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Gordon Ramsay’s Reaction to TikTok’s Taki Steak Sparks Controversy

Gordon Ramsay appalled by TikTok’s Taki Steak

Foul-mouthed celebrity chef, television host, author and restaurateur Gordon Ramsay is a certified icon. Host and judge of legendary, high-stakes cooking competitions such as “Hell’s Kitchen,” “Master Chef,” and “Kitchen Nightmares,” Ramsay is the overlord of competitive cooking. Known for his frequent F-bombs and unflinching on-screen critiques, the fiery chef brought his temperament to TikTok in 2020. Since then, the chef has amassed a cool 35.6 million followers and a cumulative 566.6 million likes on the video-sharing social media platform.
From cooking tips and kitchen hacks to throwback clips, Ramsay’s most viral installment on TikTok is his self-titled #RamsayReacts series, in which he responds to other creators’ outlandish cooking. To no one’s surprise, he’s rarely satisfied. In one video, Ramsay reacted to a TikTok chef who cooked a steak covered in Blue Heat Takis, and it’s safe to say he was less than thrilled with the result – go figure.

Ramsay called the taki steak “cheesy.

There’s nothing wrong with adding a little texture to a steak-a panko-crusted filet sounds heavenly. But according to Gordon Ramsay, a blue Taki-crusted steak is just plain tacky. In the viral video, Ramsay duets with viral creator @Andyslife247, whose culinary repertoire is filled with colorful, over-the-top, sugary recipes. Although Andy has over 2 million followers, the creator’s dishes aren’t exactly Gordon Ramsay-approved.
The video follows Andy as he grills a steak on a cast-iron skillet in what Ramsay seems to think is way too much butter. Ramsay goes on to call the recipe “disgusting” and condemns his blue complexion, begging the creator to stop and barking “NO!”
But Ramsay’s disapproving reaction didn’t stop Andy from racking up 103,000 likes on the original video. And while it’s not up to Gordon Ramsay’s standards, the blue taki steak would fit right in with a Dr. Seuss story. To each his own!
In the world of cooking, there are countless debates and discussions about what makes a good dish. Different chefs have their own preferences, techniques, and standards. Gordon Ramsay is known for his impeccable culinary skills and high standards when it comes to food. So when he expressed his horror at a TikTok video featuring a Taki-crusted steak, it sparked a lot of attention and debate among food enthusiasts.

Gordon Ramsay’s viral TikTok response

Gordon Ramsay’s TikTok presence has gained immense popularity, with millions of followers eagerly awaiting his reactions to various cooking videos. In his self-titled #RamsayReacts series, Ramsay watches and comments on the cooking skills and creations of other TikTok users. The series showcases Ramsay’s unfiltered and often blunt critique, making it both entertaining and educational for viewers.
One particular TikTok video caught Ramsay’s attention and left him horrified. The video featured TikTok user @Andyslife247, who decided to experiment with a steak by coating it with crushed Blue Heat Takis. Andy’s cooking style is known for its over-the-top and unconventional approach, which often results in visually striking but controversial dishes.
In the video, Andy grills the steak on a cast-iron skillet, using plenty of butter for cooking. As the steak cooks, Ramsay’s displeasure becomes clear. He describes the dish as “disgusting” and expresses his disdain for the blue color of the taki crust. Ramsay’s reaction is intense, pleading with the chef to stop and shouting a firm “NO!”

The controversy and public reaction

As with any viral video, the Taki-crusted steak TikTok garnered a lot of attention and sparked a heated debate among viewers. Some defended Andy’s creativity and applauded his willingness to push culinary boundaries. They argued that food should be an expression of individuality and experimentation, even if it doesn’t conform to traditional standards.
On the other hand, many agreed with Gordon Ramsay’s critique, emphasizing the importance of taste, balance, and respect for ingredients. They argued that while experimentation is encouraged, it should be rooted in a fundamental understanding of flavors and cooking techniques.
Despite Ramsay’s disapproval, the TikTok video of the Taki-crusted steak received over 100,000 likes, demonstrating the diversity of opinion within the online food community. It serves as a reminder that taste is subjective, and what one person finds appalling may be fascinating to another.

The role of personal taste in cooking

Gordon Ramsay’s reaction to the Taki-crusted steak brings up an important aspect of cooking: personal preference. Chefs and food lovers alike have their own tastes and standards when it comes to food. While there are certain culinary principles and techniques that are widely accepted, there is also room for creativity and individual interpretation.
The beauty of cooking lies in its versatility and the ability to experiment with different flavors, textures, and presentations. Some chefs may prefer classic and refined dishes, while others may enjoy pushing boundaries and exploring new combinations. Both approaches have their merits and can lead to exciting culinary discoveries.
It’s important to remember that taste is subjective. What one person finds delicious may be disliked by another. Gordon Ramsay’s reaction to the Taki-crusted steak reflects his personal taste and the standards he has developed throughout his culinary career. While his opinion carries weight and expertise, it should not discourage others from exploring their own culinary journeys and embracing their unique styles.

Food as an expression of creativity

The world of cooking is full of creativity and innovation. Chefs are constantly seeking new ways to surprise and delight their guests, often by pushing the boundaries of traditional techniques and flavors. This creative expression extends beyond the professional kitchen and into the homes of everyday cooks, as showcased on platforms like TikTok.
Andy, the creator of the Taki-crusted steak video, exemplifies this spirit of culinary creativity. While his approach may not conform to traditional standards or meet the approval of Gordon Ramsay, it represents an exploration of flavors, textures and visual appeal. Andy’s dish may not be for everyone, but it will undoubtedly spark conversation and encourage others to think outside the box when it comes to cooking.

The importance of balance and technique

While culinary experimentation is encouraged, it’s important to maintain balance and an understanding of basic cooking principles. Flavor, texture, and presentation should all work together harmoniously to create an enjoyable dining experience. A dish that is visually stunning but lacks flavor or proper cooking technique may fall short of expectations.
Gordon Ramsay’s critique of the Taki-crusted steak highlights the importance of honing one’s cooking skills and understanding the impact of different ingredients and techniques. It serves as a reminder that while creativity is essential, it should be complemented by a solid foundation of culinary knowledge.

The Diversity of the Food Community

The response to the Taki-crusted steak video demonstrates the enormous diversity within the food community. People have different tastes, preferences and opinions when it comes to food. What one person may consider a culinary masterpiece may be dismissed by another.
It’s this diversity that makes the food community so vibrant and exciting. It allows for the exchange of ideas, the celebration of different cultural cuisines, and the exploration of new flavors and techniques. The Taki-crusted steak video, despite the controversy it sparked, serves as a reminder that there is no one-size-fits-all approach to cooking and that diversity should be embraced and celebrated.

Bottom line

Gordon Ramsay’s horrified reaction to the Taki-crusted steak on TikTok sparked a debate within the food community. It brought to the forefront the importance of personal preference, creativity, balance, technique and diversity of opinion in the culinary world.
Cooking is a subjective art form that allows individuals to express their creativity and explore new flavors. While renowned chefs like Gordon Ramsay have established standards and expertise, it’s important to remember that taste is subjective and there is room for different approaches and interpretations.
The Taki-crusted steak video is a testament to the ever-evolving nature of cooking and the power of social media to spark conversations about food. Whether you agree with Ramsay’s criticism or appreciate Andy’s creative audacity, the video reminds us that food is not only about sustenance, but also about expression, exploration, and the joy of sharing culinary experiences.


TikTok’s Taki Steak refers to a viral cooking video on the social media platform TikTok in which a user named @Andyslife247 cooked a steak covered in crushed Blue Heat Takis chips.

Why was Gordon Ramsay horrified by the Taki Steak?

Gordon Ramsay was horrified by the Taki Steak because he found the combination of a blue Taki crust on a steak to be tacky and unappetizing. He expressed his disgust and disapproval in a TikTok reaction video.

What did Gordon Ramsay have to say about Taki Steak?

Gordon Ramsay called the Taki Steak “disgusting” and asked the creator to stop cooking it. He expressed his strong dislike for the blue color of the Taki crust and criticized the excessive use of butter in the cooking process.

How did the public react to Gordon Ramsay’s criticism?

Public reaction to Gordon Ramsay’s Taki Steak review was mixed. Some defended the creator’s creativity and applauded his willingness to experiment with unconventional flavors and techniques. Others agreed with Ramsay’s criticism, emphasizing the importance of balance, flavor, and respect for traditional cooking standards.

Did the Taki Steak TikTok video gain popularity despite Gordon Ramsay’s disapproval?

Yes, despite Gordon Ramsay’s disapproval, the TikTok video featuring the Taki Steak gained significant traction and over 100,000 likes. The video sparked a heated debate among viewers, demonstrating the diversity of opinion within the online food community.

What does Gordon Ramsay’s reaction to Taki Steak say about personal preference in cooking?

Gordon Ramsay’s reaction to the Taki Steak highlights the subjective nature of personal preference in cooking. Chefs and food lovers have their own tastes, standards, and culinary backgrounds. While Ramsay’s opinion carries weight and expertise, it should not discourage others from exploring their own culinary journeys and embracing their unique styles.

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