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Meryl Streep’s Favorite Dish: Wolfgang Puck’s Oscars Culinary Triumph

This is Meryl Streep’s favorite food: Wolfgang Puck cooks for the Oscars

Every year, the Academy Awards bring together Hollywood’s biggest stars for a night of glamour, celebration and recognition of excellence in the film industry. While the focus is on the awards themselves, there is another aspect of the Oscars that often attracts attention and curiosity: the food. Behind the scenes, renowned chef Wolfgang Puck and his team work tirelessly to create a culinary experience that matches the grandeur of the event. One dish that has become a favorite among celebrities, including the legendary Meryl Streep, is Puck’s Chicken Pot Pie with Black Truffles.

Wolfgang Puck and the Oscar tradition

Wolfgang Puck’s involvement with the Academy Awards dates back to 1995, when he took charge of the annual dinner. His exceptional culinary skills and innovative approach to cooking have made him a household name in the culinary world. Puck’s food has become an integral part of the Oscars tradition, and his menu is eagerly anticipated by attendees and viewers alike.
Even before becoming the official caterer of the Academy Awards, Puck’s food had a devoted following among Hollywood celebrities. Many would flock to his Beverly Hills restaurant, Spago, after the ceremony instead of attending the Governor’s Ball. Puck’s reputation for creating extraordinary dishes using the finest ingredients was well established, and it was only a matter of time before his creations graced the Oscars menu.

A feast fit for the stars

Every year, Wolfgang Puck serves up a feast of Michelin-starred dishes at the Academy Awards. His culinary creations are a testament to his skill, creativity and dedication to delivering a memorable dining experience. Some of the extravagant ingredients used include 33 pounds of fresh caviar and a staggering $42,000 worth of black truffles.
One particular dish that has garnered widespread acclaim and won the heart of Meryl Streep is Puck’s Chicken Pot Pie with Black Truffles. This hearty and indulgent dish combines the classic comfort of a pot pie with the luxurious flavor of black truffles. The combination of tender chicken, flavorful vegetables and the earthy richness of truffles creates a truly memorable dining experience.

A Labor of Love

Puck’s chicken pot pie with black truffles requires meticulous planning and attention to detail. Puck revealed that he specially ordered 30 pounds of black truffles from France to ensure their arrival in time for the Oscars. This dedication to sourcing the finest ingredients is a testament to Puck’s commitment to excellence.
The effort put into preparing this iconic dish is well worth it, as Chicken Pot Pie consistently receives rave reviews from A-list celebrities and esteemed guests alike. Puck recalls compliments from the likes of Barbara Streisand and Prince Albert, who have expressed their love for the dish and its unforgettable flavors.

A culinary delight loved by all

Puck’s Chicken Pot Pie with Black Truffles has become a beloved staple on the Oscars menu since it was added in 2010. Its popularity is not limited to Meryl Streep alone, as numerous VIPs and attendees eagerly anticipate the opportunity to enjoy this delectable creation year after year. The combination of Puck’s culinary expertise, the quality of the ingredients, and the undeniable appeal of the dish itself make it a standout among the many culinary offerings at the Oscars.
In conclusion, Wolfgang Puck’s Chicken Pot Pie with Black Truffles has become a centerpiece of the Oscars dining experience. Its inclusion on the menu is a testament to Puck’s exceptional talent and dedication to creating extraordinary dishes. For Meryl Streep and many others, this dish has become a personal favorite, symbolizing the marriage of comfort and luxury. As the Oscars continue to captivate audiences worldwide, anticipation for Puck’s culinary masterpieces remains high, ensuring that the tradition of exceptional food at the Oscars will continue for years to come.


Answer: Meryl Streep’s favorite dish at the Oscars is Wolfgang Puck’s chicken pot pie with black truffles.

How long has Wolfgang Puck cooked for the Oscars?

Answer: Wolfgang Puck has been cooking for the Oscars since 1995, making him a veteran of more than two decades of creating the culinary experience for the event.

What makes Wolfgang Puck’s food at the Oscars so special?

Answer: Wolfgang Puck’s dishes at the Oscars are known for their Michelin quality and innovative flavors. He uses exceptional ingredients such as fresh caviar and black truffles to create a dining experience that matches the grandeur of the event.

How does Wolfgang Puck get the black truffles for his chicken pot pie?

Answer: Wolfgang Puck specially orders 30 pounds of black truffles from France to ensure their arrival in time for the Oscars. This demonstrates his commitment to using the finest ingredients in his dishes.

Has Wolfgang Puck’s chicken pot pie been praised by other celebrities?

Answer: Yes, in addition to Meryl Streep, Wolfgang Puck’s Chicken Pot Pie with Black Truffles has received compliments from numerous A-list celebrities, including Barbara Streisand and Prince Albert.

When was Meryl Streep’s favorite dish added to the Oscars menu?

Answer: Meryl Streep’s favorite dish, Wolfgang Puck’s Chicken Pot Pie with Black Truffles, was added to the Oscars menu in 2010 and has been a popular staple ever since.

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