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The Rise and Retirement of Define Bottle: A Journey After Shark Tank

Here’s What Happened to Define Bottle After Shark Tank

The invention of Define Bottle

When 15-year-old Carter Kostler pitched his Define Bottle on the hit show “Shark Tank,” it seemed like he had created a revolutionary product. The Define Bottle was a water bottle with a compartment designed to infuse the flavor of fresh fruit, making it a portable and flavorful way to stay hydrated. Inspired by his mother’s practice of making spa water with fresh fruit, Kostler wanted to market the product to children as an alternative to sugary sodas.

Define Bottle’s appearance on Shark Tank

Carter Kostler’s appearance on “Shark Tank” during season five was a pivotal moment for Define Bottle. He impressed the panel of investors, which included Barbara Corcoran, Kevin O’Leary, Lori Greiner and Mark Cuban. Kostler asked for a $100,000 investment in exchange for 20% equity in the product. At the time, Define Bottle had an initial valuation of $500,000 and had generated $65,000 in sales in its first four months.
However, negotiations took an unexpected turn when the Sharks learned that Kostler’s parents had taken out a $300,000 home mortgage to support their son’s business venture. Despite the setback, Kostler’s appearance on the show brought Define Bottle significant exposure.

Success after “Shark Tank

Although Carter Kostler didn’t land a deal with the Sharks, his appearance on “Shark Tank” opened doors for Define Bottle. The exposure from the show resulted in more than $250,000 in sales after the episode aired. Kostler capitalized on the momentum by cold-calling companies and successfully getting the bottle into regular inventory at major retailers like Target and Dick’s Sporting Goods.
Define Bottle even partnered with Dick’s Sporting Goods and Carrie Underwood’s former yoga brand, CALIA, to release a special edition bottle. By 2015, the company is projected to reach $2 million in sales.

Retirement of the Define Bottle

Despite its initial success, Define Bottle ceased official online sales in 2016. Carter Kostler made the decision to close the business and pursue a different path. He joined the U.S. Marine Corps and served in the Amphibious Assault Vehicle Fleet.
While Define Bottle may no longer be available, Kostler’s entrepreneurial spirit continued with the launch of a sister company called Mason Infuser in 2017. The current status of Mason Infuser is unclear, however, as the website associated with it is down.

Carter Kostler’s Future Ventures

After graduating from Parris Island and serving in the Marine Corps, Carter Kostler expressed his openness to future business ventures. In a 2017 YouTube interview, he discussed his desire to explore new ventures and potentially work with other companies. Kostler’s passion for entrepreneurship and willingness to contribute and learn suggest that he may continue to make an impact in the business world.


The Define Bottle story shows the journey of a young entrepreneur bringing a unique product to market. While the Define Bottle brand may be retired, its impact on the beverage industry and Carter Kostler’s entrepreneurial journey cannot be overlooked. With his experience and drive, Kostler is poised to embark on new ventures and leave a lasting legacy in the business world.


What is Define Bottle and how did it become popular?

Define Bottle is a water bottle with a compartment designed to infuse fresh fruit flavors. It gained popularity after young entrepreneur Carter Kostler pitched it on the television show “Shark Tank,” showcasing its functionality and portability.

Did Define Bottle land a deal with the sharks on Shark Tank?

No, despite impressing the panel of investors, Define Bottle did not secure a deal with the Sharks. However, the exposure on the show resulted in significant sales and opportunities for the product.

What happened to Define Bottle after its appearance on Shark Tank?

After the show, Define Bottle experienced a surge in sales, generating over $250,000 in revenue. The product was successfully added to the inventory of major retailers such as Target and Dick’s Sporting Goods.

Why did Define Bottle stop official online sales?

Define Bottle’s founder, Carter Kostler, made the decision to retire the brand in 2016. He chose to pursue other endeavors, including joining the U.S. Marine Corps, which led to the discontinuation of online sales.

Is the Define Bottle still available for purchase?

The Define Bottle is no longer officially sold online. However, customers can find remaining inventory through third-party sellers or check out the sister company, Mason Infuser, founded by Carter Kostler.

What are Carter Kostler’s plans for the future after Define Bottle?

Carter Kostler has expressed an openness to future business endeavors, indicating a willingness to explore new ventures and potentially partner with other companies. His entrepreneurial spirit remains strong, paving the way for exciting opportunities to come.

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