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The Untold Truth Behind the Demise of Tim Hortons’ Buffalo Latte

The real reason people stopped buying Tim Hortons’ Buffalo Latte

Tim Hortons, the famous Canadian coffee and doughnut chain, made headlines in 2017 with the introduction of a strange beverage called the Buffalo Latte. Consisting of espresso, steamed milk, mocha, and Buffalo sauce flavoring, the concoction was meant to combine the flavors of a classic Buffalo wing with a sweet and spicy latte. The Buffalo Latte’s journey was short-lived, however, as it quickly disappeared from Tim Hortons’ menu. In this article, we delve into the real reason why people stopped buying Tim Hortons’ Buffalo Latte and explore the factors that led to its demise.

A flavor combination that failed to impress

One of the main reasons for the Buffalo Latte’s lack of success was its unconventional flavor combination. Critics and customers alike found the idea of mixing Buffalo sauce with a latte unappetizing and bizarre. Many articles and reviews expressed their disgust, with Eater even giving the drink a 6.5 on their Ridiculous Novelty Beverage Scale. While some appreciated the novelty factor, the general consensus was that the Buffalo Latte failed to deliver a satisfying taste experience.

A missed opportunity for authenticity

Despite its name and Buffalo sauce flavor, the Buffalo Latte lacked certain key elements that would have made it a more authentic representation of the iconic Buffalo wing. The presentation of the drink in a regular Tim Hortons cup and the lack of other Buffalo wing elements left customers feeling underwhelmed. By not fully embracing the Buffalo wing concept, Tim Hortons missed an opportunity to create a unique and cohesive product that resonated with consumers.

A limited edition gimmick

The Buffalo Latte was marketed as a limited edition item from the beginning. It was only available in Buffalo, New York, the birthplace of Buffalo wings, to reinforce the drink’s connection to the city. However, it became clear that Tim Hortons’ intention was not to sell a significant number of Buffalo Lattes, but rather to generate buzz and make headlines. The drink’s limited availability and short-lived presence on the menu indicated that it was more of a marketing gimmick than a serious addition to the beverage lineup.

A strategic move to boost sales

While the Buffalo Latte itself may not have been a hit, its introduction served a larger purpose for Tim Hortons. The introduction of the Buffalo Latte coincided with the release of the chain’s new espresso and latte selections. By creating a rebellious and attention-grabbing drink, Tim Hortons wanted to generate awareness and publicity for its new offerings. The strategy was similar to Taco Bell’s approach of creating viral content to attract attention and drive customer interest. In this regard, the Buffalo Latte served as a means to an end rather than a product expected to succeed on its own merits.

The Verdict: Limited appeal and mixed reviews

Ultimately, the Buffalo Latte’s limited appeal and mixed reviews sealed its fate. While some adventurous customers may have been willing to give it a try, the majority of consumers were turned off by the unusual flavor combination and the disconnect between the drink and the authentic Buffalo wing experience. Tim Hortons’ attempt to create a buzz-worthy novelty beverage failed, and the Buffalo Latte quietly disappeared from the menu, becoming a short-lived and forgotten chapter in the chain’s history.

Bottom line

The real reason people stopped buying Tim Hortons’ Buffalo Latte can be attributed to a number of factors. From the unappetizing flavor combination to the missed opportunity for authenticity, the drink failed to resonate with customers. Instead of becoming a menu staple, the Buffalo Latte served as a limited-edition gimmick to draw attention to Tim Hortons’ new espresso and latte offerings. While the Buffalo Latte may have generated some publicity, it ultimately lacked the appeal and taste to win over consumers.


What was Tim Hortons Buffalo Latte?

Tim Hortons’ Buffalo Latte was a limited edition beverage that combined espresso, steamed milk, mocha and Buffalo sauce flavors. It aimed to capture the flavor of a classic Buffalo wing in a sweet and spicy latte.

Why did people stop buying the Buffalo Latte?

There are several reasons why people stopped buying the Buffalo Latte. The unconventional flavor combination, lack of authenticity, and limited appeal of the drink were key factors. Customers found the mix of Buffalo sauce in a latte unappetizing, and the lack of other Buffalo wing elements left them underwhelmed.

Was the Buffalo Latte available nationwide?

No, the Buffalo Latte was only available in Buffalo, New York, where Buffalo wings originated. It was a regional offering to celebrate Tim Hortons’ connection to the city of Buffalo.

Was the Buffalo Latte a permanent addition to the menu?

No, the Buffalo Latte was introduced as a limited edition item and was not intended to be a permanent menu item. Its presence was more of a headline grabbing gimmick to generate buzz and publicity for Tim Hortons new espresso and latte offerings.

Has the Buffalo Latte received positive reviews?

The Buffalo Latte has received mixed reviews. While some adventurous individuals found it surprisingly drinkable with subtle heat, the overall reception was lukewarm. Many critics and customers expressed distaste for the flavor combination and the lack of authenticity in representing the Buffalo wing experience.

Is the Buffalo Latte still around?

No, the Buffalo Latte is no longer available. It was a limited time offer and has since been removed from the Tim Hortons menu.

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