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Breaking the Mold: Richard Blais Challenges the Steak Rule

The Steak Rule Richard Blais Doesn’t Care About

If you’re a steak lover, you’ve probably heard countless debates about the best way to cook a steak. Medium-rare is often touted as the ideal temperature, with chefs and home cooks alike insisting that any other level of doneness risks sacrificing the meat’s juicy flavor. Celebrity chef Richard Blais, however, has a different perspective. In his kitchen, the temperature rules for certain cuts of steak don’t apply. Let’s dive into the fascinating world of Richard Blais and his unconventional approach to steak.

Richard Blais: A culinary trailblazer

Richard Blais is a renowned chef who has made a name for himself through his appearances on popular cooking shows such as Iron Chef America, Top Chef, and Chopped All-Stars. Blais’ impressive culinary skills and innovative techniques have earned him recognition and accolades in the culinary industry. He is also the founder of Trail Blais, an Atlanta-based restaurant consulting firm.

Ember & Rye: A Steakhouse with a Difference

One of Blais’ notable ventures is Ember & Rye, a steakhouse that has quickly made its mark on the dining scene. Described as “not your parents’ country club meets modern steakhouse,” Ember & Rye offers a unique and elegant dining experience. The menu features a variety of dishes including caviar and pancakes, scotch eggs, beef tartare, and of course, an impressive selection of steaks.

The Thor’s Hammer Cut: A star in its own right

Among the various cuts of steak offered at Ember & Rye, the $94 Thor’s Hammer Cut stands out. This particular cut is a 14-day dry-aged Flannery beef steak that has captured the attention of steak enthusiasts. What makes it even more intriguing is Blais’ stance on how customers order it. Contrary to traditional steakhouse rules, Blais doesn’t judge diners who prefer their steak cooked to medium-well. He believes in prioritizing customer satisfaction and creating an enjoyable dining experience.

No judgment, just happiness

Blais’ philosophy at Ember & Rye is simple: “We just want to make people happy.” In a world where steak lovers are often scrutinized for their preferred level of doneness, Blais offers a refreshing approach. At his steakhouse, diners can rest assured that they won’t be judged for their personal preferences. Whether you prefer a medium-rare steak or a well-done cut, Ember & Rye welcomes you with open arms.

Embrace the freedom of choice

Richard Blais’ unique approach challenges traditional notions of how steak should be cooked and enjoyed. While there will always be debate about the perfect temperature for each cut of steak and whether to use sauce, Blais encourages freedom of choice. His focus is on creating an atmosphere where diners can relax, enjoy their meal and have a memorable experience.

Bottom line

Richard Blais’ disregard for traditional steak rules has sparked intrigue and admiration among food enthusiasts. Ember & Rye, his unconventional steakhouse, offers a refreshing departure from the norm. Blais prioritizes customer satisfaction and strives to make people happy through his culinary creations. So whether you prefer your steak rare, medium or well-done, remember that at Ember & Rye, your choice is celebrated. Visit Blais’ steakhouse and embark on a culinary adventure where judgment takes a back seat to pleasure.


What is the traditional steak rule that Richard Blais doesn’t care about?

The traditional steak rule that Richard Blais doesn’t care about is the insistence on cooking steaks to medium-rare.

Why do chefs and home cooks insist on medium-rare steaks?

Chefs and home cooks often advocate for medium-rare steaks because they believe it preserves the juiciness and flavor of the meat.

What makes Richard Blais different in his approach to cooking steaks?

Richard Blais takes a unique stance by ignoring the traditional steak rule and accepting different levels of doneness based on customer preference.

What is Ember & Rye and why is it important?

Ember & Rye is Richard Blais’ steakhouse known for its innovative and modern take on the traditional steakhouse concept. It is significant because it offers a dining experience where customers are not judged by their steak preferences.

What is the Thor’s Hammer cut and why is it noteworthy?

The Thor’s Hammer Cut is a 14-day dry-aged Flannery beef steak offered at Ember & Rye. It’s noteworthy because it became a star dish that Richard Blais featured in his Instagram post, highlighting his acceptance of varying degrees of doneness.

What is Richard Blais’ main goal at Ember & Rye?

Richard Blais’ main goal at Ember & Rye is to prioritize customer satisfaction and create an enjoyable dining experience free from judgment about steak preferences.

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