ragu and Bertolli

While Barilla received the fewest votes, other brands emerged as favorites among respondents. Prego took the top spot with 33% of the total votes. Rao’s came in second with 26%, followed by Ragu with 21% and Bertolli with 12%.
These results indicate that Prego, Rao’s, Ragu and Bertolli have successfully captured the taste preferences of a significant portion of canned pasta sauce consumers. Their popularity suggests that these brands offer a more satisfying flavor profile and meet the expectations of pasta sauce enthusiasts.

Bottom line

The Mashed survey on fans’ least favorite jarred pasta sauce provides valuable insights into consumer preferences and the factors that can make or break a brand’s reputation in the competitive pasta sauce market. Barilla’s poor performance in the survey, due to both taste issues and controversy surrounding its advertising claims, highlights the importance of delivering a quality product and maintaining transparent marketing practices.
On the other hand, brands such as Prego, Rao’s, Ragu and Bertolli have managed to capture the hearts of pasta lovers with their flavorful offerings. These brands can serve as a go-to choice for those looking for a reliable and satisfying jar of pasta sauce.
Ultimately, the Mashed survey serves as a reminder to consumers to carefully consider their options when selecting jarred pasta sauce and to choose brands that align with their taste preferences and values.


The purpose of the Mashed poll was to determine the least favorite jarred pasta sauce among popular brands.

What brands were included in the Mashed survey?

The Mashed survey included the following brands: Rao’s, Prego, Ragu, Barilla and Bertolli.

What percentage of votes did Barilla receive in the Mashed survey?

Barilla received the lowest percentage of votes in the Mashed poll, with only 9% of participants choosing it as their favorite jarred pasta sauce.

What factors might have contributed to Barilla’s low rating?

Barilla’s low rating could be attributed to the overwhelming sweetness of its sauce and a false advertising class action lawsuit alleging that the brand’s use of Italian ingredients was misleading given its manufacturing facilities in Iowa and New York.

Which brand came out on top in the Mashed poll?

Prego emerged as the most preferred brand in the Mashed poll, winning 33% of the total votes.

What can consumers learn from the results of the Mashed Poll?

Consumers can learn about the least favorite brand of jarred pasta sauce according to the Mashed survey, as well as the preferred alternatives based on participants’ votes. The survey highlights the importance of delivering quality products and transparent marketing practices in the pasta sauce industry.

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