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The Whole Shabang: The Infamous Chips That Broke Free from Prison

The infamous chips that used to be sold only in prison

Prison food has long been associated with being barely edible, often ranking alongside hospital and elementary school cafeteria food in terms of its lackluster quality. While hospital stays are usually short and elementary school meals are consumed only a few times a week, prison inmates have no choice but to rely on the mess hall for their daily sustenance. Amidst the bleakness of prison cuisine, however, there was one ray of hope for inmates: weekly trips to the commissary.
At the commissary, inmates with money in their accounts, whether from friends and relatives or from meager prison wages, could treat themselves to snacks. It was here that a brand of chips called The Whole Shabang gained popularity among the incarcerated population. These chips, known for their unique blend of barbecue, garlic, onion, salt and vinegar, and other flavors, became a ray of sunshine in an otherwise bleak prison existence.
The Whole Shabang chips were so popular with prisoners that there were even message boards and Facebook fan pages dedicated to breaking them out from behind bars. Eventually, in response to overwhelming demand, Moon Lodge, the company that makes the chips, made them available through its own website in 2016. Today, they can also be purchased on Amazon, expanding their accessibility beyond prison walls.
The taste of these jail-broken chips has been described as a delightful combination of sweet, vinegary barbecue flavors that make your taste buds do somersaults with excitement. However, it is important to note that the experience of consuming these chips while incarcerated cannot be replicated for those who enjoy the freedom and disposable income to order them online. For inmates, these chips may be the only bright spot in an otherwise dismal week of eating.
The popularity of The Whole Shabang chips among inmates speaks to their unique and irresistible flavor profile. The chips have even expanded their line to include an “Extreme” version, a crispy variety, and “Extreme Crunchies” that rival the heat of Flamin’ Hot Cheetos. These chips have proven that even in the confines of a correctional facility, a simple snack can provide a moment of joy and respite from the monotony of daily life.
The availability of The Whole Shabang chips outside of prison walls has allowed individuals who have never experienced incarceration to taste and appreciate these infamous snacks. The chips have gained a cult following, with their distinctive flavor and origin story adding to their appeal. While they may have started as a niche product exclusively for inmates, The Whole Shabang chips have captured the attention and taste buds of people from all walks of life.
In conclusion, The Whole Shabang chips have transcended the confines of prison to become a popular snack among a wide range of consumers. Their journey from being sold exclusively in prison to being available for purchase online and on platforms like Amazon is a testament to their enduring appeal. Whether enjoyed by inmates seeking a momentary escape or individuals curious to taste the flavors that made these chips so infamous, The Whole Shabang has solidified its place in the snacking world as a truly unique and memorable treat.


  • The infamous chips that used to be sold only in prison – Mashed


What are The Whole Shabang Chips?

The Whole Shabang Chips are a popular brand of chips known for their unique blend of barbecue, garlic, onion, salt and vinegar, and other flavors. They gained popularity among prison inmates and have since become available for purchase outside of correctional facilities.

Why were The Whole Shabang chips only sold in prisons?

The Whole Shabang Chips were originally produced specifically for the prison population. They were a popular snack item available in prison commissaries, where inmates could use funds from their accounts to purchase snacks.

How did The Whole Shabang Chips become available outside of prison?

Due to their immense popularity among inmates, there was a growing demand for The Whole Shabang chips outside of prison walls. In response to this demand, the manufacturing company, Moon Lodge, made the chips available for purchase through their website in 2016. They can now also be found on platforms such as Amazon.

What do The Whole Shabang Chips taste like?

Whole Shabang Chips are described as a delicious combination of sweet, vinegary barbecue flavors. They provide a unique and satisfying taste experience that has earned them a loyal following.

Can anyone buy The Whole Shabang chips?

Yes, anyone can buy The Whole Shabang chips. They are no longer sold exclusively in prison, but are available for purchase online through the manufacturer’s website and platforms such as Amazon.

Are there different flavors of The Whole Shabang Chips available?

Yes, The Whole Shabang Chips have expanded their offerings to include an “Extreme” variety, a crispy variety, and “Extreme Crunchies” that provide a fiery snacking experience similar to Flamin’ Hot Cheetos. These varieties cater to different tastes and spice tolerance levels.

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