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The Art of Andrew Zimmern: Unveiling His Unique Approach to Totino’s Pizza Rolls

The Very Special Way Andrew Zimmern Eats Totino’s Pizza Rolls

Andrew Zimmern, the renowned chef and host of “Bizarre Foods,” is known for his culinary expertise and ability to create exquisite gourmet dishes. From biscochitos to Irish country bread to Kurdish dumplings in yogurt, Zimmern’s recipes have captivated food enthusiasts around the world. But amidst his complex and elaborate creations, Zimmern has a soft spot for a nostalgic frozen snack that brings back memories of sleepovers and casual dining.

Zimmern’s love of Totino’s pizza rolls

According to a recent article on, Andrew Zimmern is an avid fan of Totino’s Pizza Rolls. The popular frozen snack has found a special place in Zimmern’s heart, and he even has a special way of preparing and enjoying them.

The quest for more sauce

One of Zimmern’s main complaints about Totino’s Pizza Rolls is the lack of sauce. In an interview with Lifehacker, he expressed his desire for more sauce in this classic snack. Zimmern is taking matters into his own hands by freezing small portions of marinara sauce in Ziploc bags. When the pizza craving hits, he thaws the sauce under running water and microwaves it for dipping. This meticulous approach ensures that each bite of pizza is accompanied by the perfect amount of sauce, enhancing the overall flavor and enjoyment.

An air fryer solution

Another challenge Zimmern faces with Totino’s pizza rolls is their tendency to burst during cooking. The instructions on the package suggest a specific cooking time and temperature, but Zimmern found that the rolls often burst regardless. Frustrated, he turned to his fans on Facebook for advice. The suggestion that stood out the most was to use an air fryer. By air frying the pizza rolls, Zimmern discovered a method that not only prevented bursting, but also resulted in a perfectly crispy exterior.

A relatable chef

Andrew Zimmern’s love of Totino’s Pizza Rolls and his candid discussions about his favorite way to enjoy them have resonated with his fans. It humanizes the award-winning chef and reminds us that even culinary experts have their guilty pleasures and nostalgic snacks. Zimmern’s genuine appreciation for this humble frozen treat serves as a reminder that food connects us all, regardless of our culinary background or expertise.

Embracing the simple pleasures

Andrew Zimmern’s special way of eating Totino’s Pizza Rolls demonstrates the joy of indulging in simple pleasures. Despite his culinary prowess and ability to create intricate dishes, Zimmern finds comfort in this popular frozen snack. His dedication to enhancing the experience with extra sauce and finding solutions to common cooking challenges demonstrates his commitment to enjoying food to the fullest.
So the next time you find yourself craving Totino’s Pizza Rolls, take a page out of Andrew Zimmern’s book and elevate your snacking experience. Experiment with different sauces, try air frying for the perfect texture, and savor the flavors that bring back fond memories. After all, food should be a source of joy and connection, and sometimes it’s the simplest dishes that bring us the most happiness.


Why does Andrew Zimmern freeze the marinara sauce for his Totino’s pizza rolls?

Andrew Zimmern feels that Totino’s Pizza Rolls do not have enough sauce, so he freezes small portions of marinara sauce to have a dipping sauce that perfectly complements the snack.

How does Andrew Zimmern thaw out frozen marinara sauce?

To thaw the frozen marinara sauce, Andrew Zimmern places the ziplock bag under running water until it reaches the desired temperature and consistency.

Why does Andrew Zimmern microwave the marinara sauce?

Andrew Zimmern microwaves the marinara sauce to bring it to the proper eating temperature to ensure a delicious and enjoyable dipping experience with the pizza rolls.

How does air frying prevent Totino’s Pizza Rolls from bursting?

Air frying provides a solution to the problem of bursting Totino’s Pizza Rolls. The hot circulating air in the fryer cooks the rolls evenly, creating a crispy exterior while minimizing the likelihood of bursting.

What makes Andrew Zimmern’s approach to Totino’s Pizza Rolls relatable?

Andrew Zimmern’s love for Totino’s Pizza Rolls and his candid discussions about his favorite way to eat them make him relatable. It reminds us that even famous chefs have their favorite nostalgic snacks and unique ways of enjoying them.

How does Andrew Zimmern’s approach to food reflect his culinary philosophy?

Andrew Zimmern’s unique way of eating Totino’s Pizza Rolls reflects his philosophy of embracing simple pleasures and finding joy in everyday food. It demonstrates his commitment to elevating the dining experience, even with humble snacks.

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