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From Worst to Best: Ranking Chain Restaurant Steak Sandwiches

Chain Restaurant Steak Sandwiches Ranked: From worst to best

The evolution of the sandwich

The modern sandwich has a rich history dating back to 18th century England. It was popularized by John Montagu, an avid gambler who demanded a portion of meat between two slices of bread during his gambling sessions. The invention of sliced bread in the 1920s further revolutionized the sandwich-making process, making it even more convenient to prepare. Today, sandwiches have become a global favorite that can be customized to fit a variety of tastes and dietary preferences. Whether it’s a classic BLT or a spicy banh mi, sandwiches can be enjoyed at any time of day, from breakfast to a late-night snack. The rise of sandwich shops and food delivery services has made it easier than ever for people to indulge in their favorite sandwich creations. Among the plethora of sandwich fillings, steak sandwiches hold a special place. When combined with gooey cheese, peppers, onions, and perhaps some grilled mushrooms, a steak sandwich becomes a delicious bite of pure beefy bliss. In this article, we will explore chain restaurant steak sandwiches and rank them from worst to best.

11. Domino’s: Philly Cheese Steak Sandwich

Domino’s takes a different approach to the classic Philly cheesesteak sandwich. While the original version, invented in Philadelphia in 1930, consisted of roast beef and grilled onions, Domino’s adds green peppers, mushrooms, provolone and American cheese to its version. Unfortunately, the feedback from customers has been mostly lukewarm. Consumers have noted that while the sandwich has a decent amount of cheese, the steak itself is noticeably lacking. Some reviewers have even described the sandwich as more akin to a pizza topping than an actual steak. With an overwhelming amount of bread and very little meat, the Domino’s Philly Cheese Steak Sandwich fails to impress.

10. What Wich: Philly Cheesesteak Sandwich

Which Wich offers a unique ordering system where customers receive a paper bag that corresponds to their desired sandwich type or one that allows them to customize their own creation. But the excitement stops when it comes to the Philly Cheesesteak sandwich. Made with sirloin steak, provolone, sauteed peppers, and caramelized onions, this sandwich has left some diners underwhelmed. Reviews mention that the sandwich is much smaller than expected, with unseasoned steak and basic ingredients. When compared to other chains’ Philly cheesesteak sandwiches, Which Wich falls short in terms of taste and quality, leaving customers disappointed.

9. Outback Steakhouse: Prime Rib Sandwich

Despite its name, Outback Steakhouse is not an Australian invention, but a chain founded in 1988 in Tampa, Florida. While the chain specializes in steaks and seafood, it does offer a prime rib sandwich on its menu. The prime rib sandwich features roasted prime rib, provolone cheese, grilled mushrooms and onions, and the chain’s spicy Bloom sauce, all on a toasted baguette. However, Outback Steakhouse’s prime rib sandwich has failed to impress steak sandwich connoisseurs. Dissatisfied diners have described the steak as resembling “dried shoe leather” and expressed disappointment with the overall presentation and flavor. The execution of the sandwich does not live up to its promising description.

8. Ruth’s Chris Steakhouse: Steak Sandwich

Ruth’s Chris Steakhouse is known for its quality steaks, and their steak sandwich seems to have all the right elements. Served on garlic bread, the sandwich features sliced filet cooked to your desired doneness and a creamy béarnaise sauce. The use of USDA prime beef, known for its abundant marbling, adds to the sandwich’s appeal. Despite Ruth’s Chris Steakhouse’s pedigree, the steak sandwich has received mixed reviews. Some diners have expressed disappointment with the appearance of the sandwich, claiming that it did not look anything like the photo on the menu. However, others have enjoyed the dish, praising the buttery garlic bread and the flavorful tenderloin. Opinions on the Ruth’s Chris Steakhouse steak sandwich vary, making it a hit or miss choice.

7. Firehouse Subs: Firehouse Steak & Cheese Sandwich

True to its name, Firehouse Subs was founded in 1994 by two firefighters. Among their beef sub offerings is the Firehouse Steak & Cheese Sandwich, which features sauteed steak. Melted provolone cheese, bell peppers, caramelized onions and mayo complete the sandwich. The Firehouse Subs steak and cheese sandwich has received mixed reviews. Some customers consider it their favorite chain and appreciate the quality despite the higher price. However, others have found the sandwich to be dry and lacking in condiments. A few customers have even compared it unfavorably to similar offerings from other chains, expressing a preference for alternatives. Overall, Firehouse Subs’ Firehouse Steak & Cheese Sandwich offers a decent option for steak sandwich enthusiasts, but it may not be everyone’s first choice.

6. Arby’s: Steak & Cheese Sandwich

Arby’s, known for its roast beef sandwiches, also has a steak and cheese sandwich on its menu. Made with thinly sliced steak, melted Swiss cheese, and a creamy Dijon spread, this sandwich is sure to satisfy steak lovers. Reviews of the Arby’s Steak & Cheese Sandwich are generally positive, with many customers appreciating the tenderness of the steak and the combination of flavors. Some have even compared it favorably to other fast food chains’ offerings. However, some reviewers have mentioned that the sandwich can be hit or miss depending on the location, with inconsistencies in quality and preparation. Despite these minor drawbacks, the Arby’s Steak & Cheese Sandwich remains a solid choice for a quick and satisfying steak sandwich fix.

5. Jersey Mike’s: Jersey Mike’s Famous Philly

Jersey Mike’s, known for its freshly sliced deli meats, offers the Jersey Mike’s Famous Philly as its take on the classic cheesesteak. Made with grilled onions, peppers and melted white American cheese, this sandwich features thin slices of steak on a freshly baked roll. The Jersey Mike’s Famous Philly has received positive reviews from customers who appreciate the authenticity and quality of the ingredients. Many have praised the flavor of the sandwich and the generous portion of steak. However, some customers have expressed that the sandwich could benefit from additional seasoning or a stronger cheese presence. Overall, Jersey Mike’s Famous Philly stands out as a satisfying choice for those craving a classic cheesesteak experience.

4. Jimmy John’s: The J.J. Gargantuan

Jimmy John’s is known for fast and efficient sandwich delivery. The J.J. Gargantuan, one of their signature sandwiches, offers a substantial option for steak sandwich lovers. Packed with salami, capicola, smoked ham, roast beef, turkey, provolone, and all the fixings, this sandwich offers a variety of flavors and textures. While it may not be a traditional steak sandwich, the combination of meats, including roast beef, makes it a noteworthy contender. Reviews of the J.J. Gargantuan have been positive, with customers appreciating the generous portion size and the freshness of the ingredients. The sandwich’s unique blend of flavors sets it apart and makes it a popular choice among Jimmy John’s customers.

3. Potbelly Sandwich Shop: A Wreck

Potbelly Sandwich Shop offers a variety of toasted sandwiches, and their A Wreck sandwich features roast beef as one of its key ingredients. Made with salami, Angus roast beef, oven roasted turkey, hickory smoked ham, melted Swiss cheese, and all the fixings, this sandwich aims to deliver a flavorful experience. Reviews of Potbelly’s A Wreck sandwich have been generally positive, with customers praising the combination of meats and the balance of flavors. The sandwich’s toasted bread adds a satisfying crunch, and the generous portion of roast beef adds a savory element. While some customers have mentioned that the sandwich can be messy to eat, the overall consensus is that Potbelly’s A Wreck is a delicious option for steak sandwich lovers.

2. Subway: Steak & Cheese

Known for its extensive sandwich menu, Subway offers the Steak & Cheese as a go-to option for steak lovers. Made with tender, thinly sliced steak, melted cheese, and a variety of fresh vegetables and condiments, this sandwich offers a customizable experience. Reviews of the Subway Steak & Cheese Sandwich have been largely positive, with customers appreciating the flavor and tenderness of the steak. The ability to customize the sandwich, from the choice of bread to the selection of toppings, adds to its appeal. However, some customers have mentioned that the overall flavor could be improved with additional seasoning or a more robust cheese. Nevertheless, Subway’s Steak & Cheese remains a popular choice for a satisfying and customizable steak sandwich.

1. Arby’s: Classic Roast Beef

At the top of our list is the Arby’s Classic Roast Beef Sandwich. While not a traditional steak sandwich, the thinly sliced roast beef in this sandwich offers a flavorful and tender alternative. Served on a toasted bun and accompanied by Arby’s signature sauce, this sandwich has become an iconic offering from the chain. Reviews of the Arby’s Classic Roast Beef Sandwich are overwhelmingly positive, with customers praising the quality and taste of the roast beef. Many appreciate the simplicity and nostalgia of the sandwich. The combination of hearty roast beef and tangy sauce creates a satisfying flavor profile. The Arby’s Classic Roast Beef Sandwich is a testament to the chain’s commitment to providing a delicious and memorable sandwich experience.

In Conclusion</


What is a chain restaurant steak sandwich?

A chain restaurant steak sandwich is a sandwich that features steak as the primary protein ingredient and is served at a chain restaurant, which typically has multiple locations and a standardized menu.

What makes a good chain restaurant steak sandwich?

A good chain restaurant steak sandwich should have high-quality steak that is tender and flavorful. It should be cooked to the desired doneness and paired with complementary ingredients such as cheese, onions, peppers, and condiments. The sandwich should also have a balanced flavor profile and be served on fresh and appropriately toasted bread.

How do the chain restaurant steak sandwiches rank in this article?

The chain restaurant steak sandwiches in this article are ranked based on several factors, including taste, quality of ingredients, portion size, presentation and overall customer satisfaction. The rankings are subjective and based on customer reviews and feedback.

Can I expect consistency in the quality of steak sandwiches at chain restaurants?

While chain restaurants strive for consistency across their locations, the quality of steak sandwiches can vary. Factors such as individual store management, ingredient sourcing, and preparation methods can affect the overall experience. It’s always a good idea to read reviews or ask for recommendations before trying a steak sandwich at a particular chain restaurant.

Are these rankings final or subject to change over time?

These rankings are based on information available at the time of writing and are subject to personal preference and individual experience. Chain restaurants may update their menus, change recipes or improve their offerings over time. It’s always a good idea to check out the latest reviews and feedback before deciding where to try a chain restaurant steak sandwich.

Can I customize my chain restaurant steak sandwich?

Many chain restaurants offer customization options for their steak sandwiches, allowing customers to choose their preferred toppings, condiments, and bread types. However, the level of customization can vary from restaurant to restaurant. It’s a good idea to check with the specific chain restaurant to see what customization options are available.

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