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From Desperation to Determination: The Inspiring Journey of a Homeless Chef on ’24 Hours to Hell & Back’

The inspiring journey of chef Clive Jackson: From “24 Hours to Hell & Back” to Homelessness

In 2018, Brownstone Bistro, a Caribbean restaurant owned by Chef Clive Jackson, was featured on the first season of the popular Gordon Ramsay series “24 Hours to Hell & Back.” The show aimed to help struggling chefs and restaurateurs by providing expert guidance and support within a 24-hour timeframe. Despite the efforts of Ramsay and his team, the restaurant ultimately closed its doors just four months after the episode aired.
Chef Clive Jackson’s challenges
Chef Clive Jackson’s journey has been one of resilience and determination in the face of adversity. Prior to appearing on the show, he had already endured the hardships of divorce and the tragic loss of his young son. These personal tragedies, combined with the struggles of his failing restaurant, took a toll on Jackson both emotionally and financially.
After the closure of Brownstone Bistro, Jackson found himself without a source of income and eventually became homeless on Los Angeles’ Skid Row. Homelessness presented him with a new set of challenges as he navigated the harsh realities of street life and the constant struggle to survive.
A stroke of luck and a helping hand
Despite the difficult circumstances, Jackson’s fortunes took a positive turn when he met Lizzy Calhoun, a member of Food Not Bombs DTLA. Calhoun, who was handing out food on Skid Row, saw Jackson’s potential and offered to help.
Calhoun not only provided Jackson with immediate necessities like new clothes and food, but she also helped him secure temporary housing at a local motel. This act of kindness gave Jackson a glimmer of hope and a chance to regain stability in his life.
The generosity of a community
As word of Jackson’s situation spread, Lizzy Calhoun launched a GoFundMe campaign to raise funds for permanent housing for the cook. The campaign received an incredible response, with donations pouring in from people inspired by Jackson’s story.
As of the most recent update in March 2024, the GoFundMe campaign had raised more than $53,000, surpassing its original goal. This significant amount allowed Jackson to secure housing at the motel for an entire year. While the focus remained on finding a more permanent solution, a new goal was set: to purchase a food truck for Jackson so that he could once again pursue his passion for cooking.
Looking to the future
Despite the hardships he has faced, Chef Clive Jackson remains optimistic and determined to give back to the community that supported him during his darkest moments. His ultimate goal is to use the potential food truck to not only rebuild his own life, but also to help those who are still homeless on Skid Row.
Through his inspiring journey, Jackson serves as a beacon of hope and resilience, reminding us that even in the face of adversity, it is possible to overcome challenges and create a better future.
Chef Clive Jackson’s story, from his appearance on 24 Hours to Hell & Back to his experience with homelessness, is a testament to the strength of the human spirit. It highlights the power of community support and the impact a helping hand can have on someone’s life.
As we celebrate Jackson’s journey to rebuild his life and give back to others, we are reminded of the importance of compassion, empathy and resilience in our own lives. Chef Clive Jackson’s story is a reminder that no matter how difficult circumstances may be, hope and determination can lead to a brighter future.


How did Chef Clive Jackson become homeless?

After his restaurant, Brownstone Bistro, closed following his appearance on 24 Hours to Hell & Back, Chef Clive Jackson faced financial difficulties and ended up homeless on Los Angeles’ Skid Row.

How has Lizzy Calhoun helped Chef Clive Jackson?

Lizzy Calhoun, a member of Food Not Bombs DTLA, helped Chef Clive Jackson by providing him with food, new clothes, and helping him find temporary housing in a motel.

How much money did the GoFundMe campaign for Chef Clive Jackson raise?

The GoFundMe campaign for Chef Clive Jackson raised over $53,000, surpassing its original goal. This amount allowed him to secure motel accommodations for a year and provided the opportunity to purchase a food truck.

What is Chef Clive Jackson’s ultimate goal?

Chef Clive Jackson’s ultimate goal is to use a potential food truck to rebuild his life and give back to the community, especially those still homeless on Skid Row.

What challenges did Chef Clive Jackson face before appearing on “24 Hours to Hell & Back”?

Prior to appearing on the show, Chef Clive Jackson had already faced personal challenges, including divorce and the tragic loss of his young son.

How long did Brownstone Bistro stay in business after the episode aired?

Unfortunately, despite the best efforts of Gordon Ramsay and his team, Brownstone Bistro closed just four months after the episode featuring Chef Clive Jackson aired.

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