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Lime Skittles: The Most Disliked Flavor According to 27% of People

The worst Skittles flavor according to 27% of people: Lime Skittles

Skittles, the beloved colorful candy that encourages us to “taste the rainbow,” has captured the hearts and taste buds of many. But not all Skittles flavors are created equal. In a recent survey conducted by Mashed, 504 people in the United States were asked to vote for their least favorite Skittles flavor. The results revealed a clear winner, or rather loser: Lime Skittles.

The Great Skittles Flavor Debate

The Skittles flavor debate is not a new phenomenon. For years there have been discussions and arguments about whether the different colored Skittles actually have different flavors or if they all taste the same. Today, we can put those debates to rest. According to a Skittles spokesperson, each color of the candy does have a subtly different taste. Both the chewy center and the outer candy shell contribute to the overall taste experience.

Survey results: The Least Popular Skittles Flavors

In the survey conducted by Mashed, participants were presented with five Skittles flavors: grape, orange, lemon, lime, and strawberry. The results showed that lime Skittles were the least popular among respondents, with a staggering 27.38% of participants voting lime as the worst flavor. Grape Skittles also received a significant number of negative votes, with 20.83% of respondents finding it the least tasty.

Strawberry and Orange: The favorites

On the other end of the spectrum, Strawberry emerged as the favorite Skittles flavor, with only 10.91% of participants expressing dislike for it. Orange Skittles came in a close second, with 13.49% of respondents naming it as their least favorite flavor. It seems that these two flavors have managed to capture the majority of Skittles enthusiasts.

Divided opinions: The Middle Ground

While Lime and Grape Skittles were clearly the least popular flavors, Lemon found itself in the middle of the pack. Approximately 18.25% of respondents considered lemon to be the worst flavor. It appears that lemon Skittles do not evoke strong negative feelings like lime and grape, but they also do not generate the same level of enthusiasm as strawberry and orange.

The Skittles Conundrum: Love and Apathy

Interestingly, a small percentage of respondents expressed an overall dislike for Skittles. Approximately 9.13% of participants selected “other” when asked about their least favorite flavor, giving answers such as “All. I dislike Skittles” or “I don’t like any of them. On the other hand, there were those who professed their undying love for Skittles, making it difficult for them to choose a least favorite flavor. Some respondents simply stated, “I just happen to love all the ones I’ve tried” or “They’re all amazing.

The lingering green candies

While Skittles in general enjoy widespread popularity, the lime-flavored candies often seem to be left behind. With lime Skittles being voted the worst flavor by a significant portion of respondents, it’s clear that this particular flavor profile doesn’t resonate with many Skittles lovers.

The Skittles flavor saga continues

The debate over Skittles flavors is likely to continue, as personal preferences and taste buds vary widely from person to person. While some may find lime Skittles to be a disappointment, others may revel in their tangy flavor. The beauty of Skittles is its ability to offer a variety of flavors, ensuring that there is something for everyone.
In conclusion, according to the survey conducted by Mashed, Lime Skittles emerged as the least popular flavor among respondents, with a remarkable 27.38% of participants choosing it as the worst flavor. However, it’s important to remember that taste is subjective, and while lime may not be everyone’s cup of tea, there are plenty of Skittles enthusiasts who enjoy the entire rainbow of flavors. So the next time you reach for a handful of Skittles, whether you leave the lime behind or enjoy its unique flavor, remember that the rainbow is meant to be experienced in all its colorful diversity.


The survey conducted by Mashed revealed that 27% of respondents considered Lime Skittles to be the worst flavor among the options.

Are all Skittles flavors the same?

No, each color of Skittles has a subtly different taste. Both the chewy center and the outer candy coating contribute to the overall taste experience of each color.

What are the most popular Skittles flavors?

According to the survey, Strawberry was the most popular flavor among respondents, followed closely by Orange.

Why are Lime Skittles disliked by a significant portion of the population?

The reasons for individual preferences can vary, but lime Skittles received the highest percentage of negative votes in the survey, suggesting that the lime flavor profile does not resonate with a significant portion of Skittles enthusiasts.

Are there any other Skittles flavors that are not popular?

Grape Skittles also received a significant number of negative votes in the survey, indicating that it is not a favorite among respondents.

Do some people not like Skittles at all?

While the majority of respondents expressed a strong opinion about their least favorite Skittles flavor, a small percentage (approximately 9%) expressed a general dislike of Skittles as a whole.

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