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The Hidden Gem: Ludacris’ Singaporean Restaurant That Slipped from Memory

The Singaporean Restaurant You Probably Forgot Ludacris Owned

In the early 2000s, Ludacris, the iconic rapper and actor from Atlanta, dominated the music scene with his chart-topping tracks and charismatic personality. While many are familiar with his music career and film appearances, not many know that Ludacris also made a foray into the culinary world as a restaurateur.

Ludacris’ foray into the food industry

Before it closed in 2012, Ludacris was the face of an Atlanta-based Singaporean restaurant called Straits. This establishment marked Ludacris’ first venture into the restaurant industry and showcased his passion for exploring different food cultures.
Partnering with Singaporean chef Chris Yeo, Ludacris aimed to bring the authentic flavors of Singaporean cuisine to Atlanta. Straits offered a menu filled with tantalizing dishes like tamarind beef, chili lobster and potong kari ayam, complemented by an eclectic selection of cocktails.
The restaurant quickly gained attention and Ludacris expressed his newfound obsession with the restaurant business. Straits allowed him to delve deeper into the culinary world and expand his tastes.

Chicken + Beer: Ludacris’ culinary vision

After Straits closed, Ludacris didn’t let his passion die. In 2016, he opened another restaurant, this time completely in his own image. Named after his 2003 studio album, Chicken + Beer is located at Gate D5 in Atlanta’s Hartsfield-Jackson International Airport.
Chicken + Beer reflects Ludacris’ personal style and taste. The menu features a variety of delicious chicken dishes and a selection of beers to complement the flavors. Ludacris has created a welcoming atmosphere where travelers can enjoy delicious food and drinks while waiting for their flights.
With Chicken + Beer, Ludacris successfully combined his love of music, food and entrepreneurship. The restaurant became a testament to his creativity and dedication to providing a memorable dining experience.

A legacy in the food industry

Although Straits continued to operate in San Jose after its closure in Atlanta, it never quite regained the same level of attention it had when Ludacris was a co-owner. Still, Ludacris’ foray into the restaurant industry left a lasting impact on both his fans and the culinary world.
His foray into Singaporean cuisine demonstrated his willingness to explore and appreciate different food cultures. Ludacris’ passion for the food industry and his dedication to providing exceptional dining experiences further solidified his status as a multi-talented artist and entrepreneur.
While Ludacris may be best known for his music and acting career, his stint as a restaurateur serves as a reminder of his versatility and creative spirit. His contributions to the Atlanta dining scene will not be forgotten, and his forays into the culinary world will continue to inspire others to pursue their passions.
So the next time you enjoy Ludacris’ music or watch one of his movies, remember that he once owned a restaurant in Singapore and left his mark not only on the stage and screen, but also in the world of food.


What was the name of the restaurant in Singapore that Ludacris owned?

The restaurant was called Straits.

When did Ludacris open Straits?

Ludacris opened Straits in Atlanta, but unfortunately it closed in 2012.

What kind of cuisine did Straits serve?

Straits specialized in authentic Singaporean cuisine, serving dishes like tamarind beef, chili lobster and potong kari ayam.

Has Ludacris opened any other restaurants?

Yes. Ludacris opened another restaurant in 2016 called Chicken + Beer, which is located in Atlanta’s Hartsfield-Jackson International Airport.

What can I expect at Chicken + Beer?

Chicken + Beer offers a unique dining experience for travelers, with a menu centered around delicious chicken dishes and a selection of beers.

Is Straits still open?

While Straits closed its Atlanta location, it continued to operate in San Jose. However, it hasn’t received the same level of attention as it did when Ludacris was a co-owner.

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