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The Forbidden Role: What the Kids Baking Championship Producer Denies Valerie Bertinelli

What the Kids Baking Championship producer refuses to let Valerie Bertinelli do

Valerie Bertinelli is a household name, known for her impressive career spanning television, awards and best-selling books. While she has achieved great success in many areas, many know her as a Food Network star and co-host of “Kids Baking Championship” alongside celebrity chef Duff Goldman. The show highlights the creativity and talent of young bakers, but there’s one thing the producers won’t let Valerie do, and it’s something she wishes she could do to help the young contestants.

The challenge of hosting the Kids Baking Championship

In a 2015 interview with Food Network, Valerie Bertinelli shared her experience of hosting Kids Baking Championship, revealing that the most challenging part of the show was the first episode. She mentioned that the amount of food they had to taste-test was a bit daunting. However, as the series progressed, another challenge emerged – one that Valerie found difficult to cope with.

The one rule Valerie Bertinelli wishes she could break

On Kids Baking Championship, Valerie Bertinelli is not allowed to give direct instruction or help to the young contestants when they need it. The producers have set this rule, which means that Valerie can only encourage and support the children without physically intervening in their baking process. In an exclusive interview with Mashed, Valerie expressed her desire to help the contestants, explaining that she has asked the producers on several occasions to allow her to lend a hand, but they have always refused.

Recognising the children’s growth

Despite the restrictions, Valerie Bertinelli finds it satisfying to see the growth and development of the young bakers throughout the competition. In her interview, Valerie emphasises the importance of giving children credit and recognising their ability to process information and solve problems. She believes that children are sometimes underestimated and their abilities overlooked. Valerie recognises the potential and resilience of these little people and finds joy in seeing them overcome challenges.

Duff Goldman’s Rule Bending

Interestingly, Valerie’s co-presenter, Duff Goldman, of Ace of Cakes fame, has been known to bend the rules on the set of Kids Baking Championship. In previous seasons, Duff has discreetly offered advice and tips to struggling contestants, sharing his expertise in levelling cakes, using the fondant cutter and other techniques. Although Valerie isn’t allowed to help, eagle-eyed viewers may catch glimpses of her sneaking a helping hand, just like Duff.

Celebrating the young bakers

Valerie Bertinelli has a deep appreciation for the talent and hard work of the young bakers on Kids Baking Championship. She recognises that these children have remarkable skills and the ability to solve problems. Their determination and creativity inspire Valerie and she believes they deserve more credit than they often receive. As the show continues to captivate audiences, Valerie hopes viewers will recognise the incredible potential in these young contestants.
Finally, Kids Baking Championship co-presenter Valerie Bertinelli faces a unique challenge on the show. While she cannot directly help the young bakers, her admiration for their growth and resilience remains unwavering. As viewers, we can appreciate the talent and creativity of these young contestants and recognise the valuable life skills they gain from being on the show.


Kids Baking Championship is a popular television show that showcases the skills and creativity of young bakers in a competitive format. Hosted by Valerie Bertinelli and Duff Goldman, the show celebrates the talent of aspiring young chefs.

Why can’t Valerie Bertinelli help the contestants directly?

The producers of Kids Baking Championship have a rule that Valerie Bertinelli cannot give direct instruction or assistance to the contestants. This rule ensures a fair and level playing field for all contestants and allows the children to develop their baking skills independently.

What is the most difficult part of hosting the Kids Baking Championship for Valerie Bertinelli?

Valerie Bertinelli has mentioned that the first episode of the show is particularly challenging for her. The amount of food to taste in the early stages of the competition can be overwhelming. However, as the series progresses, Valerie faces another challenge related to the rule that prohibits her from providing hands-on assistance to the young bakers.

Has Duff Goldman ever broken the rule and offered help to the contestants?

Yes, Duff Goldman, Valerie Bertinelli’s co-host on Kids Baking Championship, has been known to bend the rules on occasion. In previous seasons, Duff has discreetly offered advice and tips to struggling contestants, sharing his expertise in various baking techniques. This adds an interesting dynamic to the show as viewers are able to observe Duff’s subtle assistance while Valerie is unable to provide the same level of direct help.

What does Valerie Bertinelli enjoy about hosting Kids Baking Championship?

Despite not being able to provide direct help, Valerie Bertinelli finds it rewarding to watch the young bakers grow and develop throughout the competition. She admires the children’s ability to process information, solve problems and showcase their creativity. Valerie believes that these young competitors deserve more recognition for their skills and resilience.

How does Kids Baking Championship inspire viewers?

“Kids Baking Championship inspires viewers by showcasing the incredible talent and determination of young bakers. The show highlights the potential within children and encourages viewers to appreciate their creativity, problem solving skills and dedication to their craft. It serves as a reminder that age is not a barrier to achieving great things in the culinary world.

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