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Remembering the Forgotten: Discontinued Gatorade Flavors You’ll Never Drink Again

Discontinued Gatorade Flavors You’ll Never Drink Again

Since its inception, Gatorade has been the sports drink of choice for athletes. Its great taste and affordable price have made it popular with the masses as well. Sold on several continents, Gatorade has a global presence and continues to adapt and find ways to stay relevant in the marketplace. However, with the introduction of new flavors, some beloved Gatorade varieties have been discontinued over the years, leaving fans with only memories. In this article, we pay tribute to the discontinued Gatorade flavors you’ll never drink again.

Gatorade Rain Lime

One of Gatorade’s discontinued flavors is Gatorade Rain, which was once all the rage. The company produced several different flavors of Gatorade Rain, including Rain Lime. With its neon green color and citrus flavor, it was a popular choice among Gatorade enthusiasts. Unfortunately, in 2016, Gatorade announced the discontinuation of Rain Lime, leaving fans disappointed. Despite the discontinuation, there are still petitions and requests from fans to bring back this beloved flavor.

Gatorade Naturals

Gatorade Naturals was a line of products introduced by Gatorade to meet the growing demand for healthier foods and beverages. However, after speaking with athletes and considering their needs, Gatorade has decided to discontinue the Naturals line. The healthfulness of Gatorade products has often been questioned, with concerns raised about their ingredients and nutritional value. While Gatorade continues to offer other healthier options such as Gatorade Fit and plant-based protein products, the Naturals line remains a fond memory for those who enjoyed it.

Iced Tea Cooler

In 1993, Gatorade introduced the Iced Tea Cooler flavor, a lemony and refreshing option for Gatorade fans. Although it received positive feedback from consumers, Gatorade decided to discontinue the flavor. Many fans expressed their disappointment and even shared their homemade recipes to recreate the Iced Tea Cooler flavor. While there has been no official news of its return, fans continue to hope for a comeback.

Frost Alpine Snow

One Gatorade Frost flavor that did not fare well was Alpine Snow. In a taste test conducted by the Chicago Tribune in 1997, Alpine Snow received negative feedback from children who thought it was a terrible flavor. As a result, Gatorade decided to discontinue it. However, the Frost line of Gatorade products continues to be successful, offering a variety of flavors that consumers can still enjoy.

Frost Whitewater Splash

Gatorade Frost Whitewater Splash was a flavor that gained some fans during its time on the shelves. In a taste test conducted by the Chicago Tribune, it was voted one of the best Frost flavors. However, for a variety of reasons, including packaging changes and consumer preferences, Gatorade has decided to discontinue Frost Whitewater Splash. Some consumers have expressed a desire to see this flavor return, especially since it was one of the last flavors sold in glass bottles.

Lemon Ice

Lemon Ice was a flavor that kept Gatorade’s social media team busy with comments and inquiries from disappointed fans. Gatorade clarified that Lemon Ice was a limited-time product, but hinted that it may return in the future. However, since Gatorade frequently changes its flavors, it’s hard to predict if Lemon Ice will ever be back on store shelves.

Midnight Thunder

Gatorade Midnight Thunder was a limited-edition blackberry-flavored offering that gained a loyal following during its run. Fans described the flavor as addictive and were sad to see it discontinued. While there is no indication of its return, fans can still celebrate the flavor through Gatorade merchandise that accompanies the drink, such as T-shirts available for purchase online.


Starfruit Gatorade was another flavor that went extinct, and the reasons for its demise are unclear. It could be due to poor marketing, taste, or other factors. While the fate of Starfruit Gatorade remains unknown, fans of the flavor can only remember its unique taste.
In summary, Gatorade has a rich history of flavors, some of which have become iconic and are still enjoyed by fans today. However, there are several discontinued Gatorade flavors that fans miss dearly. Whether it’s the refreshing Rain Lime or the nostalgic Midnight Thunder, these flavors hold a special place in the hearts of Gatorade enthusiasts. While there is no guarantee of their return, fans continue to hope that Gatorade will surprise them with a comeback. Until then, we can cherish the memories of these discontinued Gatorade flavors and appreciate the innovative spirit that drives Gatorade to constantly evolve and introduce new flavors to meet the ever-changing tastes of consumers.


What are discontinued Gatorade flavors?

Discontinued Gatorade flavors are varieties of Gatorade that were once available but have been removed from the market. These flavors are no longer manufactured or sold by Gatorade.

Why are Gatorade flavors being discontinued?

Gatorade flavors are discontinued for a variety of reasons. It may be due to low sales, changes in consumer preferences, the introduction of new flavors or the need to streamline the product line. Gatorade continually evaluates its flavor offerings and makes decisions based on market demand and business strategy.

Can I still find discontinued Gatorade flavors?

It is unlikely that you will find discontinued Gatorade flavors in stores or through official Gatorade channels. Once a flavor is discontinued, it is usually no longer manufactured or distributed. However, in rare cases, a few bottles or remnants of discontinued flavors may be found through online auction sites or specialty retailers.

Are there any plans to bring back discontinued Gatorade flavors?

Gatorade’s plans for discontinued flavors are not publicly disclosed. While there have been instances where popular flavors have made a comeback due to public demand, such decisions are ultimately up to Gatorade and depend on a number of factors, including market trends, consumer feedback and business strategy.

Are there alternative beverages or flavors similar to the discontinued Gatorade flavors?

Although Gatorade has discontinued certain flavors, there are alternative sports drinks on the market that offer a variety of flavors. In addition, some brands offer their own unique flavor profiles that may appeal to fans of the discontinued Gatorade flavors. Exploring different sports drink options may help you find a new favorite flavor.

Can I make my own version of discontinued Gatorade flavors at home?

While Gatorade’s exact recipes for discontinued flavors are proprietary, you can experiment with creating your own versions at home by combining different flavors and ingredients. There are also online communities and forums where enthusiasts share their homemade recipes and attempts to recreate discontinued Gatorade flavors. Keep in mind that the taste may not be an exact replica, but it can be a fun and creative way to satisfy your nostalgia.

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