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The Surprising Reign of the Unconventional Brunch Cocktail

The Most Popular Brunch Cocktail Isn’t What You’d Expect

Brunch has become a beloved tradition in the United States, with people flocking to restaurants for a leisurely mid-morning meal. And what’s brunch without a refreshing cocktail to go with your food? While mimosas and Bloody Marys have long been staples of the brunch scene, you might be surprised to learn that there’s another cocktail that reigns supreme as the most popular choice for brunch-goers.

The Rise of Brunch

In recent years, brunch has experienced a surge in popularity across the country. With the advent of television networks, magazines, and restaurant news sites, brunch has gained attention as a must-try dining experience. But did you know that the history of brunch dates back to the 1920s?
In the early days of the U.S. brunch scene, alcohol was not typically a prominent menu item. This was partly due to the Prohibition era and the presence of speakeasies. Times have changed, however, and today it’s nearly impossible to find a brunch spot that doesn’t offer a selection of alcoholic beverages to complement your meal.

The traditional brunch cocktails

When you think of brunch cocktails, two classics probably come to mind: mimosas and Bloody Marys. Mimosas, a delightful combination of champagne and orange juice, have long been associated with brunch. In today’s brunch scene, however, some establishments are giving this classic drink a twist by incorporating other fruit juices.
On the other hand, Bloody Marys have gained a reputation as a hangover cure. This spicy cocktail is typically made with tomato juice, vodka, Tabasco, lemon juice, celery salt, black pepper and Worcestershire sauce. It’s often garnished with an array of vegetables, making it a visually appealing choice.

An Unexpected Champion

Despite the popularity of mimosas and Bloody Marys, neither can claim the title of most popular brunch cocktail. Surprisingly, that honor goes to the humble screwdriver. This simple drink, made with just orange juice and vodka, has emerged as the brunch cocktail champion.
According to a study conducted by The Loupe, which analyzed Google Trends data over the past five years, the screwdriver emerged as the most popular brunch cocktail in 14 states. It outperformed all other adult beverages, winning over brunchers in the South, Midwest and Southwest regions of the U.S.

The methodology behind the rankings

The Loupe’s study involved analyzing 39 search terms related to brunch cocktails across all 50 states. By examining Google Trends volume search data, they determined the popularity of each cocktail. Mimosas, sex on the beach, and tequila sunrise tied for second place in popularity, each claiming the top spot in four states. Bloody Marys, on the other hand, reigned supreme in Wisconsin, perhaps due to the state’s vibrant brewery culture.

The origins of the screwdriver

The Screwdriver’s victory as the most popular brunch cocktail may come as a surprise, but its origins can be traced back to the Persian Gulf. According to Make Me a Cocktail, the Screwdriver began as a combination of vodka and orange juice concocted by oil workers in the region. Over time, it gained popularity and spread to become a favorite drink of brunch enthusiasts everywhere.

Final Thoughts

While mimosas and Bloody Marys have long been associated with brunch, the Screwdriver has emerged as the unexpected champion of the brunch cocktail scene. With its simplicity and refreshing flavor, it has captured the hearts of brunch-goers across the United States.
So the next time you find yourself at a brunch spot, give the Screwdriver a chance. It might just surprise you and become your new favorite brunch cocktail. Cheers.


Surprisingly, the most popular brunch cocktail is the Screwdriver. This simple concoction of orange juice and vodka has surpassed traditional favorites like mimosas and Bloody Marys in popularity.

Why is the Screwdriver the most popular brunch cocktail?

The Screwdriver’s popularity as a brunch cocktail can be attributed to its refreshing taste and simplicity. With only two ingredients, orange juice and vodka, it offers a light and easy to enjoy option for brunch goers.

Are mimosas and bloody marys still popular brunch drinks?

Yes, mimosas and Bloody Marys are still a popular choice for brunch. While they may not have taken the top spot as the most popular brunch cocktail overall, they are still enjoyed by many brunch enthusiasts.

How did you determine the popularity of brunch cocktails?

The popularity of brunch cocktails was determined through a study conducted by analyzing Google Trends data over the past five years. The study analyzed 39 search terms related to brunch cocktails across all 50 states to determine the popularity of each cocktail.

Where did the Screwdriver Cocktail originate?

The Screwdriver Cocktail originated in the Persian Gulf, where it was created by oil workers. It was a combination of vodka and orange juice that gained popularity over time and eventually became a favorite brunch drink.

Is the screwdriver popular in all regions of the United States?

The screwdriver is particularly popular in the South, Midwest and Southwest regions of the United States, according to the study. However, it is enjoyed by brunch-goers across the country and has been recognized as the unlikely champion of the brunch cocktail.

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