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Reviving College Students: The Power of TikTok’s ‘Scholar Bowls’

TikTok’s ‘Scholar Bowls’ aim to bring college students back to life

College life can be hectic, with never-ending assignments, late night study sessions and a constant struggle to maintain a healthy lifestyle. However, TikTok has come to the rescue with a trending food phenomenon known as ‘Scholar Bowls’. These nutrient-dense and easy-to-make bowls are taking the college student community by storm, offering a delicious and affordable solution to fuel their busy lives. Let’s dive into the world of Scholar Bowls and discover how they are revolutionizing the way college students eat.

The Rise of TikTok Recipes

TikTok has become a platform where viral recipes and their creators gain immense popularity. With its short video format, TikTok allows users to share their culinary creations in an engaging and accessible way. The Rachael Ray Show, known for featuring viral TikTok recipes, has featured several social media sensations, including Joseph Abell, the creator of Scholar Bowls.

Featuring Joseph Abell and his Scholar Bowls

Joseph Abell, a law student at the University of Southern California, has gained a significant following on TikTok with his fitness and nutrition-focused videos. Abell’s passion for food that “makes you feel alive” has attracted nearly 1 million followers to his account. Among his most popular recipe videos, his “Scholar Bowl” stands out, garnering a staggering 17.3 million views and 2 million likes.

What makes a Scholar Bowl?

Abell’s Scholar Bowls are the perfect blend of taste, nutrition and convenience. These bowls are packed with a colorful assortment of vegetables, including sweet potatoes, brussels sprouts, broccoli, cauliflower, and bell peppers. The vegetables are combined with fluffy quinoa and seasoned to taste. The recipe is designed to show college students that eating well doesn’t have to be complicated or time-consuming.

Preparing the Scholar Bowls

In a segment on The Rachael Ray Show, Abell demonstrated how to make his famous Scholar Bowls. He chopped a generous amount of vegetables, enough to fill two baking sheets, and roasted them to perfection. The roasted vegetables were then mixed with a bowl of warm, cooked quinoa. This hearty mixture was divided into five meal-prep containers, providing ready-to-eat lunches for the entire week.

Nutrition and Affordability

One of the remarkable features of Abell’s Scholar Bowls” is their nutritional value. Each serving of the bowl contains approximately 326 calories, 14 grams of protein, 65 grams of carbohydrates, and 4 grams of fat. The combination of protein-rich quinoa and fiber- and nutrient-rich vegetables makes these bowls a well-rounded meal option for college students.
Plus, Scholar Bowls are budget-friendly. Abell’s recipe uses affordable ingredients, making it accessible to students on a budget. By providing an inexpensive and nutritious meal option, Scholar Bowls empower college students to make health a priority without breaking the bank.

Why Scholar Bowls is important

The importance of Scholar Bowls goes beyond their delicious taste and nutritional value. These bowls exemplify the power of social media in promoting healthy eating habits among college students. With TikTok as a platform for sharing recipes and food inspiration, students can explore new culinary possibilities and discover creative ways to stay nourished during their demanding academic journeys.
In addition, Scholar Bowls encourage students to prioritize self-care and wellness. By providing a convenient and affordable solution to healthy eating, these bowls enable students to properly fuel their bodies and minds. The balanced combination of vegetables, grains and protein in the bowls ensures that students get the nutrients they need to thrive academically and personally.

Bottom Line

TikTok’s Scholar Bowls have proven to be a game changer for college students looking for nutritious and flavorful meals. Joseph Abell’s recipe has captivated millions of viewers, inspiring them to embrace a healthier lifestyle without compromising taste or affordability. With their vibrant colors, variety of flavors, and ease of preparation, Scholar Bowls” have breathed new life into the eating habits of college students. So why not embark on a culinary adventure and try these bowls? Your taste buds and well-being will thank you.


Answer: Scholar Bowls are nutrient-dense, easy-to-prepare bowls that have become very popular on TikTok. They are a combination of colorful vegetables such as sweet potatoes, brussels sprouts, broccoli, cauliflower, and bell peppers, along with fluffy quinoa and spices.

Who created Scholar Bowls?

Answer: Scholar Bowls was created by Joseph Abell, a law student at the University of Southern California. Abell is known for his fitness and nutrition-focused TikTok videos, and his Scholar Bowl recipe has garnered millions of views and likes on the platform.

What is the nutritional value of Scholar Bowls?

Answer: Each serving of Scholar Bowls contains approximately 326 calories, 14 grams of protein, 65 grams of carbohydrates, and 4 grams of fat. They are packed with protein-rich quinoa and a variety of fiber- and nutrient-rich vegetables, making them a well-rounded and nutritious meal option.

Can Scholar Bowls be customized?

Answer: Yes, Scholar Bowls” can be customized to meet individual preferences. The recipe provides a base of vegetables and quinoa, but you can add your own favorite spices, herbs, or even protein sources like roasted chicken breast to enhance the flavor and meet your dietary needs.

How can Scholar Bowls benefit college students?

Answer: Scholar Bowls provide a convenient and affordable solution for college students looking for healthy meal options. They provide a balanced combination of nutrients that fuel the body and mind for the demands of academic life. By incorporating Scholar Bowls into their diet, students can prioritize their well-being and maintain a healthy lifestyle.

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