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Longing for the Return: Discontinued Fast Food Burgers We Wish Would Make a Comeback

Discontinued fast food burgers we wish would make a comeback

Fast food chains are constantly trying to attract customers with new and innovative menu items. Sometimes, however, they discontinue beloved burgers that leave fans yearning for their return. In this article, we take a nostalgic trip down memory lane and explore some of the discontinued fast food burgers that we wish would make a comeback.

The Big N Tasty Burger from McDonald’s

One of the legendary rivalries in the fast food industry is that between McDonald’s and Burger King. In an attempt to compete with Burger King’s iconic Whopper, McDonald’s introduced the Big N Tasty Burger in 1997. This delicious burger featured a quarter-pound beef patty topped with ketchup, mayonnaise, onions, dill pickles, lettuce and tomato on a sesame seed bun.
The Big N Tasty was initially sold for 99 cents, attracting frugal customers. After 15 years, however, the burger began to disappear from menus, much to the disappointment of its fans. Interestingly, McDonald’s locations outside the United States still offer a similar burger called the Big Tasty, which includes Emmental cheese and a special smoky sauce. Why McDonald’s hasn’t brought the Big N Tasty back to its U.S. menus remains a mystery.

The Angry Whopper by Burger King

Burger King, known for their flame-grilled burgers, decided to spice things up with the Angry Whopper. This twist on the classic Whopper featured a beef patty topped with cheese, jalapeño slices, a sweet Angry sauce, crispy Angry onions and hickory-smoked bacon. The choice of cheese varied by country, with American cheese in the U.S., pepper jack in the U.K., and Manchego in Mexico.
Originally introduced in the UK in 2008, the Angry Whopper made its way to the US a year later. It enjoyed a successful run for six years before being replaced by the Angriest Whopper, which wasn’t as popular. In 2019, the Angry Whopper made a limited-time comeback, leaving fans hopeful for its return once again.

Wendy’s Bacon and Blue Burger

Known for its square patties and fresh ingredients, Wendy’s introduced the Bacon and Blue Burger in the early 2010s. This delicious burger featured strips of bacon and blue cheese, taking the flavor profile to new heights. The addition of a toasted brioche bun added a touch of artisanal flair to this limited-edition sandwich.
Despite its popularity, the Bacon and Blue Burger disappeared from Wendy’s menus, much to the dismay of its fans. Wendy’s prides itself on listening to its customers and creating delicious burgers, so it’s a mystery why this delicious creation didn’t make a comeback, even for a limited time.

McDonald’s Arch Deluxe

In an attempt to appeal to a more sophisticated adult palate, McDonald’s introduced the Arch Deluxe in 1996. This premium burger featured a quarter-pound beef patty topped with lettuce, tomato, cheese, onions, ketchup, a signature mustard-mayonnaise sauce, and optional bacon strips. The Arch Deluxe came with a higher price tag, which deterred some customers.
McDonald’s invested heavily in marketing the Arch Deluxe, launching what was then the most expensive advertising campaign in fast-food history. But it didn’t sell as well as expected. One of the marketing mistakes was to promote it to adults while suggesting that children would not enjoy it. Despite attempts to revive the concept with Archburgers in 2018, the Arch Deluxe has yet to make a triumphant return.

Whataburger Chop House Cheddar Burger

Whataburger, known for its larger-than-life portions and customizable burgers, introduced the Chop House Cheddar Burger in 2009. This flavorful burger featured two grilled beef patties, grilled onions, melted shredded cheddar cheese, two slices of bacon and a creamy steak sauce on a toasted bun. It was available in regular and junior sizes.
The Chop House Cheddar Burger was a hit with consumers who appreciated the nuanced flavors and the use of real cheddar cheese. Despite its popularity, the burger made a limited-time comeback in 2010. Fans have been eagerly awaiting its return, with petitions and online discussions dedicated to bringing back this tasty treat.

Jack in the Box Mini Sirloin Burgers

In 2007, Jack in the Box made history by becoming the first major fast food chain to offer mini sirloin burgers. Made with lean ground sirloin, these burgers offered a healthier alternative to traditional beef patties. Optional toppings such as cheese, onions and bacon allowed customers to customize their mini sirloin burgers to their liking.
The Mini Sirloin Burgers quickly became a fan favorite, offering a unique and elevated fast food experience. However, they were discontinued after a few years, leaving many customers longing for their return. The quality and flavor of the sirloin patties set them apart from other fast food burgers, making them a desirable option for those seeking an upscale taste.

Taco Bell’s Bell Beefer

Taco Bell, known for its Mexican-inspired menu, once had a burger in its lineup called the Bell Beefer. Introduced in the 1970s, the burger featured seasoned ground beef, shredded lettuce, diced onions, and a spicy sauce, all served on a toasted bun. It was essentially a taco in burger form, combining familiar Taco Bell flavors with the convenience of a hand-held burger.
The Bell Beefer was a unique offering that appealed to both burger and taco fans. However, it was eventually removed from the menu, leaving a void that has yet to be filled. Taco Bell has since focused on its core Mexican food offerings, but many customers still remember the Bell Beefer and hope for its revival.

Bottom line

The fast food industry is constantly evolving as new menu items are introduced and old ones are retired. While change is inevitable, there are certain burgers that hold a special place in the hearts of fast food enthusiasts. The Big N Tasty from McDonald’s, the Angry Whopper from Burger King, the Bacon and Blue Burger from Wendy’s, the Arch Deluxe from McDonald’s, the Chop House Cheddar Burger from Whataburger, and the Mini Sirloin Burgers from Jack in the Box are just a few examples of discontinued fast food burgers that we wish would make a comeback.
These burgers not only offered unique flavors and combinations, but also created memorable experiences for customers. Whether it’s the nostalgia associated with a childhood favorite or the desire to relive a culinary delight, the demand for these discontinued burgers remains strong. Fast-food chains have an opportunity to tap into this sentiment by considering bringing back these beloved menu items, even if only for a limited time.
As fans continue to express their longing for the return of these discontinued fast food burgers, we can only hope that their voices will be heard. After all, the customer’s appetite for these classic flavors and experiences is still there. Until then, we can reminisce about the golden era of fast food and look forward to the day when these iconic burgers grace our taste buds once again.


Answer: Some of the discontinued fast food burgers include McDonald’s Big N Tasty Burger, Burger King’s Angry Whopper, Wendy’s Bacon and Blue Burger, McDonald’s Arch Deluxe, Whataburger’s Chop House Cheddar Burger, and Jack in the Box’s Mini Sirloin Burgers.

Why have these fast food burgers been discontinued?

Answer: The reasons for discontinuation vary, but factors such as changing consumer preferences, limited time promotions, low sales, and menu simplification strategies implemented by fast food chains have contributed to the discontinuation of these burgers.

Are there any chances of these burgers making a comeback?

Answer: While there are no guarantees, there is always a chance that these burgers could make a comeback. Fast-food chains often listen to customer feedback and demand, and if there is enough enthusiasm and nostalgia surrounding a particular burger, it may pave the way for a limited-time revival.

Have any of these burgers made a temporary comeback in the past?

Answer: Yes, some of these discontinued fast food burgers have made limited-time comebacks in the past. For example, Burger King’s Angry Whopper and Whataburger’s Chop House Cheddar Burger have both returned for a limited time, giving fans a chance to relive the flavors they once loved.

Are there any alternatives to these discontinued burgers?

Answer: In some cases, fast food chains may offer alternative burgers that are similar in flavor or concept to the discontinued burgers. For example, McDonald’s still offers a similar burger called the Big Tasty in some international markets. However, these alternatives may not perfectly replicate the experience of the original discontinued burger.

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