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The Little Shop of Horrors’ Audrey II-Inspired Dessert: A Perfectly Spooky Delight

The Little Shop of Horrors’ Audrey II-Inspired Dessert: A Spooky Delight for Halloween

Are you a fan of classic monster movies and looking for a unique treat to impress your guests this Halloween? Look no further than the Audrey II-inspired dessert from Little Shop of Horrors. This adorably spooky treat will not only satisfy your sweet tooth, but also make a fantastic centerpiece for any Halloween-themed party. Created by cake artist and content creator @cakedbyrach, this dessert is as delicious as it is eye-catching.

Audrey II Dessert: A plant-based scare

Inspired by the man-eating plant from outer space, Audrey II, this dessert captures the essence of the iconic character. The centerpiece of the dessert is a bite-sized cookie cup filled with red icing and Oreo crumbs. But what really makes it stand out is the strawberry, which resembles the alien’s face. When placed on top of the cookie cup, the strawberry transforms into Audrey II, complete with sharp white frosting teeth and green frosting tendrils crawling around the cookie pot.

A treat that’s too sweet to eat

Fans of the Little Shop of Horrors musical have been captivated by this dessert. Many have exclaimed that it’s just too sweet to eat! And they are not wrong. The attention to detail and creativity behind this creation make it a work of art. It’s the perfect combination of spooky and adorable, making it an ideal addition to any Halloween celebration.

More ways to incorporate Audrey II into your Halloween party

If you want to take your Little Shop of Horrors themed party to the next level, there are other spooky treats you can incorporate into your menu. Here are a few ideas to get you started:

1. Carnivorous Plant Mouth Appetizers

For a unique twist on classic appetizers, consider using hinged shellfish like mussels and clams to create carnivorous plant mouths. Simply open the shells slightly, add your favorite hot sauce, and garnish on a bed of chopped green onions. These appetizers not only look impressive, they taste delicious.

2. Watermelon Audrey II Fruit Tray

Turn a watermelon into the mouth of Audrey II by carving it to resemble the iconic character. Use the watermelon rind to create pointy teeth and fill the mouth with a variety of fruits. Your guests will have fun reaching into Audrey II’s mouth to grab a berry or two.

3. The main course: BBQ and medium rare steak

To stay true to the man-eating plant’s preferences, serve BBQ and medium rare steak as the main course. This will satisfy the carnivores among your partygoers. For the non-meat eaters, you can turn a personalized caprese salad into a creepy plant by using a whole tomato for the head, slices of mozzarella cheese for the teeth and tongue, and basil leaves for garnish. Serve in a pot with balsamic vinegar for an extra spooky touch.

4. “Feed Me!” Desserts

In addition to the Audrey II-inspired cookie cups, you can serve Audrey II cupcakes and sugar cookies iced with the plant’s iconic “Feed Me!” phrase. These desserts are sure to delight your guests and add to the overall theme of your party.

Audrey II-themed Halloween Party: The Perfect Spooky Celebration

By incorporating these Audrey II-inspired treats into your Halloween party menu, you can create a truly memorable and spooky celebration. From the centerpiece dessert to the appetizers to the main course, each dish brings the iconic character to life in a delicious and creative way. Your guests will be amazed at the attention to detail and effort you’ve put into creating a themed experience.
So, if you’re a fan of Little Shop of Horrors and want to add a touch of the spooky and scary to your Halloween festivities, try the Audrey II-inspired dessert and other themed treats. Your party guests will love it, and you’ll have a Halloween celebration they won’t soon forget.


Can I make the Audrey II-inspired dessert ahead of time?

Yes, you can make the dessert ahead of time. However, it is recommended that you assemble the strawberry face on the cookie cup closer to serving time to ensure the strawberry stays fresh and vibrant.

Can I use another fruit instead of a strawberry for the Audrey II face?

Of course you can! While the strawberry is the recommended fruit due to its resemblance to the alien plant, you can get creative and use other fruits such as raspberries, cherries, or even sliced kiwi to create a unique Audrey II face.

Can I replace the red frosting with another flavor or color?

Yes, you can experiment with different flavors and colors of frosting. If you prefer a different flavor, you can try chocolate icing or even a fruity flavor like raspberry or strawberry. As for the color, you can customize it to match your Halloween party theme or personal preference.

Can I make the cookie cups and frosting from scratch?

Absolutely! If you like to bake from scratch, you can make the cookie cups from your favorite cookie dough recipe and make the frosting from scratch. Just make sure the cookie cups are baked and cooled before you fill them with the red frosting and Oreo crumbs.

What other Halloween treats can I serve with the Audrey II-inspired dessert?

There are many ways to complement the Audrey II-inspired dessert at your Halloween party. You can serve spooky cupcakes, Halloween-shaped sugar cookies, or even create a charcuterie board with spooky snacks like “witch fingers” made from pretzel sticks and almond slices. Let your imagination run wild!

Can I modify the Audrey II dessert to accommodate dietary restrictions?

Absolutely! The Audrey II dessert can be modified to accommodate a variety of dietary restrictions. For example, if you have gluten-free guests, you can use a gluten-free cookie dough recipe for the cookie cups. You can also explore vegan or dairy-free alternatives for the frosting and filling. Just be sure to choose ingredients that meet the dietary needs of your guests.

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