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The Disappearing Delight: Farewell to NYC’s Dollar Slices of Pizza

We Didn’t Deserve Dollar Slices of Pizza in NYC – and Now They’re Disappearing

New York City has long been known for its iconic dollar slices of pizza. For years, locals and visitors alike have enjoyed the thrill of grabbing a hot, cheesy slice for just a single dollar. However, the era of the dollar slice may be coming to an end as inflation takes its toll on these beloved pizzerias.

The Rise of the Dollar Slice

It all began when the New York Times highlighted the existence of 99¢ Fresh Pizza, a pizzeria located on the corner of 41st Street and Ninth Avenue. The article created a buzz, and customers flocked to the pizzeria to experience the unbeatable combination of affordability and taste. People like taxi driver Shkele Athar were amazed at the quality of the pizza, saying, “I’ve never seen pizza this cheap and this good.
The popularity of the dollar slice didn’t stop at 99¢ Fresh Pizza. Instagrammer @dollarpizzaslicenyc documented and reviewed dollar slices from various locations around the city, further fueling the trend.

Facing inflation and rising costs

Unfortunately, the era of the dollar slice is fading due to the effects of inflation. One of the city’s most famous dollar pizza joints, 2 Bros. Pizza, recently had to raise its price per slice to $1.50. Co-owner Eli Halali explained, “Over the past few years, we had done everything in our power to keep slices at $1 while refusing to compromise on quality. We could no longer break even.
The rising cost of ingredients and other expenses played a significant role in the decision to raise prices. Co-owner Oren Halali noted that inflation has affected every aspect of their business. Still, even at $1.50 per slice, it’s still a relatively good deal compared to the average price of a slice of cheese pizza, which topped $3 in each of New York City’s five boroughs in 2022.

Challenges for Pizzerias

2 Bros. Pizza isn’t the only pizzeria dealing with the effects of inflation. As early as late 2021, Mohammad Abdul, owner of 99¢ Fresh Pizza, considered raising prices, but he was concerned about the impact on his customer base. He weighed the decision and said, “Maybe I can raise it five cents. Some customers don’t have the money to buy the pizza.
These price increases are forcing customers to make difficult choices. College student James DeCamp expressed his frustration: “I usually get three slices, but now I’m only getting two… That sucks.”

The end of an era

As the dollar slice becomes a luxury rather than the norm, it marks the end of an era in New York City’s pizza scene. The affordability and accessibility that made the dollar slice so popular are slowly disappearing. However, it’s important to acknowledge that even with the price hike, these pizzerias still provide a relatively affordable option for pizza lovers.
While it’s uncertain what the future holds for the dollar slice, it’s clear that inflation and rising costs have taken their toll. New Yorkers and visitors alike will have to adjust their expectations and budgets when it comes to enjoying a slice of pizza in the Big Apple.
Overall, the disappearance of the dollar slice is a reminder of the ever-changing landscape of New York City’s culinary scene. As old traditions fade, new ones emerge, promising exciting flavors and experiences for pizza lovers across the city.
We Didn’t Deserve Dollar Slices Of Pizza In NYC – And Now They’re Gone


Why are the dollar slices of pizza disappearing in NYC?

The disappearance of the dollar slice in NYC is due to inflation and rising costs. Pizzerias are finding it increasingly difficult to keep prices at $1 while maintaining quality and profitability.

Which pizzerias in NYC are affected by the disappearing dollar slice trend?

One notable pizzeria affected by the trend is 2 Bros. Pizza, which recently raised its price per slice to $1.50. In addition, other dollar slice joints, such as 99¢ Fresh Pizza, have considered raising prices.

What factors contribute to the rising cost of dollar slices?

Rising costs for ingredients, rent, labor, and other expenses are major factors that impact the affordability of Dollar Slices. Inflation affects every aspect of running a pizzeria, making it harder to keep prices low.

Are there affordable alternatives to the disappearing dollar slice?

While the dollar slice may be disappearing, there are still relatively affordable options. Even at $1.50 per slice, it is still a good deal compared to the average price of a slice of cheese pizza, which is over $3 in the boroughs of New York City.

Will all dollar discs in NYC eventually disappear?

The future of the dollar slice in NYC is uncertain. While many pizzerias face challenges, some may find innovative ways to adapt and continue to offer affordable options. It remains to be seen how the market will evolve in the coming years.

What does the disappearing dollar slice trend mean for pizza lovers?

Pizza lovers will have to adjust their expectations and budgets when it comes to enjoying slices in NYC. The vanishing dollar slice trend represents a shift in the culinary landscape and reminds us of the ever-changing nature of the city’s food scene.

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