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Introducing Costa Café: The Game-Changing Coffee Liqueur Disrupting the Market

Move over Kahlúa – there’s a new coffee liqueur in town

Move Over Kahlúa – There’s A New Coffee Liqueur In Town is an exciting development for coffee and cocktail lovers alike. Tequila distiller Costa Tequila has introduced a new product called Costa Café Mexican Coffee Liqueur that offers a unique twist on the classic espresso martini. This article explores the features and flavors of this innovative coffee liqueur and its potential to compete with established brands such as Kahlúa.

The blend and flavor profile

Costa Café Mexican Coffee Liqueur is made from a combination of 100% Mexican coffee and 100% blue agave tequila. The tequila used in the blend comes from both Los Altos (the highlands) and Valle de Tequila (the lowlands), which are known for their distinct flavor profiles. The liqueur offers a delightful blend of caramel and vanilla notes with a hint of sweetness. This versatile drink can be enjoyed neat, on the rocks, or as a delicious addition to coffee cocktails.

The Rise of Coffee Liqueur

Coffee liqueurs have experienced a surge in popularity in recent years, with espresso martinis becoming one of the top drinks in 2022. This growing trend aligns with the rapid market growth of tequila, which is expected to exceed $15 billion by 2029. By combining the appeal of coffee-based cocktails with the growing demand for tequila, Costa Café aims to attract consumers looking for unique and flavorful options.

Competition and Differentiation

While there are several coffee liqueur brands on the market, Costa Café differentiates itself by using tequila as the base spirit instead of the more traditional rum or vodka. This choice not only matches the growing popularity of tequila, but also provides a distinct flavor profile that sets it apart from other coffee liqueurs. In addition, Costa Café’s higher ABV of 35% provides a bolder and stronger taste experience compared to its counterparts.

Market Opportunities

Despite being a smaller, four-year-old brand, Costa Café has already made significant progress in the market, selling 16,000 cases in 2022. In addition, its online popularity has been growing steadily, indicating a positive trend. The ready-to-drink (RTD) coffee market represents a significant share of the overall coffee market, providing an excellent opportunity for Costa Tequila’s RTD coffee liqueur to make an impact. With its higher ABV and unique taste profile, Costa Café is well positioned to meet the evolving tastes and preferences of consumers.


Costa Café Mexican coffee liqueur is available online and at select retail locations in several states. This accessibility ensures that coffee and cocktail enthusiasts can easily acquire and enjoy this innovative product. Whether you’re a home bartender looking to elevate your coffee-based cocktails or a coffee lover seeking a new and exciting flavor experience, Costa Café offers a compelling option worth exploring.

Bottom line

Move Over Kahlúa – There’s A New Coffee Liqueur In Town introduces Costa Café Mexican Coffee Liqueur as an enticing addition to the world of coffee liqueurs. Combining the richness of Mexican coffee with the distinct flavors of blue agave tequila, Costa Café offers a unique and flavorful experience. With its higher ABV and growing popularity, this innovative coffee liqueur is poised to compete with established brands and capture the attention of coffee and cocktail enthusiasts worldwide. Embrace the new coffee liqueur in town and discover the delightful possibilities it brings to your favorite coffee-based libations.


What makes Costa Café different from other coffee liqueur brands?

Costa Café differs from other coffee liqueur brands by using 100% blue agave tequila as the base spirit instead of rum or vodka. This unique choice not only adds a distinctive flavor profile, but also aligns with the growing popularity of tequila.

Can Costa Café Mexican coffee liqueur be enjoyed by itself?

Yes, Costa Café is designed to be enjoyed in a variety of ways. It can be sipped neat, on the rocks, or used as a versatile ingredient in a variety of coffee cocktails. Its caramel and vanilla notes provide a hint of sweetness that enhances the drinking experience.

What is the alcohol content of Costa Café Mexican Coffee Liqueur?

Costa Café has a higher alcohol content (ABV) than most coffee liqueurs, at 35%. This higher ABV contributes to a bolder and stronger flavor profile, making it an excellent choice for those seeking a more intense coffee liqueur experience.

Where can I buy Costa Café Mexican Coffee Liqueur?

Costa Café Mexican Coffee Liqueur is available for purchase online and can be found at select retail locations in certain states. You can explore online retailers or check with local liquor stores to find this innovative coffee liqueur.

Can Costa Café be used in coffee-based cocktails?

Absolutely! Costa Café is an excellent choice to enhance your coffee-based cocktails. Its blend of Mexican coffee and blue agave tequila adds depth and complexity to your favorite coffee cocktails, allowing you to create unique and flavorful concoctions.

Can I substitute Costa Café for other coffee liqueurs in recipes?

Of course you can! Costa Café can be used as a substitute for other coffee liqueurs in recipes that call for such ingredients. Its distinct flavor profile and higher ABV content can add a new dimension to your favorite coffee liqueur-based recipes, offering a delightful twist on familiar flavors.

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