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The Irresistible Distinction of Connecticut-Style Lobster Rolls

Here’s what sets Connecticut-style lobster rolls apart from the rest

As the summer months approach, there are many things people look forward to – besides the eternal sunshine, of course. Iced coffee becomes a need, not a want; weekend trips to the beach become more frequent; and certain foods begin to reappear on menus. If you live on the coast, one of the most sought-after dishes is the humble lobster roll.

The Perfect Combination

Most lobster roll recipes call for two main ingredients: chunks of tender lobster meat and the roll itself. But while it may sound like a simple dish, it’s important to make sure these two components are prepared just right. As Michael Landgarten, owner of Bob’s Clam Hut in Maine, told Men’s Journal, “The quality of the lobster is very important. He added that people should use “just-shelled, hard-shelled lobster legs and claws” and make sure “the lobster is steamed but not overcooked.” Even if you’re far from New England, you can get some of the absolute best lobster rolls anywhere in the United States.

Connecticut vs. Maine

An age-old debate surrounds this simple yet luxurious dish: Connecticut vs. Maine (via Food Network). These two New England states prepare the bun and lobster meat in different ways. For the most part, people tend to prefer one style over the other – but what makes a Connecticut-style lobster roll different from the Maine variety?

Connecticut Style: Simple and Hot

Connecticut-style lobster rolls are served hot with warm butter. There are two differences between Connecticut and Maine lobster rolls. The first is the way the lobster meat is prepared. In Maine-style lobster rolls, the lobster meat is dressed with mayonnaise, and occasionally various greens or herbs are mixed in, including celery, scallions, and tarragon, according to the Food Network. The Connecticut-style roll keeps things simple with just one extra ingredient: The lobster is tossed in warm, melted butter. The second major difference between the two lobster rolls is that the Maine-style lobster roll is served cold, while the Connecticut-style lobster roll is served hot.

Exploring the Manhattan Lobster Roll

While the Maine-style roll is the sandwich to which the Connecticut roll is most often compared, there is a third, lesser-known lobster roll: the Manhattan lobster roll. According to Lobster Anywhere, the Manhattan roll is virtually identical to the Maine-style roll. It is served cold with mayo and occasionally celery.

Popularity Contest

Which lobster roll is more popular? The jury is still out. Many restaurants choose to serve the rolls both ways, allowing customers to order their style of choice. At Arnold’s Restaurant Lobster and Clam Bar in Eastham, Massachusetts, “the cold lobster roll is still the most popular, but not by much,” according to owner Nate Nickerson (via Delish). Meanwhile, at Neptune Oyster in Boston’s North End, the Connecticut-style roll gets three times as many orders as the Maine-style sandwich (via Boston).

Bottom line

Whether you prefer the warm and buttery Connecticut-style lobster roll or the cold and creamy Maine-style variety, one thing is certain: lobster rolls are a beloved delicacy that embodies the flavors of the East Coast. With their tender chunks of lobster meat and perfectly toasted rolls, these delicious treats are a true taste of summer. So the next time you crave a lobster roll, choose your style and enjoy every bite of this iconic coastal dish.


Connecticut-style lobster rolls are a variation of the classic lobster roll that originated in Connecticut. Unlike the traditional Maine-style lobster roll, Connecticut-style rolls are served hot and feature tender lobster meat tossed in warm, melted butter.

How is a Connecticut lobster roll different from a Maine lobster roll?

The main differences between a Connecticut-style lobster roll and a Maine-style lobster roll are the preparation and serving temperatures. In a Connecticut-style lobster roll, the lobster meat is simply dressed with melted butter, while in a Maine-style lobster roll, the lobster is mixed with mayonnaise and often accompanied by additional ingredients such as celery, scallions, and herbs. Also, Connecticut-style lobster rolls are served hot, while Maine-style lobster rolls are typically served cold.

What is a Manhattan lobster roll?

The Manhattan lobster roll is a variation of the traditional lobster roll. Similar to the Maine-style roll, the Manhattan roll is served cold and features lobster meat mixed with mayonnaise. However, it may also include celery as an additional ingredient.

Where can I find Connecticut lobster rolls?

Connecticut-style lobster rolls can be found in various seafood restaurants and food establishments, especially in the New England region. While they are most commonly associated with Connecticut, you may find them in other states that offer regional cuisine and seafood specialties.

Which type of lobster roll is more popular?

The popularity of lobster roll styles can vary depending on personal and regional preferences. Some restaurants offer both Connecticut-style and Maine-style rolls to cater to different tastes. While the cold Maine-style roll is often preferred, the Connecticut-style roll also has a significant following. Ultimately, popularity may vary from establishment to establishment and may be influenced by factors such as location and customer preference.

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