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The Hilarious Tale of Costco’s Onion Dispenser: Why Shoppers Can’t Stop Laughing!

The Hilarious Story Behind Costco’s Onion Dispenser

If you’re a frequent Costco shopper or a fan of their delicious hot dogs, you may have come across an odd item that has shoppers laughing and reminiscing. An onion dispenser, once a staple in the Costco food court, has become the subject of amusement and nostalgia. Let’s dive into the hilarious story behind this onion dispenser and why it has become a topic of conversation among Costco shoppers.

The Vintage Onion Grater at a Thrift Store

It all started when a Reddit user shared a photo of an onion dispenser he spotted at a thrift store. The photo showed a commercial stainless steel onion grater, similar to the ones Costco used to have in their food court, being sold for $75. The Reddit user humorously captioned the photo, “It’s been so long since there were onions, I guess they’re vintage now.” The post quickly went viral, sparking a wave of nostalgia among Costco enthusiasts.

A relic from the old days

As the Reddit thread gained traction, users began sharing their fond memories and experiences with the onion dispenser. One user commented, calling the dispenser “a relic of the old days.” Another user playfully corrected her, saying it’s a “delight” from the old days. The conversation continued, filled with laughter and reminiscing about the bygone era of the onion dispenser.

The convenience of the onion dispenser

So what exactly was the purpose of those onion graters in the Costco food court? The Hot Banana Peppers blog sheds some light on this. The onion dispenser allowed customers to neatly add diced onions to their hot dogs and other treats. It may seem like a trivial invention, but it provided a convenient and mess-free way to garnish food. Unlike using tongs, the machine ensured that the onions were evenly distributed, enhancing the dining experience for Costco customers.

The disappearance of onion slicers

Unfortunately, these beloved onion dispensers have disappeared from the Costco food court. The disappearance sparked speculation among Redditors, with many attributing it to the effects of the COVID-19 pandemic. It was assumed that Costco removed the dispensers to minimize physical contact and shared machinery in response to the health crisis. However, an older Reddit thread on the topic suggests that the pandemic may not be the sole reason for their disappearance.

The costly consequences for Costco

While the pandemic may have played a role, there is another significant factor behind the removal of the onion dispensers. It turns out that Costco was losing money due to excessive onion consumption. In a Reddit thread from four years ago, a user revealed that the dispensers were replaced with pre-portioned cups of onions because customers were serving themselves excessive amounts. Some customers were loading up on onions and filling their soda cups to take home. This resulted in financial losses for the grocery chain.
In addition, the crank on the onion dispensers frequently broke, causing maintenance issues for Costco employees. The constant repairs and difficulty in keeping the machines running became a practical challenge. As a result, Costco decided to replace the onion dispensers with the more controlled portioning of diced onions in cups.

The search for vintage onion dispensers

For those who believe that a Costco hot dog isn’t complete without onions from the dispenser, there’s still hope. As the thrift store discovery showed, vintage onion graters can occasionally be found, allowing enthusiasts to relive the nostalgic experience of slathering onions on their favorite Costco treats. If you’re up for the adventure, check out your local thrift stores and see if you can stumble upon one of these charming relics.

Bottom line

The story of Costco’s onion dispenser is a delightful blend of humor, nostalgia, and practicality. While it may be a thing of the past in Costco’s food court, the memories and laughter it evokes among shoppers live on. Whether you remember the convenience of the onion dispenser or simply enjoy a good laugh, this quirky story adds another layer of charm to the Costco shopping experience.
– The reason Costco shoppers are laughing at this onion dispenser
– Reddit thread
Disclaimer: This article is for entertainment purposes only and does not constitute financial or nutritional advice.


Why are Costco shoppers laughing at this onion dispenser?

Costco shoppers are laughing at this onion dispenser because it has become a nostalgic and amusing topic of conversation, especially after a photo of a similar dispenser sold at a thrift store went viral on Reddit.

What was the purpose of the onion dispenser in the Costco food court?

The onion dispenser allowed customers to conveniently and neatly add diced onions to their hot dogs and other food items, providing a mess-free and evenly distributed garnish option.

Why did the onion dispensers disappear from the Costco food court?

The disappearance of onion dispensers is attributed to a combination of factors. While the COVID-19 pandemic may have played a role in minimizing physical contact through shared machinery, the dispensers were also causing financial losses for Costco due to excessive onion consumption and maintenance issues.

Can I still find onion dispensers at Costco?

No, the onion dispensers have been replaced with pre-portioned onion cups. However, vintage onion graters occasionally turn up at thrift stores, offering a chance to find these charming relics.

What happened to the onions that were dispensed by the machines?

Previously, customers were serving themselves excessive amounts of onions and filling their soda cups to take home. To address this issue, Costco switched to controlled portioning of diced onions in cups to prevent financial losses.

Are there alternatives to the onion dispenser at Costco now?

Yes, Costco has introduced touchless condiment dispensers in some locations, but they do not include onions. If you still want onions on your hot dog, you can ask a food court associate for a cup of diced onions.

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