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Unveiling the Surprising Food Allergy of Chef Marcus Samuelsson

The food allergy you probably didn’t know Marcus Samuelsson has

Chef Marcus Samuelsson is a respected figure in the culinary world, known for his incredible talent and passion for food. However, there is one surprising fact about him that many people do not know – he has a severe food allergy. In an exclusive interview with Mashed, Samuelsson revealed the food he cannot eat and the incident that brought his allergy to light.

A passion for food and a culinary journey

Marcus Samuelsson’s love of food dates back to his childhood. Growing up, he was privileged to have an enthusiastic grandmother who instilled in him the importance of celebrating food. Together they would make homemade jam, bake Swedish apple cake, and pickle vegetables. These early experiences laid the foundation for his culinary journey.
As a professional chef, Samuelsson has made significant contributions to the industry. He admits that being in the culinary business is not easy, but it has been his true calling. By taking risks and believing in his abilities, he pursued his passion for cooking and became a renowned chef.

A love of tacos and late-night cravings

Despite his food allergy, Marcus Samuelsson has a deep love for tacos. In an interview with Mashed, he shared his special late-night taco tradition in Los Angeles. He would go on a late-night run to explore the taco stands on Lincoln Boulevard. This culinary adventure is a testament to his unwavering passion for food and his willingness to explore different flavors and cuisines.

An unexpected food allergy

It may come as a surprise, but Marcus Samuelsson is allergic to buckwheat. This ingredient, commonly found in many dishes, causes him to have a severe allergic reaction. The chef had a terrifying incident related to his allergy during a live TV appearance on Good Morning Sweden. Unaware that the bread he was eating contained buckwheat, his body reacted quickly, causing his entire system to shut down on live television.

A scary episode and a positive takeaway

The allergic reaction forced Marcus Samuelsson to take immediate action. He had to be given medication during a commercial break to help him recover. It took him nearly 30 minutes to regain his composure and resume filming. The incident was a wake-up call for the chef and highlighted the importance of allergy awareness.
In response to his own experiences, Samuelsson has taken steps to ensure the safety of diners at his restaurant, Aquavit. He emphasizes the importance of asking about allergies and dietary restrictions to ensure a safe dining experience for everyone. The incident has made him more empathetic to customers and deepened his understanding of the impact food allergies can have on individuals.

Bottom line

Marcus Samuelsson’s journey as a chef is truly remarkable, filled with passion, dedication and unexpected challenges. While he has achieved great success in the culinary world, he has also faced personal obstacles, such as his severe allergy to buckwheat. This revelation reminds us that even renowned chefs can have food allergies and highlights the importance of allergy awareness and accommodation in the culinary industry.
Samuelsson’s story serves as an inspiration to aspiring chefs and food enthusiasts, demonstrating that following one’s passion and overcoming obstacles can lead to incredible achievements. His commitment to providing a safe and enjoyable dining experience for all reflects his deep respect for food and his desire to share his love of it with others.
As we continue to explore the world of food and culinary delights, let us remember Marcus Samuelsson’s story and remain mindful of the diverse dietary needs and potential allergies that individuals may have. By embracing inclusivity and understanding, we can create a vibrant and welcoming food culture for everyone to enjoy.


What food allergies does Marcus Samuelsson have?

Marcus Samuelsson is allergic to buckwheat, a common ingredient in many dishes.

How did Marcus Samuelsson discover his food allergy?

Marcus Samuelsson discovered his allergy during a live TV appearance on Good Morning Sweden, when he unknowingly ate bread containing buckwheat and had a severe allergic reaction.

What were the symptoms of Marcus’ allergic reaction?

Marcus Samuelsson’s allergic reaction caused his entire system to shut down, resulting in a medical emergency requiring medication and a 30 minute recovery period before he could continue with the TV shoot.

How does Marcus manage his food allergy?

Marcus Samuelsson makes sure that staff at his restaurant, Aquavit, ask about guests’ allergies to ensure a safe dining experience. He has become more aware of allergies and the importance of accommodations.

Has Marcus Samuelsson’s food allergy affected his approach to cooking?

Yes, Marcus Samuelsson’s allergy has made him more empathetic to customers with dietary restrictions or allergies. It has deepened his understanding of the impact of food allergies and reinforced the need for allergy awareness in the culinary industry.

What can we learn from Marcus Samuelsson’s experience with food allergies?

Marcus Samuelsson’s food allergy experience highlights the importance of allergy awareness, accommodation and empathy in the culinary world. It reminds us that even celebrity chefs can have allergies and underscores the need for a safe and inclusive dining environment for all.

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