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Quench Your Thirst: A Definitive Ranking of 12 Flavored Water Brands

12 flavored water brands, ranked from worst to best

Whether you’re new to the flavored water lifestyle or you’ve been sipping infused H20 for years, there’s no denying that flavored water (especially the sparkling variety) has taken the nation by storm.
Drinking plenty of water is an incredibly important – and often overlooked – way to stay healthy. Fortunately, flavored water seems to be encouraging consumers to enhance their hydration with fun flavors, without the numerous negative health effects of sugary sodas (via Healthline). As flavored waters continue to dominate the beverage aisle at the grocery store, it’s easy to feel overwhelmed by all the different choices out there. In fact, it seems like every few months there’s a new, cleverly packaged brand of water that boasts a unique ingredient formula and an array of supposed health benefits.
No matter what, there’s one thing that’s most important when it comes to choosing the best flavored waters-the taste! We’re here to help you navigate some of the many trendy water brands out there, and tell you which of the most prominent ones offer the best-tasting products. These are popular flavored water brands, ranked from worst to best.

12. JUST Water

You may have heard of JUST Water, but did you know that there’s a familiar name behind their products? The company is owned by none other than Jaden Smith, actor, musician and, of course, son of Will Smith. After learning about the massive amounts of plastic polluting our oceans, Jaden began planning the eco-conscious water company when he was just 11 years old, according to an interview with Food & Wine.
If we were to rank flavored waters based solely on nutrition and environmental impact, JUST Water would certainly be higher on the list. Their natural spring water products are sustainably packaged, even going so far as to use plant-based plastic for their water bottles. Unfortunately, JUST Water’s impressive mission and nutritional label are much better than the actual taste of the product.
When creating their infused waters, JUST set out to make the products light and natural, “as if you dropped a piece of fruit or a mint leaf into the carton on your own,” according to their website. In practice, these flavors taste a little artificial. With fewer flavor options than other water brands and an underwhelming taste, JUST still isn’t the best choice if you’re specifically looking for a flavorful, bold product.

11. Tip

Hint has been around since 2004 and has been gaining traction in recent years. The fruit-infused water brand was born out of founder Kara Goldin’s dissatisfaction with the copious amounts of sugar and added preservatives in many flavored waters. Since its inception, the company has ventured beyond water and now sells personal care products such as sunscreen, hand sanitizer and deodorant.
Offering both still and sparkling waters, Hint is certainly not lacking in variety and flavor options. They’ve got the classics like strawberry kiwi, blackberry and lemon, among others. The watermelon flavor is pleasantly sweet and refreshing, and complementary combinations like mango-grapefruit do an excellent job of combining sweet and tart. In general, however, Hint water’s flavor borders on being too subtle and isn’t as satisfying as some other popular flavored water brands.
A review by Mr. Water Geek noted that Hint lives up to its name, offering only the tiniest hint of flavor. “If you’re expecting a regular flavored water that’s bursting with sweetness – you’ll be very disappointed,” they wrote.

10. Bai

Bai drinks all contain a signature ingredient – coffee fruit, or more specifically, the fruit surrounding the coffee bean, according to the company’s website. Their antioxidant drinks, ranging from sodas to teas to sparkling water, are popular with those looking to boost their vitamin C levels.
Their flavored waters are a real hit or miss, depending on the drink you choose. Bai’s flavor offerings tend toward bolder fruits like clementine, mango, and dragon fruit. Bai’s Dragonfruit drink is one of the better options available, and actually tastes quite similar to the sweet Strawberry Kiwi drink. Because most of their flavors are so intense, we’d recommend skipping Bai if you’re looking for a more subtle flavor profile.
While Bai is a great brand for those looking to increase their antioxidant intake, it’s definitely not the best overall choice when it comes to flavored water brands. There is also some added sugar in the drinks, although it only amounts to about one gram per bottle. Still, if you’re vehemently avoiding sugar (arguably a pretty common motivation among people who choose to drink flavored water), Bai may not be for you.

9. Nestle Splash

Well, here’s a flavored water brand you might not have heard of unless you’re really up on flavored water news. As the largest food and beverage company in the world, it’s not surprising that Nestle offers non-carbonated flavored water among its many other products. Nestle Splash uses natural fruit flavors to enhance the taste of their water.
Nestle Splash offers a decent variety of flavors, including lemon, tangerine, and wild berry. The flavors are subtle and refreshing without being overpowering. However, some consumers have noted that the flavor can be a bit artificial and lacks depth compared to other brands.
One benefit of Nestle Splash is its wide availability. You can often find it in most grocery stores, making it a convenient option for those who want to try flavored water without having to search too hard. It’s also a great choice for those who prefer non-carbonated beverages.
While Nestle Splash may not be the most exciting or innovative flavored water brand on the market, it offers a reliable and accessible option for those looking to add a touch of flavor to their hydration routine.

8. Spindrift

Spindrift takes a unique approach to flavored water by using real fruit juice as its primary flavoring agent. The brand prides itself on using only simple and natural ingredients, with no artificial sweeteners or flavors.
One of the things that sets Spindrift apart is the clarity and authenticity of its flavors. You can taste the real fruit juice in every sip, giving the water a vibrant and refreshing taste. Popular flavors include Raspberry Lime, Strawberry and Grapefruit.
Spindrift’s commitment to using real fruit juice comes with a trade-off, as the water can be slightly higher in calories than other flavored water brands. However, if you value the taste of real fruit and don’t mind the minimal calorie content, Spindrift is a great choice.
The brand’s commitment to transparency and simplicity sets it apart from the competition. If you’re looking for a flavored water that delivers a real and natural fruit experience, Spindrift is worth a try.

7. LaCroix

LaCroix has gained a huge following in recent years with its distinctive slim cans and wide range of flavors. The brand prides itself on offering a healthier alternative to sugary sodas, with zero calories, zero sweeteners and zero sodium.
LaCroix flavors are subtle and refreshing with options such as lime, grapefruit and passion fruit. The taste is more about the essence of the fruit rather than an overpowering flavor, making it a popular choice for those who prefer a milder taste.
One of LaCroix’s main selling points is its versatility. The flavored sparkling water can be enjoyed on its own, used as a mixer in cocktails, or even incorporated into various recipes. It’s a versatile beverage option that allows for creativity and experimentation.
While some people find the taste of LaCroix to be an acquired taste, it has undoubtedly carved out a niche in the flavored water market. If you’re looking for a healthier alternative to sugary sodas with a wide range of flavors to choose from, LaCroix is a solid choice.

6. Perrier

Perrier is a well-known and established brand in the sparkling water industry. Originating in France, it has become synonymous with elegance and sophistication.
What sets Perrier apart is its natural carbonation process, which creates a unique effervescence that enhances the drinking experience. The brand offers a range of flavors including lime, strawberry and watermelon, all of which have a crisp and refreshing taste.
Perrier’s flavors are subtle but distinct, allowing the natural essence of the fruit to shine through. The carbonation adds a delightful effervescence that makes every sip a pleasure.
In addition to its flavored options, Perrier also offers a classic sparkling water that is perfect for those who prefer a pure and unadulterated taste.
Whether sipped on its own or used as a mixer in cocktails, Perrier offers a sophisticated and refreshing drinking experience that’s sure to impress.

5. Vita Coco Sparkling

Vita Coco Sparkling is a brand that combines the tropical goodness of coconut water with sparkling bubbles. It offers a unique twist on flavored water by infusing it with the natural sweetness of coconut.
The flavors of Vita Coco Sparkling are tropical and vibrant with options such as pineapple passion fruit, grapefruit and raspberry lime. The coconut water base provides a refreshing and hydrating element, while the bubbles add a playful effervescence.
One of the benefits of Vita Coco Sparkling is its natural sweetness. The brand uses no added sugar or artificial sweeteners, allowing the natural flavors to shine through. It’s a healthier alternative to sugary sodas that still satisfies your craving for a flavorful beverage.
Vita Coco Sparkling is a great option for those who enjoy the taste of coconut and want to add a tropical twist to their hydration routine.

4. Polar Seltzer

Polar Seltzer is a popular brand known for its wide variety of flavors and commitment to health.


Flavored water brands are ranked based on taste, flavor variety, overall quality, consumer satisfaction and popularity.

Is the ranking based on taste alone?

No, the ranking takes into account several factors including taste, flavor options, nutritional value, availability and overall consumer experience.

Are the rankings subjective or based on scientific research?

The rankings are subjective and based on the author’s opinion and research. However, they take into account a combination of factors to provide an informed assessment of flavored water brands.

Are these brands widely available?

Most of the brands included in the ranking are widely available in grocery and beverage stores. However, availability may vary by region.

Are these flavored waters a healthier alternative to sugary sodas?

Flavored waters are generally a healthier alternative to sugary sodas because they are often low in calories and have little or no added sugar. However, it’s important to check the label for specific nutritional information to make an informed choice.

Can these flavored water brands be used as a mixer in cocktails?

Yes, many of these brands, especially the sparkling flavored waters, can be used as mixers in cocktails to add a refreshing twist. Experimenting with different flavors and combinations can lead to unique and enjoyable drink creations.

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