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Why The Queen Banned Square Sandwiches: Unveiling the Royal Tradition

Why the Queen never eats square sandwiches

The royal rules of eating

Cooking for the royal family is no easy task. Not only is there the monumental task of preparing a meal “fit for a queen” on a daily basis, but there is also a long list of rules to follow. In fact, what Queen Elizabeth actually eats (and doesn’t eat) in a day may be subject to them. Let’s explore some of the Queen’s fascinating eating habits.

Garlic, onions and bananas

The halitosis-causing garlic and its cousin, the onion, are a big no-no in the queen’s diet. These pungent ingredients are avoided to keep her breath fresh and pleasant. In addition, when dining alone, Queen Elizabeth avoids eating pasta, potatoes or rice. Instead, she prefers a more refined and controlled meal. Interestingly, she even eats her bananas with cutlery, demonstrating her adherence to proper etiquette. It’s the little things that make for a royal dining experience.

Favorite delicacies

According to former royal chef Darren McGrady, Queen Elizabeth II has her own preferences when it comes to food. She is known to enjoy Earl Grey tea, Special K cereal, “grilled Dover sole” and dark chocolate. However, there are also certain restrictions in place to ensure the safety of the royal family. The Queen and her relatives are forbidden from eating rare meats and shellfish in general, as these can pose a risk of food poisoning and stomach upset. These precautions are taken to ensure the well-being of the Royal Household.

The art of royal sandwiches

Even a simple sandwich is not exempt from the rules and regulations that govern royal dining. The way royals eat their ham and Swiss, egg salad, or peanut butter and jelly sandwiches is governed by a centuries-old rule that no one would dare break. So what makes a royal sandwich different from the one at your local deli?

Shape Matters

Former royal chef McGrady revealed that Queen Elizabeth loves salmon or cucumber sandwiches. However, the shape of these sandwiches is strictly regulated. While the general public is free to cut their sandwiches into rectangular or triangular halves, the royals can only have theirs one way. And it has nothing to do with personal preference. The sandwiches served to the royal family must be rounded, without even a hint of a point.

Avoid treasonous acts

Historically, serving the monarch anything with a dot on it was seen as a symbol of attempting to overthrow the throne. This tradition continues to this day, and royal sandwiches are prepared with the utmost care to ensure that no corners or points are left intact. A traditional sandwich cut into four equal squares could spell disaster for the royal cook presenting it. It’s fascinating to discover how something as seemingly insignificant as the shape of a sandwich has such historical significance in the royal household.

In conclusion

The Royal Family’s eating habits are steeped in tradition and strict adherence to rules. From avoiding certain ingredients to following specific guidelines for making sandwiches, every aspect of their meals is carefully curated. The Queen’s preference for round sandwiches reflects the deep-rooted historical significance associated with the shape. So the next time you enjoy a sandwich, remember that even the simplest of foods can carry a rich tapestry of tradition and meaning.


Why does Queen Elizabeth avoid eating square sandwiches?

Queen Elizabeth avoids eating square sandwiches because of a centuries-old royal tradition that prohibits the monarch from being served anything with a dot on it. This tradition symbolizes loyalty to the throne and ensures that no one will attempt to overthrow it.

Can members of the public cut their sandwiches into squares?

Yes, the general public is free to cut their sandwiches into squares, rectangles, or triangles according to their personal preference. The restriction on square sandwiches applies specifically to the Royal Family.

What shape are the sandwiches served to the Royal Family?

The sandwiches served to the Royal Family are rounded with no corners or tips. This ensures that the sandwiches are in keeping with tradition and do not carry any symbolic meaning of potential treason.

Are there any other dietary restrictions for the Royal Family?

Yes, there are several dietary restrictions for the Royal Family. Queen Elizabeth avoids garlic, onions, pasta, potatoes, rice, rare meats and shellfish. These restrictions are in place to keep her breath fresh, maintain a refined dining experience, and prevent food-related illnesses.

Are there any other unique eating rules for the royal family?

Yes, the Royal Family has several unique eating rules. Queen Elizabeth eats her bananas with cutlery, and the Royals are forbidden from eating rare meats and shellfish to avoid food poisoning. These rules help maintain proper etiquette and ensure the well-being of the royal household.

What other dietary preferences does Queen Elizabeth have?

Queen Elizabeth is known to enjoy Earl Grey tea, Special K cereal, grilled Dover sole and dark chocolate. These preferences, along with restrictions, provide insight into the Queen’s personal tastes and the careful curation of her meals.

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