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Rediscovering the Unforgettable: The Elton John Pepsi Ad You Probably Forgot About

The Elton John Pepsi commercial you probably forgot: An unforgettable Super Bowl commercial

The Super Bowl is known not only for its thrilling sports action, but also for its highly anticipated commercials. Each year, companies spend exorbitant amounts of money to capture the attention of the nearly 100 million viewers who tune in. One such commercial that left a lasting impression was Pepsi’s 2012 creation featuring legendary musician Elton John and rising star Melanie Amaro.

The concept: A musical showdown

In this iconic Super Bowl spot, Elton John takes on the role of a regal king presiding over a medieval-style musical competition. Dressed in extravagant garb and seated on a throne, John boldly judges the performances of various contestants. Those deemed unworthy of a can of Pepsi are dramatically eliminated through a trap door, adding an element of surprise and entertainment.

Melanie Amaro: A Rising Star

One of the standout performers in the spot is Melanie Amaro, whose talent was recognized on the reality TV show The X Factor. Amaro’s powerful rendition of Aretha Franklin’s classic hit “Respect” wows Elton John and the audience. Her impressive vocal skills and commanding stage presence make her a deserving recipient of a refreshing can of Pepsi.

Elton John’s platform shoes and Flavor Flav’s surprise appearance.

Eagle-eyed viewers of the commercial have noticed some interesting details. Elton John’s platform shoes, known for their towering height, have become a topic of discussion among fans. These striking footwear choices add a touch of flamboyance to his regal character.
In a surprising twist, rapper Flavor Flav makes a cameo appearance in the ad, delighting fans with his unexpected presence. This unexpected collaboration adds an extra layer of excitement to an already memorable ad.

A Playful Rivalry: Elton John vs. Madonna

At the time of the Pepsi commercial’s release, there was a playful rivalry between Elton John and fellow pop icon Madonna, who was also scheduled to perform at the same Super Bowl game. Elton John took the opportunity to subtly tease Madonna, advising her to “make sure you lip-sync good” in the days leading up to her performance. This playful banter added an extra layer of intrigue and anticipation to the commercial and the game itself.

Elton John: A Legend in Advertising

The Pepsi commercial is just one example of Elton John’s involvement in food and beverage advertising. Throughout his illustrious career, the music legend has lent his talent and star power to promote a variety of brands. From Diet Coke to Snickers to Uber Eats, Elton John’s collaborations with these companies have not only showcased his versatility, but also added a touch of entertainment to their marketing campaigns.

The enduring legacy of the Pepsi commercial

The 2012 Pepsi commercial featuring Elton John and Melanie Amaro has left an indelible mark in the realm of Super Bowl advertising. Its memorable characters, captivating performances, and playful rivalry between Elton John and Madonna have made it a commercial that viewers have fondly remembered for years.
Despite the passage of time, the commercial’s impact is still felt today. Online platforms such as YouTube have allowed viewers to revisit the spot and appreciate its entertainment value. Fans continue to praise Melanie Amaro’s talent and discuss the surprise appearances and intricate details that make the commercial a true standout.
As the Super Bowl continues to be a platform for advertising creativity, the 2012 Pepsi commercial serves as a reminder of the power of compelling storytelling, memorable characters and the enduring legacy of legendary musicians like Elton John.


When was the Elton John Pepsi commercial released?

The Elton John Pepsi commercial was released during the 2012 Super Bowl.

Who was the main star of the Pepsi commercial?

The main star of the Pepsi commercial was legendary musician Elton John.

What song did Melanie Amaro cover in the commercial?

Melanie Amaro covered Aretha Franklin’s iconic song “Respect” in the commercial.

How did Elton John’s character judge the music contest?

Elton John’s character judged the music competition in a regal and flamboyant manner, eliminating contestants through a trap door if he deemed them unworthy of a can of Pepsi.

Was there a rivalry between Elton John and Madonna at the time?

Yes, there was a playful rivalry between Elton John and Madonna at the time of the Pepsi commercial. Elton John had made a playful comment to Madonna about her lip-syncing before her performance at the same Super Bowl game.

What other brands has Elton John endorsed?

In addition to Pepsi, Elton John has endorsed brands such as Diet Coke, Snickers and Uber Eats in various campaigns throughout his career.

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