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GBBO’s Prue Leith: Unveiling the Surprising Twist to Her Favorite Comfort Food

GBBO’s Prue Leith’s Favorite Comfort Food Isn’t What You Think

The Great British Baking Show’s savoury judge

Prue Leith, the esteemed restaurateur and chef, has gained widespread recognition as a co-judge on The Great British Baking Show since 2017. Her expertise in cakes, biscuits and chocolates has made her a beloved figure in the baking world. But contrary to popular belief, Prue Leith’s favorite comfort food isn’t a sweet indulgence, but rather something savory.
In a recent interview with Hello!, Prue Leith revealed her preference for savory foods. Despite being surrounded by delicious sweet treats on the show, she admits to having a greater affinity for savory flavors. Her favorite comfort food is pasta with wild garlic pesto, a dish she loves to make and enjoy in the comfort of her own home.

Foraging for Flavor

Prue Leith’s love of savory food extends to her passion for foraging. She finds great joy in gathering wild garlic from the woods near her home, especially when it’s in season. This hand-picked vegetable serves as the star ingredient in her homemade garlic pesto, which adds a burst of fresh flavor to her pasta dishes. She also uses the garlic to make garlic salt, a versatile seasoning that enhances the flavor of many foods, including hard-boiled eggs.

The Perfect Cake and Sweet Cravings

Prue Leith may be a savory cook, but that doesn’t mean she doesn’t have a sweet tooth. When it comes to baking, she has a secret for making the perfect cake every time. Although simple, her technique ensures that her cakes come out flawlessly. She also has a deep appreciation for the River Café’s lemon and polenta cake, which she describes as gluten-free, flour-free, and bursting with delicious lemon flavor.
In addition to cakes, Prue Leith enjoys baking cinnamon buns or swirls when she has the time. These sweet treats provide her with moments of indulgence and allow her to explore her baking skills beyond the realm of savory dishes. However, in the midst of her appreciation for sweet treats, there is one British dessert that Prue Leith can’t stand, although she won’t reveal what it is.

An eclectic culinary journey

Prue Leith’s culinary career extends far beyond her role as a judge on The Great British Baking Show. Before joining the show, she achieved success in various aspects of the food industry, including catering, writing cookbooks and owning a Michelin-starred restaurant. Her extensive experience has exposed her to a wide range of tastes and cuisines, shaping her palate and allowing her to appreciate different types of food.
As a judge on “The Great British Baking Show”, Prue brings her extensive knowledge and expertise to the table. Her penchant for savory dishes adds a unique perspective to the show, showcasing the breadth of her culinary skills and her passion for exploring different flavors.
Despite her association with decadent sweets on the show, it is evident that Prue Leith’s favorite comfort food is rooted in the world of savory cooking. Her love of pasta with wild garlic pesto is a testament to her culinary creativity and appreciation for seasonal ingredients. Whether she’s enjoying a bowl of her favorite dish or indulging in the occasional sweet treat, Prue Leith continues to inspire aspiring bakers and food enthusiasts around the world.


Prue Leith’s favorite comfort food may come as a surprise to many, but her penchant for savory dishes reflects her culinary expertise and passion for exploring a variety of flavors. From foraging for wild garlic to creating the perfect cake and indulging in sweet treats, she showcases her versatility as a chef and judge. Prue Leith’s journey in the food industry exemplifies the joy of discovering new tastes and embracing diverse culinary experiences.


What is Prue Leith’s favorite comfort food?

Prue Leith’s favorite comfort food is pasta with wild garlic pesto.

Does Prue Leith have a sweet tooth?

While Prue Leith generally prefers savory flavors, she does enjoy the occasional sweet treat. Her favorite is the lemon and polenta cake at the River Café.

How does Prue make the perfect cake?

Prue Leith’s secret to making the perfect cake is simple but effective. She follows a technique that ensures her cakes come out flawless every time.

What other sweet treats does Prue Leith like to make?

When she has time, Prue Leith likes to make cinnamon buns or swirls as a sweet baking activity.

Is Prue a fan of British desserts?

While Prue Leith enjoys sweet treats, there is one British dessert she can’t stand. But she won’t reveal what it is.

What is Prue Leith’s culinary background?

Prue Leith has had a varied culinary career, including catering, writing cookbooks, owning a Michelin-starred restaurant and now serving as a judge on The Great British Baking Show. Her extensive experience has shaped her palate and allowed her to appreciate a wide range of flavors.

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