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The Resurgence of the Forgotten Ivana Trump Arby’s Commercial

The forgotten Ivana Trump Arby’s commercial: A Blast from the Past

When it comes to celebrities and their iconic moments, there are certain commercials that stand out in our memories. However, some commercials may have faded into obscurity over the years, only to resurface unexpectedly. One such commercial is Ivana Trump’s 1998 Arby’s ad promoting the fast-food chain’s winter tulip stemware collection.

Ivana Trump: A 90’s Icon

Ivana Trump, the former wife of President Donald Trump, was at the height of her celebrity status in the 1990s. Following her divorce in 1992, she became a prominent media figure and established brand partnerships. While much of the coverage revolved around her messy divorce, Ivana Trump became an inspiration to divorced women worldwide, embracing her new identity and even making appearances on the big screen.
One notable cameo was in the iconic 1996 film “The First Wives Club,” in which Ivana Trump played a memorable role. Her screen presence and personal brand catapulted her into the spotlight, and she continued to make waves throughout the decade.

The Resurrection of Ivana Trump’s Past

With the recent passing of Ivana Trump, her past screen appearances have resurfaced in the news and on the Internet. Among these forgotten gems is the 1998 Arby’s commercial that has once again captured the attention of viewers.

Arby’s Winter Tulip Stemware Collection

In the Arby’s commercial, Ivana Trump begins by playfully referencing her former marriage to Donald Trump, a move she often made in the 90s. She says, “You don’t have to be married to a millionaire to entertain in style this holiday season. This sets the stage for the promotion of Arby’s winter tulip stemware collection.
The stemware featured tulip-shaped bowls, 22-karat gold rims and intricate designs of winter trees. It was a unique and elegant addition to any holiday table. While today Arby’s offers seasonal merchandise online, such as bathing suits featuring its famous Beef n’ Cheddar sandwiches, in 1998 the Winter Tulip stemware collection could only be purchased for 99 cents with the purchase of a soft drink.

Vintage Collectibles

Fast forward to the present day, and these Arby’s glasses have become coveted vintage collectibles. If you’re in the market for these unique drinking glasses, you can find them on sites like eBay. Be prepared to pay a higher price, however, as they are now considered collectibles and can range from around $15 or more.
As Ivana Trump aptly said in the commercial, “You get the gold and you don’t need a husband.” The sentiment behind her words still rings true today, as the Arby’s commercial serves as a nostalgic reminder of a bygone era and the enduring appeal of vintage collectibles.

Bottom Line

The 1998 Ivana Trump Arby’s commercial is a reminder of a time when celebrities were larger than life and their appearances in advertisements made a lasting impression. This particular ad, featuring Ivana Trump promoting Arby’s Winter Tulip stemware collection, has resurfaced and reignited interest in the unique and elegant glassware.
Whether you remember this ad or are discovering it for the first time, it serves as a testament to Ivana Trump’s iconic status in the ’90s and the enduring appeal of vintage collectibles. So the next time you come across a forgotten piece of advertising history, take a moment to reflect on the nostalgia and cultural significance it holds.


What is the Ivana Trump Arby’s commercial?

The Ivana Trump Arby’s commercial is a commercial featuring Ivana Trump, former wife of President Donald Trump, endorsing Arby’s winter tulip stemware collection.

When was the commercial released?

The commercial was released in 1998 during the holiday season.

Why is the commercial considered forgotten?

The commercial is considered forgotten because it resurfaced after many years and caught the attention of viewers who may have overlooked or forgotten its existence.

What does Ivana Trump say in the spot?

Ivana Trump begins the commercial with a playful reference to her former marriage to Donald Trump, saying, “You don’t have to be married to a millionaire to entertain in style during the holidays. She goes on to describe the features of Arby’s winter tulip stemware collection.

Where can I find the vintage Arby’s glasses featured in the commercial?

The vintage Arby’s glasses can be found on online platforms such as eBay. However, since they are now considered collectibles, they may sell for more than their original cost.

What is the significance of the commercial?

The ad serves as a nostalgic reminder of Ivana Trump’s celebrity status in the ’90s and the enduring appeal of vintage collectibles. It also highlights the cultural significance of advertisements featuring celebrities.

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