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The Sweet Secrets Unveiled: The Untold Truth Of Fruit By The Foot

The Untold Truth of Fruit by the Foot

Candy aficionados know that one of the greatest confections in modern existence is quite possibly Fruit by the Foot. Okay, that may be a bit of an exaggeration, but Fruit by the Foot is pretty delicious and certainly fun to eat, as many will argue. If you’re not familiar with the snack, it’s a thin piece of sweet candy wrapped in a neat little roll. It may look small at first, but when it’s unfolded, it typically comes out to a rather surprising three feet of sweet treat, hence the name.

History of Fruit By The Foot

Fruit by the Foot has been around for years and is still incredibly popular with kids and adults alike. If you walk down the candy aisle at your local grocery store, you’re sure to see a box or two next to some of the other popular fruity candies. But what’s the story behind this unique and seriously long candy? As it turns out, there’s still a lot you may not know about these little treasures, even if they’ve been nestled in your lunchbox from time to time. This is the untold truth about Fruit by the Foot.

Made in Illinois

Fruit by the Foot is a General Mills product marketed under the Betty Crocker brand. General Mills has factories all over the United States, including one in Belvidere, Illinois, according to Now, that’s probably not the most special town to most people (with the exception of the people of Belvidere themselves), but it has one factor that is significant to all of us: it’s where Fruit by the Foot is made.
In 2022, Fruit by the Foot was a finalist for the Illinois Manufacturers Association’s Coolest Product Made in Illinois award. Although we think Fruit by the Foot should have won the title, it was beaten out by the Rivian R1T, an electric pickup truck (via Other finalists included a John Deere combine, a Freeze Flake ice maker, and the Libman Tornado spin mop. Don’t worry, Fruit by the Foot. While you may not have won this particular contest, rest assured that you are the real winner in our eyes and mouths.

Supersized fruit by the foot

Fruit by the Foot is already pretty long, but one brave TikToker decided to make one that was even longer. How long is it? As long as a football field. A standard football field is 100 yards long, whereas a Fruit by the Foot is one yard long, meaning you’d need 100 Fruit by the Foots to make it from end zone to end zone.
The creator of this monster Fruit by the Foot said it took 16 boxes of the stuff to make the extra-long snack. To prove skeptics wrong, he went to a football field and unrolled his enormous wheel of Fruit by the Foot to demonstrate that it was the real thing. He wasn’t the first person to make a giant Fruit by the Foot. Another man made a 324-foot Fruit by the Foot (via YouTube). But to make things even more unhealthy, he ate his incredibly long concoction, which he estimated to be over 8,000 calories. We wonder how he felt afterwards – or maybe not.

Promotional items and collaborations

It’s a lot of work to stay relevant as a brand for as long as Fruit by the Foot has. And while it might seem that having three feet of candy in a small package would be enough to keep it relevant indefinitely, the factory is not resting on its laurels and is constantly creating promotional items to keep consumers coming back for more.
In 2020, Fruit by the Foot sold the adorable Mini Feet. These came out just before the holidays and were marketed as great stocking stuffers. The Mini Feet measured the standard three feet, but it was a smaller version of the typical Fruit by the Foot we are used to. Fruit by the Foot also teamed up with another well-known candy brand: Starburst. In early 2020, the candy company sold a limited edition Fruit by the Foot with Starburst flavors of cherry, strawberry, orange, and lemon (via Delish). We can’t wait to see what the brand comes up with next.

Lawsuits and controversies

When your brand is as big as Fruit by the Foot, you’re likely to face a lawsuit or two at some point in your tenure. Unfortunately, that’s the world we live in, and even the longest candy isn’t immune to the occasional lawsuit.
Perhaps the candy’s most notable lawsuit to date made headlines in 2011, when it was accused of not using real fruit as part of its ingredients. A woman named AnnieLam filed the lawsuit in a California district court, claiming that Fruit by the Foot was misleading consumers with its fruit-related name. The case brought attention to the candy’s ingredients and sparked a discussion about truth in advertising.
Despite the controversy and legal battles, Fruit by the Foot has managed to maintain its popularity and remains a favorite treat for many. Its unique concept of a long, fruit-flavored candy roll continues to appeal to consumers of all ages.
In conclusion, Fruit by the Foot is more than just a delicious candy. It has a rich history, from its origins in Illinois to its involvement in lawsuits and controversy. Its supersized versions and collaborations with other brands have kept it relevant in the ever-changing world of candy. Whether you enjoy it for its delicious taste, its fun rolling process, or its nostalgic appeal, Fruit by the Foot has undoubtedly secured its place in the hearts and lunchboxes of candy lovers everywhere.


How long is a fruit by the foot?

A standard Fruit By The Foot measures approximately three feet in length when unfolded.

Who makes Fruit By The Foot?

Fruit By The Foot is manufactured by General Mills, a well-known food company, under the Betty Crocker brand.

Where is Fruit By The Foot produced?

Fruit By The Foot is made in Belvidere, Illinois, at one of General Mills’ factories.

Has Fruit By The Foot won any awards?

While not the ultimate winner, Fruit By The Foot was a finalist for the Coolest Product Made in Illinois in 2022, as named by the Illinois Manufacturers Association.

Are there oversized versions of Fruit By The Foot?

Yes, some people have created supersized versions of Fruit By The Foot, with one TikToker rolling a Fruit By The Foot as long as a football field.

Has Fruit By The Foot been involved in any controversy?

Fruit By The Foot has faced lawsuits in the past, including one regarding the use of real fruit in its ingredients, which sparked a discussion about truth in advertising.

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