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The Ultimate Guide to Maximizing Your McDonald’s Experience: Don’t Eat At McDonald’s Until You Read This

Don’t eat at McDonald’s until you read this: Insider Tips and Hacks Revealed

McDonald’s, the iconic fast food chain, has become a global phenomenon known for its convenient and affordable meals. Whether you’re a frequent visitor or an occasional indulger, there are some insider tips and hacks that can enhance your McDonald’s dining experience. In this article, we’ll take a closer look at some valuable information you should know before your next visit to the Golden Arches.

Don’t do the no-salt thing

One of the most popular McDonald’s hacks is to order unsalted fries in order to get a fresh batch. However, this practice is not as beneficial as it may seem. Requesting unsalted fries can cause delays in line and disrupt the restaurant staff’s workflow. In addition, adding your own salt may not replicate the flavor achieved through McDonald’s unique seasoning process. So it’s best to enjoy the fries as they are and avoid inconveniencing the staff and yourself.

Get the right egg

If you’re a fan of McDonald’s breakfast menu, you may have noticed that their eggs come in a square, patty-like shape. But there’s an alternative. By simply requesting a “round egg” when ordering your breakfast sandwich, you can enjoy a poached egg instead of the square scrambled egg. This small change can make your breakfast experience more enjoyable and natural.

Store your ketchup properly

Here’s a neat trick for ketchup lovers. The flap at the top of McDonald’s French fries boxes can serve as a convenient storage place for your ketchup or other condiments. By folding the flap back on itself, you can create a small shelf to hold your sauce. This may not be an official feature, but it’s a clever way to keep your ketchup within easy reach and avoid potential messes.

Hack the menu for the Poor Man’s Big Mac

If you’re looking to satisfy your Big Mac cravings on a budget, the Poor Man’s Big Mac Hack may be the perfect solution. Simply order a McDouble and customize it by removing the mustard and ketchup and adding shredded lettuce and Big Mac sauce. This creative modification results in a burger that closely resembles a Big Mac, but at a significantly lower price. Give it a try and see if it suits your taste and budget.

Ask for a receipt

It may seem unnecessary, but asking for a receipt with your McDonald’s order can have unexpected benefits. It subtly signals to the staff that you might be a secret shopper. This may prompt them to prioritize your order, ensuring that you receive the freshest food and prompt service. So the next time you visit McDonald’s, consider asking for a receipt and enjoy the potential benefits that come with it.

Hands off the kiosks

McDonald’s self-order kiosks are a convenient feature introduced to streamline the ordering process. However, recent studies have shown that these touch screens can harbor bacteria, including fecal and other digestive bacteria, which can pose health risks. While McDonald’s claims to clean the screens regularly, it’s still advisable to exercise caution and consider speaking to a cashier instead of using the kiosks.

Know the secret menu

The McDonald’s Secret Menu is a collection of inventive creations and combinations created by resourceful customers. These off-menu items add a unique twist to your dining experience. Some notable examples include the Land, Sea, and Air Burger, the Hash Brown McMuffin, and the McAffogato. While these items may not be officially advertised, they can add a touch of excitement and variety to your McDonald’s order. Feel free to explore the secret menu and discover hidden gems to suit your tastes.

Bottom line

The next time you’re in the mood for a McDonald’s meal, consider these insider tips and hacks. By avoiding unnecessary requests, customizing your order and learning about hidden menu options, you can enhance your dining experience and make the most of your McDonald’s visit. Remember, it’s all about enjoying your meal while maximizing value and convenience. Enjoy your meal!


Is it true that ordering unsalted French fries at McDonald’s guarantees a fresh batch?

No, requesting unsalted fries can cause delays and inconvenience to both the staff and other customers. It’s best to enjoy your fries as they are and avoid unnecessary inconvenience.

Can I customize my breakfast sandwich at McDonald’s to include a different type of egg?

Yes, you can request a “round egg” instead of the standard square scrambled egg to have a poached egg in your breakfast sandwich at no extra charge.

Is it possible to put ketchup in the top of McDonald’s French fries boxes?

While it’s not an official feature, you can fold the flap of the French fry box back on itself to create a small shelf for conveniently storing ketchup or other condiments.

What is the “Poor Man’s Big Mac” hack at McDonald’s?

The Poor Man’s Big Mac is a low-cost hack where you order a McDouble without mustard or ketchup, but with shredded lettuce and Big Mac sauce. The result is a burger that closely resembles a Big Mac at a lower price.

Why should I ask for a receipt when I order at McDonald’s?

Asking for a receipt can subtly signal to staff that you may be a secret shopper, potentially resulting in prioritized service and fresher food.

Are McDonald’s self-order kiosks clean and safe to use?

While McDonald’s claims to regularly clean its self-order kiosks, recent studies have shown that these touchscreens can harbor bacteria. It’s advisable to use caution and consider speaking with a cashier instead of using the kiosks.

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