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Discover Andrew Zimmern’s Beloved Potato Chip: Torres Jamón Ibérico Flavor

These Are The Potato Chips Andrew Zimmern Loves Most

Potato chips are a popular snack enjoyed by people around the world. Their crunchy texture and salty flavor make them irresistible whether enjoyed on their own or paired with other foods. With countless brands and flavors to choose from, finding the perfect potato chip can be overwhelming. But celebrity chef Andrew Zimmern has revealed his favorite, and it’s a unique and bold choice.

Andrew Zimmern’s Favorite Flavor: Torres Jamón Ibérico Chips

Andrew Zimmern, widely known for his adventurous approach to food on his show “Bizarre Foods,” has a penchant for exploring different food cultures and flavors. When it comes to potato chips, Zimmern’s favorite flavor is Torres Jamón Ibérico. These Spanish chips have a distinct flavor profile that sets them apart from traditional options.

The bold and international flavor profile

Torres Jamón Ibérico chips offer a bold and international taste experience. Zimmern describes them as incredibly crispy, with a true fried potato flavor. What makes these chips truly unique is their deep, fragrant cured ham flavor. The chips capture the essence of Jamón Ibérico, an expensive, salt-cured ham from Spain. This delicacy dates back to ancient times and is known for its complex and nutty flavor.

The prized Jamón Ibérico

Jamón Ibérico is a prized Spanish ham made from free-range Pata Negra (black hoofed) Ibérico pigs. These pigs are fed a diet rich in acorns, resulting in a high fat content in the ham. The curing process of Jamón Ibérico takes two to five years, allowing the flavors to develop, creating a sweet and nutty flavor profile. When sliced paper thin, Jamón Ibérico melts in the mouth at 75 degrees for a luxurious and indulgent experience.

The Torres Story

Torres, the brand behind these exceptional potato chips, has humble beginnings dating back to a potato chip stand in Premià de Mar, Spain, in 1969. Over the years, the company has gained recognition for its artisanal approach to potato chips. In addition to the Jamón Ibérico flavor, Torres offers a range of high-end flavors, including foie gras, black truffle and caviar. These chips are made with care and can be purchased through the company’s website or in select gourmet markets.

Explore the world of potato chips

While Lay’s remains the top-selling brand in the United States, there is a growing variety of potato chip options available to consumers. In response to increased health awareness, food manufacturers have introduced reduced-fat and fat-free chips, as well as chips made from alternative root vegetables. Many brands have eliminated artificial colors and ingredients to meet the evolving preferences of health-conscious consumers.

Expanding flavor profiles

Potato chip manufacturers are also expanding their flavor profiles beyond traditional options like barbecue, sour cream and onion, and sea salt. Just as chip preferences vary from state to state, food pros like Andrew Zimmern have their favorite go-to chips when they crave something salty and fatty. Zimmern’s choice of Torres Jamón Ibérico chips shows his affinity for bold and international flavors.

Bottom line

If you’re looking for a unique and flavorful potato chip experience, try Torres Jamón Ibérico chips, as recommended by Andrew Zimmern. These chips capture the essence of Jamón Ibérico, Spain’s prized cured ham, delivering a crispy, salty and deeply aromatic flavor. With their artisan craftsmanship and dedication to quality, Torres offers a range of high-end chip flavors that are sure to impress even the most discerning snack enthusiast. So grab a bag of Torres Jamón Ibérico Chips and embark on a culinary adventure in the comfort of your own home.


What makes Torres Jamón Ibérico Chips unique?

Torres Jamón Ibérico Chips have a bold and international flavor profile. They are incredibly crispy, taste like real fried potatoes and have a deep cured ham aroma.

Where does the flavor of Jamón Ibérico come from?

Jamón Ibérico is a cured ham from Spain that dates back to ancient times. The flavor comes from the high fat content of free-range, acorn-fed Ibérico pigs, resulting in a complex flavor that is sweet and nutty.

How can I buy Torres Jamón Ibérico Chips?

Torres potato chips, including the Jamón Ibérico flavor, can be purchased through the company’s website or at select gourmet markets. Check the official website for availability.

Are Torres Potato Chips available in other flavors?

Yes, Torres offers a range of premium flavors beyond Jamón Ibérico, including Foie Gras, Black Truffle and Caviar. These unique flavors appeal to those seeking a gourmet snacking experience.

What other types of potato chips are available for health-conscious consumers?

In response to increased health awareness, many food manufacturers now offer reduced-fat and fat-free chips, as well as chips made from alternative root vegetables. These options offer healthier alternatives without sacrificing taste.

What is Andrew Zimmern known for in the food industry?

Andrew Zimmern is a renowned chef and television personality known for exploring different food cultures on his show Bizarre Foods. He has a passion for discovering unique and bold flavors from around the world.

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