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The Untold Story Behind Pizza Hut’s Stuffed Crust Pizza

The truth about Pizza Hut’s stuffed crust pizza

Pizza is a beloved food that offers endless possibilities for customization and enjoyment. One of the most iconic innovations in the pizza industry is Pizza Hut’s stuffed crust pizza. With its soft, golden crust filled with warm, gooey cheese, it has captured the hearts and taste buds of pizza lovers around the world. In this article, we will uncover the truth about Pizza Hut’s stuffed crust pizza, from its origins to its unique variations.

Pizza Hut’s Stuffed Crust Pizza: A delicious invention since 1995

Pizza Hut’s stuffed crust pizza has been a staple in homes across the United States and beyond since its debut in 1995. Prior to the introduction of stuffed crust, Pizza Hut had not introduced a new type of crust since the Pan Pizza in 1980. The creation of the stuffed crust was a game-changer for the brand, thanks to the innovation of Patty Scheibmeir, a former Pizza Hut food scientist. Despite initial skepticism from her bosses, the stuffed crust became an overnight success, generating more than $300 million in sales in its first year.

Not Just a Calorie Bomb: The Nutritional Content of Stuffed Crust Pizza

While pizza isn’t known for its health benefits, you might be surprised to learn that adding toppings to your pizza doesn’t significantly increase the calorie count. A large hand-tossed Pizza Hut pizza with marinara, pepperoni and cheese contains about 300 calories per slice. Opting for the stuffed crust adds only 40 calories per slice, for a total of 340 calories per slice. Considering the recommended daily caloric intake of 2000 calories, this small increase is relatively minimal.

From Pizza Spokesman to President: Donald Trump and Stuffed Crust Pizza

In a strange twist of fate, current U.S. President Donald Trump was once a spokesman for Pizza Hut’s stuffed crust pizza. In a commercial that aired in 1995, Trump starred alongside his ex-wife Ivana to promote the unique pizza offering. The commercial’s unconventional approach, which emphasized eating the stuffed crust “the wrong way,” helped generate buzz and contributed to the pizza’s success.

The stuffed crust controversy: Who Really Invented It?

While Pizza Hut is credited with popularizing the stuffed crust pizza, there has been an ongoing debate about who really invented it. Inventors came forward claiming to have created cheese-stuffed crusts as early as the 1940s, but a Brooklyn native named Anthony Mongiello claimed to have invented a similar pizza in 1987 and even had a patent to back up his claim. The Mongiello family sued Pizza Hut for $1 billion, but ultimately lost the case when the judge ruled that it was impossible to own the idea of cheese stuffed into bread.

The Making of Stuffed Crust Pizza: Simple yet magical

The process of making stuffed crust pizza is surprisingly simple. Pizza Hut starts with a proprietary frozen dough that is thawed overnight in a walk-in freezer. To create the stuffed crust, employees pull the edges of the hand-tossed dough past the baking tray, place string cheese along the edge, and then fold it back over. This simple technique results in a magical golden crust filled with gooey mozzarella.

Competition in the Stuffed Crust Market: Little Caesars’ Entry

For years, Pizza Hut had a monopoly on the stuffed crust market, with no major competitors offering a similar product. In 2016, however, Little Caesars introduced its Stuffed Crust DEEP!DEEP! Dish pizza, which features a crispy crust stuffed with cheese. This move challenged Pizza Hut’s dominance and sparked further innovation in the stuffed crust pizza segment.

Pushing the boundaries of cheesiness: Pizza Hut’s Ultimate Cheese Crust

Pizza Hut has consistently pushed the boundaries of cheesiness when it comes to stuffed crust pizza. After the initial mozzarella-stuffed crust, the chain introduced a 3-cheese stuffed crust pizza with mozzarella, white cheddar, and provolone in 2013. In 2017, Pizza Hut took it to the next level with the Ultimate Cheese Crust Pizza, which featured 16 cheese-filled pockets that could be pulled apart from the pizza to serve as the crust. This limited-time item featured a blend of mozzarella, provolone, white cheddar, asiago and fontina cheeses.

Meat lovers rejoice: Meat Stuffed Crust Pizza Varieties

Pizza Hut hasn’t stopped with cheese, but has also ventured into meat-stuffed crust pizza offerings. In 2015, they introduced a hot dog stuffed crust pizza that featured mini hot dogs baked into the crust. This unique twist on the stuffed crust delighted meat lovers and added an extra element of flavor to the pizza experience.

The Legacy of Pizza Hut’s Stuffed Crust Pizza

Pizza Hut’s stuffed crust pizza has undoubtedly left a lasting legacy in the pizza industry. It revolutionized the way people enjoy pizza by adding a delightful surprise of melted cheese inside the crust. The success of stuffed crust pizza paved the way for continued innovation in the pizza world, with other chains and independent pizzerias creating their own versions of stuffed crust pizza. Whether you prefer the classic cheese-stuffed crust or more adventurous variations, there’s no denying the impact and popularity of this pizza phenomenon.

Bottom line

Pizza Hut’s stuffed crust pizza has become a beloved and iconic menu item, captivating pizza lovers around the world. From its humble beginnings in 1995 to its various iterations and controversies, stuffed crust pizza continues to be a popular choice for those seeking a cheesy and indulgent pizza experience. Whether you’re a fan of Pizza Hut’s original stuffed crust or intrigued by the unique twists and variations, the truth about Pizza Hut’s stuffed crust pizza is that it has forever changed the way we enjoy this beloved food.


When was Pizza Hut’s stuffed crust pizza introduced?

Pizza Hut’s stuffed crust pizza debuted in 1995.

Who invented the stuffed crust pizza?

While Pizza Hut popularized stuffed crust pizza, there have been claims of earlier inventors. However, Pizza Hut’s version became the most popular and successful.

How many calories are in a stuffed crust pizza?

Adding stuffed crust to your pizza adds about 40 calories per slice.

Is stuffed crust pizza available in flavors other than cheese?

Yes, Pizza Hut has introduced variations of stuffed crust pizza, including a 3-cheese stuffed crust and meat-stuffed crust options like hot dog stuffed crust.

What other innovations has Pizza Hut introduced besides stuffed crust?

Pizza Hut continues to push the boundaries of pizza innovation, introducing items like the Ultimate Cheese Crust Pizza with 16 cheese-filled pockets and several specialty pizzas.

Has Pizza Hut faced any controversy regarding stuffed crust pizza?

There have been legal disputes over the invention of the stuffed crust pizza, but Pizza Hut ultimately prevailed in a lawsuit challenging its ownership of the idea.

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