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The Sweet Revelation: Why DoubleTree Finally Revealed Its Iconic Cookie Recipe

Why DoubleTree Finally Released Its Iconic Cookie Recipe

DoubleTree’s iconic chocolate chip cookie has been a fan favorite since 1986, when the chain first introduced the treat as part of its turndown service. Over the years, the cookie has gained a cult following and even inspired numerous copycat recipes. But the real recipe has always remained a closely guarded secret, available only to registered guests or on National Cookie Day. But now, in response to the coronavirus pandemic, DoubleTree has decided to release its famous cookie recipe to the public, bringing joy and comfort to cookie lovers everywhere.

The birth of a cult classic

Initially, the DoubleTree Hotel served its famous chocolate chip cookies as part of its turndown service. Guests received the warm, freshly baked treats as a delightful surprise at the end of their day. In the late 1990s, however, the hotel decided to change things up and offer the cookies during the check-in process instead. This small change proved to be a stroke of genius as guests fell in love with the cookies and they quickly became a cult classic.

Bringing comfort in uncertain times

In a press release, DoubleTree’s Senior Vice President and Global Head, Shawn McAteer, explained the reasoning behind the release of the iconic cookie recipe. He acknowledged the challenging times brought on by the coronavirus pandemic and expressed the hotel’s desire to bring a moment of comfort and happiness to people’s lives. A warm chocolate chip cookie may not solve all the world’s problems, but it can provide a small but meaningful moment of joy. DoubleTree hopes families will enjoy baking together at home and looks forward to welcoming guests with its signature cookie when travel resumes.

A recipe for happiness

DoubleTree’s decision to share its secret cookie recipe was met with excitement and gratitude from cookie lovers around the world. The recipe, which can be found on the DoubleTree website, allows fans to recreate the beloved cookies in the comfort of their own kitchens. The recipe makes 26 cookies, and while it includes some surprise ingredients like lemon juice and oatmeal, it can easily be adapted to suit individual tastes. Nut allergies? Not a problem. The recipe can be made without walnuts, so everyone can enjoy these delicious treats.

Baking for comfort

During the pandemic, many people have turned to baking as a way to cope with anxiety and pass the time at home. The act of baking has a therapeutic quality, offering a sense of control and creativity in the midst of uncertainty. With the release of the DoubleTree cookie recipe, baking enthusiasts now have the opportunity to recreate a beloved classic and experience the joy of making these famous cookies from scratch. The recipe has already garnered significant social media attention, with thousands of users sharing their favorite photos of the celebrity cookie using the hashtag #doubletreecookies.

A legacy of deliciousness

DoubleTree’s decision to share its iconic cookie recipe not only brings happiness to individuals, but also underscores the hotel’s commitment to its guests. The cookies have become synonymous with DoubleTree hospitality and have been instrumental in creating memorable experiences for millions of visitors. The fact that the hotel uses more than 1.2 million pounds of chocolate chips and has served more than 483 million cookies speaks to the popularity and lasting legacy of these delicious treats.

Bottom line

Sharing DoubleTree’s iconic cookie recipe is a gesture of goodwill and a reminder of the power of small comforts in difficult times. By allowing people to recreate their famous cookies at home, DoubleTree has brought joy to countless individuals and families around the world. Whether enjoyed as a special treat or baked together as a fun family activity, these cookies hold a special place in the hearts of many. So grab the recipe, preheat your oven, and get ready to indulge in the warm, gooey goodness of DoubleTree’s iconic chocolate chip cookies.


Why did DoubleTree decide to share its famous cookie recipe?

DoubleTree released its iconic cookie recipe in response to the coronavirus pandemic to bring comfort and happiness to people during uncertain times.

Can I find the DoubleTree cookie recipe online?

Yes, DoubleTree has made its famous cookie recipe available to the public on its website, allowing fans to recreate the beloved treat at home.

How many cookies does the DoubleTree recipe make?

The recipe provided by DoubleTree makes 26 cookies, so you can enjoy a generous batch of these delicious treats.

Are there any special ingredients in the DoubleTree cookie recipe?

Yes, the recipe includes some surprise ingredients such as lemon juice and oatmeal, which contribute to the unique flavor and texture of the cookies.

Can I make DoubleTree Cookies without walnuts?

Absolutely! The recipe can easily be adjusted to accommodate nut allergies or personal preferences. Simply omit the walnuts and the cookies will still be delicious.

How has the release of the DoubleTree cookie recipe been received?

The release of the recipe was met with excitement and gratitude from cookie lovers around the world, who now have the opportunity to recreate the famous DoubleTree Cookies in their own kitchens.

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