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The Sweet Tribute: How M&M’s Iconic Slogan Catered to WWII Soldiers

M&M’s Iconic Slogan: A Tribute to WWII Soldiers

When we think of M&M’s, we often associate them with their iconic slogan: “It melts in your mouth, not in your hands. These bite-sized chocolate treats, wrapped in a colorful, crunchy shell, have become a beloved candy around the world. But did you know that M&M’s were originally created with a specific purpose in mind, to meet the needs of World War II soldiers? Let’s delve into the fascinating history of M&M’s and how they became a symbol of comfort and nostalgia for wartime soldiers.

The perfect snack for soldiers

During World War II, M&M’s were introduced as a portable and energy-boosting treat for American soldiers. The ellipsoid-shaped chocolate pieces were designed with a sturdy sugar coating that could withstand extreme temperatures. This meant that no matter the searing heat or harsh conditions of the battlefield, M&M’s would retain their shape and taste. They became a reliable source of comfort for troops, reminding them of home and providing a much-needed boost to morale.

“It melts in your mouth, not in your hands.”

In 1954, M&M’s coined its famous slogan, “It melts in your mouth, not in your hands,” as a tribute to the candy’s durability and ability to withstand intense environments. This rallying cry resonated with soldiers who had experienced the practicality and convenience of M&M’s during their time in the military. The slogan became an enduring symbol of the brand’s commitment to quality and one of the most recognizable advertising slogans of all time.

From soldiers to consumers

After the war, veterans remained loyal to M&M’s, introducing their families, friends and communities to the joy of these crunchy, melt-proof candies. M&M’s popularity grew rapidly, and production expanded to meet the demands of a broader consumer base. Notably, M&M’s was one of the first candy brands to feature an identifiable trademark on individual pieces, represented by the letter “M”.

Evolution of the brand

Over the years, M&M’s has introduced different slogans to reflect changing times and consumer preferences. While the original “melts in your mouth” mantra is no longer in use, M&M’s has adopted slogans such as “All the world loves M&M’s” in the ’80s, “Candy of the Millennium” in 1998 and “There’s an M in everyone” in 2007. These slogans have further solidified the brand’s position as a beloved and universally enjoyed treat.

Continuing the legacy and beyond

Today, M&M’s remain a staple in military rations, providing soldiers with a familiar taste of home and a quick source of energy. In fact, M&M’s have even made their way into space, accompanying astronauts on missions aboard the space shuttle Columbia in 1981 and Atlantis in 2011. The enduring appeal and versatility of M&M’s continues to captivate candy lovers of all ages.
The next time you enjoy a handful of M&M’s, take a moment to appreciate the rich history behind these delicious treats. From their humble beginnings as a wartime snack to their status as a global confectionery phenomenon, M&M’s have truly stood the test of time. So indulge in the nostalgia and savor the deliciousness, knowing you’re enjoying a candy that once brought comfort and joy to those who served their country.


The iconic slogan, “It melts in your mouth, not in your hands,” has historical significance as it was originally intended for World War II soldiers. The slogan reflects the candy’s ability to withstand extreme temperatures and remain intact, making it a convenient and comforting snack for soldiers during the war.

Why were M&M’s marketed to the military during World War II?

M&M’s were marketed to the military during World War II because of their unique construction. The candy’s sugar coating provided a protective layer that allowed the chocolate to retain its shape and flavor in hot temperatures. This made M&M’s a durable and portable snack that soldiers could enjoy in a variety of climates and combat situations.

How did M&M’s become popular with soldiers?

M&M’s became popular with soldiers during World War II because of their convenience and taste. The candy provided a quick source of energy and reminded soldiers of home, offering a comforting and familiar treat during difficult times. Soldiers who enjoyed M&M’s during the war shared their love of the candy with their families and communities, contributing to its widespread popularity.

How did M&M’s affect soldiers returning from war?

M&M’s had a lasting impact on soldiers returning from war. Many veterans remained loyal to the candy and shared their love of the crunchy, melt-proof treats with their loved ones. This loyalty and word of mouth helped M&M’s expand its consumer base beyond the military and establish a strong presence in the civilian market.

Is M&M’s still associated with the military today?

Yes, M&M’s are still associated with the military. They are included in military rations, providing soldiers with a taste of home and a convenient snack option. In addition, M&M’s have even made their way into space and are enjoyed by astronauts on missions, further demonstrating their enduring connection to the military.

What other slogans have M&M’s used over the years?

While the iconic slogan “It melts in your mouth, not in your hands” is widely recognized, M&M’s has introduced several other slogans over the years. Some notable slogans include “All the world loves M&M’s” in the ’80s, “Candy of the Millennium” in 1998 and “There’s an M in everyone” in 2007. These slogans reflect the evolution of the brand and its ability to capture the attention and affection of consumers.

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