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Unveiling the Surprising Connection: Alec Baldwin and the Strange Bad Vegan Story

The Weirdly Bad Vegan Story: Alec Baldwin’s Surprising Connection

In the world of vegan cuisine, you might not expect to find a connection to Hollywood celebrities and million-dollar scams. But the story of Sarma Melngailis, former owner of Pure Food and Wine in New York City, takes a dramatic turn when it involves none other than actor Alec Baldwin. This strange and compelling tale unfolds in the Netflix docuseries “Bad Vegan: Fraud. Fraud. Fugitives,” revealing an unexpected connection between the vegan queen and the famous actor.

The glitz and glamour of pure food and wine

Pure Food and Wine, a glamorous vegan restaurant, was the go-to spot for celebrities seeking plant-based delicacies and fancy cocktails. Woody Allen, Tom Brady, and Owen Wilson were just a few of the regulars who frequented the establishment. It was within the walls of this renowned eatery that Alec Baldwin’s connection to the “Bad Vegan” story began to unfold.

A chance meeting

According to Vanity Fair’s Allen Salkin, Baldwin first met his wife, Hilaria, while dining at Pure Food and Wine. However, it turns out that Baldwin’s involvement in the story was more than just a coincidence. Salkin reveals that the actor apparently developed a crush on the restaurant’s owner, Sarma Melngailis, much like many other gentlemen who frequented the establishment.

An exchange of emails and phone calls

In the Netflix docuseries, Sarma Melngailis reveals that she and Alec Baldwin exchanged several emails and phone calls after their first meeting at Pure Food and Wine. During their conversations, Baldwin expressed his desire to have someone important in his life. Melngailis even suggested that he adopt a dog. Unfortunately, timing played a key role in this unfolding story. By the time Melngailis was ready to pursue a romantic relationship with Baldwin, he had already met his future wife, Hilaria.

A twist of fate

During a period of loneliness, Melngailis noticed a series of humorous tweets between Baldwin and a Twitter user named Shane Fox, later revealed to be Anthony Strangis using an alias. Intrigued by their interaction, Melngailis struck up a conversation with Fox and eventually fell in love with him. Little did she know that this encounter would lead to an infamous scandal.
In an article by Vanity Fair, it is suggested that Strangis used Twitter as a means to enlist someone important in Baldwin’s circle in his fraudulent scheme. To make matters even more baffling, Strangis took Melngailis house-hunting in New York, using the same broker who had sold Baldwin his apartment, creating a disturbing connection between the two men.

The uncertainty of the connection

While the true extent of the connection between Baldwin and Strangis remains unclear, the intertwining of their lives in the context of the Bad Vegan story is undeniably intriguing. Sarma Melngailis’ regret for not pursuing a deeper relationship with Baldwin adds a layer of complexity to this already bizarre story.
The story of Alec Baldwin’s involvement in the “Bad Vegan” saga is a reminder that even in the world of vegan cuisine, unexpected connections and shocking twists can occur. It underscores the importance of remaining vigilant and discerning, even in seemingly unrelated aspects of life.
As the Netflix docuseries sheds light on this compelling story, viewers are left with a sense of curiosity and fascination. The story of Sarma Melngailis, Alec Baldwin, and the strange tale of the bad vegan will undoubtedly continue to captivate audiences and spark discussion for years to come.


The “Bad Vegan” story refers to a gripping tale involving Sarma Melngailis, the former owner of Pure Food and Wine, a popular vegan restaurant in New York City. It involves a multi-million dollar fraud and unexpected connections to Hollywood celebrities, including Alec Baldwin.

How does Alec Baldwin fit into the “Bad Vegan” story?

Alec Baldwin’s connection to the Bad Vegan story goes beyond a chance meeting. He met his wife, Hilaria, while dining at Pure Food and Wine. But Baldwin’s involvement goes further, as he had a crush on the restaurant’s owner, Sarma Melngailis, and they exchanged emails and phone calls.

What was Sarma Melngailis’ role in the story?

Sarma Melngailis was the owner of Pure Food and Wine and a central figure in the Bad Vegan story. She had a relationship with Alec Baldwin, communicated with him, and later fell in love with a Twitter user named Shane Fox, who was revealed to be Anthony Strangis using an alias.

How did the Twitter situation play into the story?

The Twitter situation added a strange twist to the “Bad Vegan” story. Sarma Melngailis noticed humorous tweets between Alec Baldwin and Shane Fox, which led her to engage in a conversation with Fox. It was later revealed that Fox (Strangis) was using Twitter to lure someone from Baldwin’s circle into his fraudulent scheme.

What is the significance of the house-hunting connection?

Anthony Strangis, using the alias Shane Fox, took Sarma Melngailis house-hunting in New York using the same broker who sold Alec Baldwin his apartment. This connection between the two men added an eerie and disturbing element to the story, raising questions about the true nature of their relationship.

What remains unclear about Alec Baldwin’s connection to the “Bad Vegan” story?

The exact extent of Alec Baldwin’s connection to Anthony Strangis and the fraudulent activities remains unclear. While there have been exchanges between Baldwin and Sarma Melngailis, the full extent of their involvement and Baldwin’s role in the larger scheme of “Bad Vegan” is still a matter of speculation.

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