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The Game-Changing Affordable Cookware Line Endorsed by David Chang

The affordable cookware line that counts David Chang among its fans

Microwaves have become a staple in 90% of American households, offering convenience and quick meal preparation. However, concerns about their safety and limited cooking capabilities have kept some people from fully embracing this kitchen appliance. In recent years, a new line of cookware has emerged that aims to revolutionize microwave cooking and dispel the misconceptions surrounding its use. This article examines the affordable line of cookware, endorsed by renowned celebrity chef David Chang, and provides valuable insight into its features and benefits.

The Origins and Controversies of the Microwave

The microwave oven was accidentally invented by Percy Spencer, an engineer at Raytheon Manufacturing Company, during his work on radar magnetrons. While conducting experiments, Spencer discovered that the microwave melted the nuts in his pocket, leading to the realization of its heating capabilities. However, the microwave’s association with the Manhattan Project, the development of nuclear weapons during World War II, contributed to its public relations challenges and the emergence of myths surrounding its safety.

Understanding Microwave Radiation

Contrary to popular misconception, microwaves use non-ionizing radiation, the same type found in our everyday devices such as cell phones and lights. This type of radiation is not the same as the dangerous ionizing radiation associated with atomic bombs. Healthline clarifies that microwaves pose no significant health risks, alleviating concerns about their safety.

Introducing Anyday Cookware

Anyday cookware, a woman- and Asian American Pacific Islander (AAPI)-owned brand, is designed specifically for cooking in the microwave. The brand’s founder, Steph Chen, stumbled upon the concept when she microwaved a whole chicken to reduce cooking time. Impressed by the results, Chen developed a line of cookware that allows users to safely and efficiently prepare food in the microwave without worrying about plastic leaching into their food.

The impact of David Chang

One notable proponent of Anyday cookware is celebrity chef David Chang. Known for his culinary expertise and innovative cooking methods, Chang has embraced the microwave as a valuable tool for preparing delicious meals. Through social media platforms such as Instagram, Chang shares videos of himself using Anyday cookware to prepare various dishes, including mashed potatoes. His partnership with Anyday includes product development, design input and recipe content creation, further supporting the brand’s mission.

Features and benefits of Anyday cookware

Anyday cookware is made from frosted borosilicate glass that can withstand microwave and oven temperatures up to 500 degrees. This versatility allows users to seamlessly transition from microwave cooking to other cooking methods. Each bowl is equipped with a silicone-lined glass lid that creates a seal, allowing for steaming and preserving nutrients more effectively than other cooking techniques.

Expanding product line

Since its launch in 2021, Anyday has gained popularity among Gen Z consumers looking for convenient and sustainable cooking solutions. The brand offers a line of lidded, microwave-safe dishes and plans to introduce new products in the near future. Anyday’s blog provides microwave cooking inspiration with recipes that incorporate fresh grains, vegetables and even popular Trader Joe’s products.

Pricing and availability

Interested consumers can purchase Anyday cookware individually or as part of a set, including the recently introduced eight-piece “College Dorm Room” set. Individual cookware prices start at $30, while the complete set retails for $175. Currently, Anyday cookware is available exclusively on the company’s website, ensuring direct access to these innovative microwave cooking solutions.

Bottom Line

Microwave cooking is experiencing a renaissance with the introduction of Anyday cookware. Endorsed by celebrity chef David Chang, this affordable line of cookware dispels myths about microwave safety and showcases the versatility and convenience of this kitchen appliance. Harnessing the power of frosted borosilicate glass and innovative design, Anyday cookware allows users to create delicious and nutritious meals in minutes. Whether you’re a busy professional, a student or a cooking enthusiast, Anyday cookware opens up a world of possibilities for fast, efficient microwave cooking. Embrace the future of cooking with Anyday and discover the joy of preparing delicious meals with ease.


What makes Anyday cookware different from traditional cookware?

Anyday cookware features a microwave-friendly design that allows users to prepare meals quickly and efficiently. Made of frosted borosilicate glass, it offers the flexibility to seamlessly transition from the microwave to the oven, withstanding temperatures up to 500 degrees.

Is microwave cooking safe? Are there any health risks?

Microwave cooking, when done properly, is safe and poses no significant health risks. Microwaves use non-ionizing radiation, which is different from the dangerous ionizing radiation associated with atomic bombs. Anyday cookware ensures safe microwave cooking without the worry of plastic leaching into food.

What is David Chang’s role in Anyday Cookware?

David Chang, a renowned celebrity chef, is a partner in Anyday cookware. He is actively involved in product development, design and recipe content. Chang’s involvement serves as an endorsement of the brand’s mission and showcases the versatility and benefits of microwave cooking.

Can I use Anyday cookware to steam food?

Yes, Anyday cookware is designed with a silicone-lined glass lid that creates a seal that allows food to be steamed in the microwave. This method helps retain more nutrients compared to other cooking techniques.

Where can I buy Anyday cookware?

Anyday cookware is currently available exclusively on the company’s website. Interested individuals can browse and choose from a variety of cookware and sets to suit their cooking needs.

Are there any recipe ideas for microwave cooking with Anyday cookware?

Yes, Anyday offers a blog on their website that provides recipe ideas and inspiration for microwave cooking. From fresh grains and vegetables to using popular products from Trader Joe’s, the blog provides creative and delicious options for users to explore.

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