Easter Simnel Cake

For those of you who are still on the fence about marzipan and maraschino cherries (these from Hotel Starlino in Italy are STUNNING). It’s all about the ingredients. If your guests love marzipan, then double up and add an extra layer in the middle of the cake. Mahleb is an aromatic spice made from cherry seeds and gives a slightly bitter edge to sweet foods, with notes of cherry and bitter almonds. It’s often used Greek celebratory cakes.

Thai green curry⁠

Thai green curry⁠, with home-made curry paste. Punchy, fresh and vibrant, and seriously easy to make 💚⁠ Try to get hold of the fresh lime leaves (they are often sold in packs containing the fresh ingredients for a green curry, but do try to get hold of some extra Thai basil too).⁠⁠ Green curry paste⁠…