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Quick and Easy: Recreate TikTok’s Copycat Pop-Tart in a Coffee Mug

TikTok’s Copycat Pop-Tart: A quick and easy coffee mug recipe

The iconic Pop-Tart has been a popular snack for over 50 years, captivating the taste buds of children and adults alike. With its wide variety of flavors and undeniable popularity, it has become a staple in homes around the world. But what if you could recreate the joy of a warm, frosted Pop-Tart in just one minute? Thanks to TikTok, you can!

The Rise of Copycat Pop-Tarts

In recent years, the trend of making copycat Pop-Tarts has taken the baking world by storm. Bakeries and home bakers have been rolling out the dough to create their own versions of this nostalgic treat. These homemade Pop-Tarts offer the freedom to customize flavors, sizes and decorations for a truly personalized snacking experience.

TikTok’s quick and convenient twist

While traditional Pop-Tarts require time and effort in the kitchen, TikTok has introduced a new way to enjoy a warm and frosted Pop-Tart in just one minute. This innovative recipe utilizes a coffee mug and a microwave, making it the perfect option for those craving a sweet treat with minimal hassle and mess.

The mug cake craze

TikTok has been at the forefront of popularizing mug cakes – individual servings of cakes, cookies and brownies that can be quickly prepared and enjoyed. The mug cake trend gained traction around 2010 and has since become a go-to solution for satisfying late-night dessert cravings. Now you can add a nostalgic twist to your mug cake repertoire with the TikTok-inspired Pop-Tart Mug Cake recipe.

The perfect Pop-Tart cupcake recipe

To recreate the delicious taste of a Pop-Tart using a coffee mug and a microwave, gather the following ingredients: butter, sugar, milk, flour, frosting, and sprinkles. Here’s a step-by-step guide to making your own Pop-Tart mug cake:

  1. In your favorite microwave-safe mug, combine one tablespoon butter with one tablespoon granulated sugar.
  2. Add two tablespoons milk and all-purpose flour to the mug.
  3. Using a fork, mix the ingredients together until well combined.
  4. For a classic Pop-Tart flavor, add a tablespoon of strawberry jam to the center of the dough. Or experiment with other fillings such as peanut butter, Nutella, or different flavors of jam.
  5. Cover the filling with the dough, creating a seal to prevent leaks during cooking.
  6. Microwave cup for 60 seconds or until top is set.
  7. When cooked, remove the cup from the microwave and allow to cool slightly.
  8. Finish your Pop-Tart cupcake with a generous layer of frosting and colorful sprinkles.
  9. Grab a spoon and enjoy the heavenly bites of your favorite childhood snack.

A personalized Pop-Tart experience

One of the fantastic aspects of the Pop-Tart cupcake recipe is its versatility. You can experiment with different flavors of jam, frosting and toppings to create your own unique twist on this classic treat. Whether you prefer a gooey chocolate filling or a tangy raspberry jam, the possibilities are endless.

A quick fix for cravings

The convenience and speed of the Pop-Tart Cupcake recipe make it an ideal solution for those moments when you crave a sweet treat but don’t have the time or energy to bake an elaborate cake. With just a few simple ingredients and a microwave, you can satisfy your cravings in minutes.


TikTok’s Copycat Pop-Tart Mug Cake is a delicious and convenient twist on a beloved childhood snack. Using a coffee mug and a microwave, you can recreate the warm, frosted goodness of a Pop-Tart in just one minute. With endless flavor variations and the ability to customize your toppings, this recipe offers a fun and personalized snacking experience. So the next time you crave a nostalgic treat, grab a coffee mug and enjoy the magic of a homemade Pop-Tart cupcake.


Can I really make a Pop-Tart out of a coffee mug in just one minute?

Yes, you can! TikTok’s copycat Pop-Tart mug cake recipe offers a quick and convenient way to enjoy a warm and frosted Pop-Tart in just 60 seconds.

What ingredients do I need to make a Pop-Tart cupcake?

To make a Pop-Tart cupcake, you’ll need butter, sugar, milk, flour, frosting, and sprinkles. You can also customize the filling by using strawberry jam or other flavors such as peanut butter or Nutella.

Can I customize the flavors of my Pop-Tart cup cake?

Absolutely! One of the great things about the Pop-Tart cupcake recipe is its versatility. You can experiment with different flavors of jam, frosting, and toppings to create your own personal twist on this classic treat.

Can I use another type of microwave-safe container instead of a coffee mug?

While the recipe specifically mentions using a coffee mug, you can use any microwave-safe container that is similar in size to a standard mug. Just make sure it is microwave safe.

Is the Pop-Tart Mug Cake recipe suitable for children?

Yes, the Pop-Tart cupcake recipe is a kid-friendly dessert option. It provides a fun and manageable baking experience for kids, allowing them to enjoy a warm and delicious treat in just one minute.

Can I make more than one Pop-Tart cupcake at a time?

The recipe is designed for individual servings, but if you have multiple microwaveable mugs, you can make multiple Mug Cakes at the same time. Just follow the recipe for each cup and adjust the cooking time accordingly.

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