Chermoula-spiced giant couscous

Caramelised artichokes with giant couscous maftoul (meaning “hand-rolled”), a traditional Palestinian grain made from bulgur and whole wheat flour.⁠ A very popular new salad in our household. The maftoul has a lovely nutty flavour and a great texture 🌱 ⁠Chermoula is a North African spice with cumin, coriander and lemon 🍋

Artichoke hearts (as many as you want to eat)⁠
Handful of cherry tomatoes, halved 🍅⁠
1 packed maftoul, cooked according to pack instructions ⁠
4 tbsp @belazu_co Chermoula 🌱⁠
Broad beans, blanched ⁠
Black olives, halved⁠
25 g parsley, chopped⁠
Glug of extra virgin olive oil⁠ (@brindisaspanishfood Albequina)
Juice of 1 lemon⁠
3-4 tbsp pomegranate molasses⁠
Black pepper and salt⁠

Artichoke hearts are available, frozen, in Middle Eastern shops and on @ocadouk. Simmer for 6 mins from frozen then caramelise in a frying pan for a few minutes. Allow to cool to room temperature.⁠

Roast the cherry tomatoes (add salt, pepper and olive oil) at 200 C/180 C fan for about 25 mins until shrunken and full of umami goodness.⁠

Mix the maftoul with the chermoula, broad beans, olives, parsley, olive oil, lemon, pomegranate molasses and season well. Add more of any ingredients to taste.⁠ Fill the artichoke hearts and top with the roast tomatoes 🍅 

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