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The Sweet Showdown: Best and Worst New Easter Candy of 2020

Best and Worst New Easter Candy for 2020: A Comprehensive Review

Easter is a time of indulgence and delight, especially when it comes to the sweet treats that adorn our Easter baskets. Candy lovers eagerly anticipate the arrival of new confections each year, and 2020 is no exception. From delicious peanut butter creations to innovative flavor combinations, the candy industry has certainly tried to please. In this article, we’ll explore the best and worst new Easter candies of 2020, based on reviews and consumer feedback.

The Best Easter Candy:

  1. Reese’s Delights:
    Reese’s, a beloved brand known for their delicious peanut butter cups, did not disappoint in 2020. They unveiled a selection of new candies that left peanut butter lovers in a state of pure bliss. Highlights included the Reese’s Pieces Shake and Break Egg, a hollow chocolate egg filled with Reese’s Pieces, and the Reese’s Peanut Butter Cream Egg. These new treats received rave reviews for their rich and creamy peanut butter filling, perfectly complemented by the chocolate shell.
  2. Kit Kat Lemon chips:
    Kit Kat, known for its crunchy wafer bars, introduced a refreshing twist with Lemon Crisps. The tangy lemon coating added a burst of citrus flavor to the classic Kit Kat experience. Reviewers praised the crunchy texture and described the lemon coating as heavenly. This unique offering proved to be a hit with those looking for a tangy Easter treat.
  3. Fruit Loops White Chocolate Bunny:
    Kellogg’s and Frankford Candy collaborated to create a nostalgic Easter treat that combined two childhood favorites: white chocolate and Fruit Loops cereal. The Fruit Loops White Chocolate Bunny delighted young and old with its colorful appearance and delicious taste. The white chocolate coating complemented the fruity cereal perfectly, creating a home run of a treat.

The worst Easter candy:

  1. New Peeps flavors:
    Peeps, known for its iconic marshmallow chicks and bunnies, took a risk in 2020 by introducing several new flavors. Unfortunately, these flavors received mixed reviews and were labeled as some of the worst Easter candies of the year. The flavors included chocolate pudding, root beer float, fruit loops, Hot Tamales fiery cinnamon, and raspberry dipped in cream-flavored fudge. The Hot Tamales Peeps, in particular, drew criticism for its clash of spicy cinnamon and sugary marshmallow. While some appreciated the unique combination, others found it overpowering or lacking in intensity.
  2. Kit Kat Birthday Cake candy bar:
    Kit Kat tried to capture the essence of a birthday celebration with its Birthday Cake candy bar. However, for some consumers, the flavor fell short of expectations. While the sprinkles added a festive touch, the overall flavor was described as having a chemical or overly sweet quality. While some people may enjoy this flavor, it did not resonate with everyone, especially younger candy lovers.

In conclusion:

Easter 2020 brought a mix of delightful surprises and disappointing misses in the realm of new Easter treats. Reese’s stole the show with its delicious peanut butter creations, while Kit Kat impressed with its refreshing Lemon Crisps. On the other hand, Peeps’ new flavors were polarizing, and Kit Kat’s Birthday Cake candy bar failed to win over all sweet-toothes.
As with any subjective matter, taste preferences can vary, and it’s always worth trying new candies to form your own opinion. Whether you choose the best or worst new Easter candies of 2020, one thing remains certain: Easter is a time to indulge in candy and create lasting memories with loved ones. So go ahead and explore the world of Easter candy, discover your personal favorites and maybe even find some hidden gems along the way. Happy Easter and enjoy!


What were some of the standout new Easter candies in 2020?

Some of the standout new Easter candies in 2020 included Reese’s Pieces Shake and Break Egg, Reese’s Peanut Butter Cream Egg, Kit Kat Lemon Crisps and Fruit Loops White Chocolate Bunny.

Why were these candies considered the best?

These candies were chosen as the best because of their delicious flavor combinations, high-quality ingredients, and positive reviews from candy lovers.

What were the worst new Easter candies of 2020?

The worst new Easter candies in 2020 included new Peeps flavors such as Chocolate Pudding, Root Beer Float, Fruit Loops, Hot Tamales fiery cinnamon, and Raspberry dipped in Cream-flavored fudge. In addition, Kit Kat’s Birthday Cake candy bar received mixed reviews.

What made these candies the worst?

These candies were considered the worst because of unfavorable flavor combinations, overpowering flavors, or artificial and overly sweet qualities reported by consumers and candy reviewers.

Are taste preferences subjective when it comes to Easter candy?

Yes, taste preferences can vary from person to person. While some may enjoy certain flavors or combinations, others may have different preferences. It’s always a good idea to try new candies and see what you like best.

Should I try these candies despite their ratings?

Absolutely! Candy tastes are subjective, and what one person may not like may be great for another. It’s worth exploring and trying different candies to discover your personal favorites. Who knows, you might find a hidden gem among the best and worst Easter candies of 2020!

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