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Breaking Boundaries: Auntie Anne’s Revolutionizes Its Business Model

How Auntie Anne’s is expanding its business model

Auntie Anne’s, the popular snack brand known for its buttery, soft pretzels, has been a staple in shopping malls for years. However, recognizing the changing retail landscape and evolving consumer preferences, Auntie Anne’s is embarking on a major expansion of its business model. In this article, we will explore the details of how Auntie Anne’s is expanding its reach beyond the mall and introducing new concepts to cater to its growing fan base.

Expanding Beyond Malls: Responding to Consumer Demand

For many years, Auntie Anne’s was found primarily in malls across the country. While enjoyed by adults and children alike, fans of the brand expressed a desire for more accessible locations. Recognizing this demand, Auntie Anne’s began exploring opportunities to open curbside locations in urban environments. According to Restaurant Business Online, the brand began this push as early as 2018, recognizing that malls were losing their appeal.

Introducing Auntie Anne’s Trucks and Events

To further expand its presence and reach consumers in different environments, Auntie Anne’s introduced a new concept in 2021: Auntie Anne’s trucks. These trucks serve as mobile locations for the brand, primarily catering to events and special occasions. This innovative approach allows Auntie Anne’s to bring its delicious pretzels to a wider audience beyond the traditional mall setting.

The First Auntie Anne’s Drive-Thru

In response to a call to action on social media and the changing landscape of the pandemic, Auntie Anne’s took a significant step by opening its first-ever drive-through location in Wylie, Texas. This move not only added convenience for customers, but also provided a new avenue for growth and profitability. The drive-through concept has proven successful for various quick-service restaurants, and Auntie Anne’s is eager to capitalize on this opportunity.

Future expansion plans

Auntie Anne’s is committed to expanding its drive-thru concept across the country. In a recent TikTok video announcement, the brand revealed plans to open 12 new Auntie Anne’s drive-thru locations next year. The video did not provide specifics on timing and locations, but a team spokesperson confirmed the brand’s intention to increase accessibility through this expansion.

Positive reception and co-branding opportunities

The news of Auntie Anne’s drive-through expansion was met with enthusiasm from both customers and industry peers. Many fans expressed excitement and anticipation for the drive-thrus to open in their cities. In addition, other food brands such as Subway and Jimmy John’s have expressed support and excitement, highlighting the potential for future collaboration and co-branding opportunities.

Bottom line

Auntie Anne’s is taking bold steps to expand its business model and meet the changing demands of its loyal customer base. By diversifying its locations beyond malls, introducing mobile trucks and embracing the drive-thru concept, Auntie Anne’s is striving to increase accessibility and convenience for its customers. With plans to open new drive-through locations in the coming year, Auntie Anne’s is poised for continued growth and success in the competitive quick-service segment. So keep an eye out for Auntie Anne’s delicious pretzels, now available at more convenient locations near you.


Why is Auntie Anne’s expanding its business model?

Auntie Anne’s recognizes changing consumer preferences and the need to adapt to a changing retail landscape. By expanding its business model, Auntie Anne’s aims to reach a broader audience, increase accessibility and capitalize on new growth opportunities.

What new concepts is Auntie Anne’s introducing?

Auntie Anne’s is introducing curbside locations in urban environments, mobile trucks for events, and drive-through locations. These concepts allow Auntie Anne’s to expand its reach beyond the mall and provide more convenient ways for consumers to enjoy its delicious pretzels.

How many drive-through locations does Auntie Anne’s plan to open?

Auntie Anne’s plans to open 12 new drive-through locations next year. The exact timing and locations have not been announced, but the brand is committed to expanding this concept across the country.

How have customers responded to the Auntie Anne’s drive-through concept?

Customers have responded positively to the Auntie Anne’s drive-thru concept, expressing excitement and anticipation. The convenience and accessibility of drive-thru locations has been well received and is in line with changing consumer preferences for quick service options.

Are there any co-branding opportunities with other food brands?

Yes, there are potential co-branding opportunities for Auntie Anne’s with other food brands. Subway and Jimmy John’s, among others, have shown support and enthusiasm for the drive-thru expansion. This shows the potential for collaboration and creating exciting road trip stops for customers.

Will Auntie Anne’s still have a presence in shopping centers?

Yes, Auntie Anne’s will continue to have a presence in malls. However, the brand’s expansion efforts are aimed at diversifying its locations and providing additional opportunities for customers to enjoy their favorite pretzels outside of the traditional mall setting.

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