Going Underground @ Growing Underground


Next time you’re thundering down the tunnels on the southern end of the Northern Line, packed in like sardines, gazing into someone’s armpit, ask yourself, what lies beneath…? 🌱

Thirty three metres below the surface of Clapham Common is a network of tunnels, housing the world’s largest underground farm. The tunnels were designed as air raid shelters, housing 8000 Londoners during WW2 bombings. In 1948 they provided accommodation (of sorts) for the first immigrants from the Caribbean, who arrived on Empire Windrush.


Today, the tunnels house millions of tiny plants, including pea shoots, radish, mustard, coriander, broccoli, garlic chives and rocket, which are sold to restaurants and shops, including @ocadouk and @marksandspencer 🌱


If you fancy a trip to what feels like the centre of the earth, donning white wellies and rather fetching blue hairnets and beard snoods, consider touring this subterranean farm. Meanwhile I’m just thinking of those 180 steps (or was it 180 flights?)😬Don’t worry, there is a lift…


Check out @growing_underground or search for Growing Underground on @Eventbrite for details🌱☘️



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