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The Power of Words: How This Moving Wedding Speech Brought Tears to The Pioneer Woman’s Eyes

This moving wedding speech made this pioneer woman cry

Weddings are often filled with emotional moments, and one such moment brought tears to the eyes of Ree Drummond, popularly known as “The Pioneer Woman. Her brother-in-law Tim’s heartfelt speech during the rehearsal dinner touched Ree’s heart and left her in tears. The story behind this moving speech is a testament to the power of love and family ties.

The Rehearsal Dinner

Ree Drummond’s oldest child, Alex, tied the knot with her future husband, Mauricio Scott, on May 1 at Ree and Ladd Drummond’s ranch in Pawhuska, Oklahoma. The night before the wedding, the groom’s parents hosted a rehearsal dinner, setting the stage for an emotional and unforgettable moment. Known for her candor and openness, Ree Drummond shared the details of the rehearsal dinner on her Pioneer Woman blog, giving fans a glimpse into this intimate family gathering.

A toast to remember

During the rehearsal dinner, Tim, Ladd Drummond’s brother, gave a heartfelt toast that resonated with everyone in the room. Tim expressed his admiration for Alex, mentioning how she reminded him of their late mother. He offered words of wisdom and love to Mauricio, urging him to cherish and care for his niece. The sincerity and genuine emotion in Tim’s words moved Ree Drummond to tears as she felt the weight of their shared family history and the joy of seeing her daughter begin a new chapter in her life.

The Power of Emotional Contagion

Ree Drummond’s emotional response to Tim’s toast illustrates the phenomenon of emotional contagion. According to experts, when someone displays strong emotions, such as tears, it can trigger a similar emotional response in those around them. This explains why many people in the room were moved to tears during the rehearsal dinner. The power of emotional contagion is evident in the way Tim’s heartfelt words touched the hearts of everyone in the room, creating a shared experience of love and vulnerability.

A Mother’s Love

Psychology Today points out that mothers of the bride often shed tears at weddings, and Ree Drummond’s emotional response is consistent with this observation. While some might call them “tears of joy,” the magazine offers a different perspective. Rather than gaining a son, a mother sees her daughter entering a new phase of life, symbolizing a loss of the familiar and a transition into the unknown. Ree Drummond’s tears can be seen as a testament to her deep love and connection with her daughter, as well as a bittersweet recognition of the changing dynamics within their relationship.


The moving wedding speech Tim gave at the rehearsal dinner of Alex and Mauricio’s wedding left a lasting impression on The Pioneer Woman, Ree Drummond. It serves as a reminder of the power of family bonds, the depth of emotion experienced at weddings, and the importance of shared moments of vulnerability. This heartfelt moment shows the love and support that surround couples as they embark on their journey together. Weddings are not only about the union of two individuals, but also about the unity and love shared by their families.


Why did the wedding speech make the Pioneer Woman cry?

The eulogy made The Pioneer Woman, Ree Drummond, cry because it was delivered by her brother-in-law, Tim, who spoke about their late mother and expressed his love and admiration for the bride, Alex. The heartfelt words touched Ree’s heart deeply and evoked a strong emotional response.

Was the Pioneer Woman the only one to cry during the speech?

No, The Pioneer Woman was not the only one to cry during the speech. Emotional contagion played a role, as the genuine emotion Tim showed during his toast had a profound effect on the entire audience. It is common for others to be moved and shed tears when witnessing such heartfelt moments.

What is emotional contagion?

Emotional contagion refers to the phenomenon of one person’s emotions influencing the emotions of others around them. In the context of this article, it explains how Tim’s display of genuine emotion and tears during his speech affected the emotional state of The Pioneer Woman and others present at the rehearsal dinner.

Why do mothers of the bride often cry at weddings?

Mothers of the bride often cry at weddings because the occasion symbolizes a significant transition in their relationship with their daughters. While some call it “tears of joy,” it can also be a sense of loss as their daughters begin a new chapter in their lives, representing a change in family dynamics and the beginning of a new journey.

What does this eulogy reveal about the power of family ties?

This wedding eulogy is a poignant reminder of the power of family ties. Tim’s heartfelt words of love, admiration, and wisdom show the deep connection and shared history between family members. It demonstrates how family ties can evoke strong emotions and create a sense of unity and support during significant life events.

How did The Pioneer Woman’s reaction reflect the changing dynamics within the family?

The Pioneer Woman’s emotional response to the wedding speech reflected the changing dynamics within the family. As her daughter, Alex, entered into marriage, it symbolized a shift in their relationship from mother and daughter to a new phase of adulthood and independence. The tears shed by The Pioneer Woman represented a bittersweet realization of this transition and the deep love she has for her daughter.

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